1978 Published Proceeding Volumes

All proceedings for this year are  Out of Print.

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High Temperature Metal Halide Chemistry, D. L. Hildenbrand and D. D. Cubicciotti, editors, PV 78-1, 678 pages, Out of Print.


Thin Film Phenomena - Interfaces and Interactions, J. E. E. Baglin and J. M. Poate, editors, PV 78-2, 525 pages, Out of Print.


Semiconductor Characterization Techniques, P. A. Barnes and G. A. Rozgonyi, editors, PV 78-3, 532 pages, Out of Print.


Industrial Water Electrolysis, S. Srinivasan, F. J. Salzano and A. R. Landgrebe, editors, PV 78-4, 293 pages, Out of Print.


Eighth International Conference on Electron and Ion Beam Science and Technology, R. Bakish, editor, PV 78-5, 670 pages, Out of Print.


Selected Topics in the History of Electrochemistry, G. Dubpernell and J. H. Westbrook, editors, PV 78-6, 523 pages, Out of Print.

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