1981 Published Proceeding Volumes

All proceedings for this year are  Out of Print.

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Plasma Processing, R. G. Frieser and C. J. Mogab, editors, PV 81-1, 336 pages, Out of Print.


Ion Exchange: Transport and Interfacial Properties, R. S. Yeo and R. P. Buck, editors, PV 81-2, 386 pages, Out of Print.


Materials and New Processing Technologies for Photovoltaics, J. A. Amick, E. Sirtl, P. Rai-Choudhury and J. P. Dismukes, editors, PV 81-3, 346 pages, Out of Print.


Lithium Batteries, H. V. Venkatasetty, editor, PV 81-4, 504 pages,Out of Print.


Semiconductor Silicon/1981, H. R. Huff, R. J. Kriegler and Y. Takeishi, editors, PV 81-5, 1049 pages, Out of Print.


Electrocrystallization, R. Weil and R. G. Barradas, editors, PV 81-6, 344 pages, Out of Print.


Eighth International Conference on Chemical Vapor Deposition/1981, J. M. Blocher, Jr., G. E. Vuillard and G. Wahl, editors, PV 81-7, 820 pages,Out of Print.


Corrosion and Corrosion Protection, R. P. Frankenthal and F. Mansfeld, editors, PV 81-8, 296 pages, Out of Print.


Third International Symposium on Molten Salts, G. Mamantov, M. Blander, G. P. Smith, editors, PV 81-9, 589 pages, Out of Print.


Second International Symposium on Molten Salts, J. Braunstein and J. R. Selman, editors, PV 81-10, 410 pages, Out of Print.

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