1983 Published Proceeding Volumes


All proceedings for this year are  Out of Print.

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Corrosion in Batteries and Fuel Cells and Corrosion in Solar Energy Systems, C. J. Johnson and S. L. Pohlman, editors, PV 83-1, 554 pages, Out of Print.


Electron and Ion Beam Science and Technology (10th), R. Bakish, editor, PV 83-2, 474 pages, Out of Print.


Membranes and Ionic Electronic Conducting Polymers, E. B. Yeager, B. Schumm, Jr., K. Mauritz, K. Abbey, D. Blankenship, and J. Alridge, editors, PV 83-3, 380 pages, Out of Print.


Corrosion in Fossil Fuel Systems, I. G. Wright, editor, PV 83-5, 522 pages, Out of Print.


High Temperature Materials Chemistry II, Z. A. Munir and D. Cubicciotti, editors, PV 83-7, 480 pages, Out of Print.


Silicon Nitride Thin Insulating Films, V. J. Kapoor and H. J. Stein, editors, PV 83-8, 522 pages, Out of Print.


Defects in Silicon, W. M. Bullis and L. C. Kimerling, editors, PV 83-9, 660 pages, Out of Print.


Plasma Processing (4th), G. S. Mathad, G. C. Schwartz, and G. Smolinsky, editors, PV 83-10, 660 pages, Out of Print.


Materials and New Processing Techniques for Photovoltaics, J. A. Amick, V. K. Kapur, and J. Dietl, editors, PV 83-11, 512 pages, Out of Print.


Electroplating Engineering and Waste Recycle New Developments and Trends, D. D. Snyder, U. Landau, and R. Sard, editors, PV 83-12, 428 pages, Out of Print.


III-V Opto-Electronics Epitaxy and Device Related Processes,. G. Keramidas and S. Mahajan, editors, PV 83-13, 289 pages, Out of Print.

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