1982 Published Proceeding Volumes


All proceedings for this year are  Out of Print.

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High Temperature Materials Chemistry, D. D. Cubicciotti and D. I. Hildenbrand, editors, PV 82-1, 498 pages, Out of Print.


Electrocatalysis, W. E. O'Grady, P. N. Ross, Jr., and F. G. Will, editors, PV 82-2, 428 pages, Out of Print.


Photoelectrochemistry: Fundamental Processes and Measurement Techniques, W. L. Wallace, A. J. Nozik, S. K. Deb, and R. H. Wilson, editors, PV 82-3, 736 pages, Out of Print.


The Nickel Electrode, R. G. Gunther, and S. Gross, editors, PV 82-4, 324 pages, Out of Print.


Semiconductor Technology, D. A. Doane, D. B. Fraser, and D. W. Hess, editors, PV 82-5, 264 pages, Out of Print.


Plasma Processing (3rd), J. Dieleman, R. G. Frieser, and G. S. Mathad, editors, PV 82-6, 528 pages, Out of Print.


VLSI Science and Technology, C. J. Dell 'Oca and W. M. Bullis, editors, PV 82-7, 392 pages, Out of Print.


Materials and New Processing Technologies for Photovoltaics (3rd), J. P. Dismukes, E. Sirtl, P. Choudhury, and L. P. Hunt, editors, PV 82-8, 544 pages, Out of Print.


Inorganic Resist Systems, D. Doane and A. Heller, editors, PV 82-9, 320 pages, Out of Print.


Transport Processes in Electrochemical Systems, R. S. Yeo, T. Katan, and D.- T. Chin, editors, PV 82-10, 288 pages, Out of Print.

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