1975 Published Proceeding Volumes

All proceedings for this year are  Out of Print.

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Metal-Slag-Gas Reactions and Processes, Z. A. Fouroulis and W. W. Smeltzer, editors, PV 75-1, 1032 pages, Out of Print.


Chemistry and Physics of Aqueous Gas Solutions, W. A. Adams, G. Greer, G. S. Kell, J. E. Desnoyers, K. B. Oldham, G. Atkinson and J. Walkley, editors, PV 75-2, 521 pages, Out of Print.


Fifth International Conference on Chemical Vapor Deposition, J. M. Blocher, Jr., H. E. Hintermann and L. H. Hall, editors, PV 75-3, 848 pages, Out of Print.

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