1985 Published Proceeding Volumes



All proceedings for this year are  Out of Print.

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Plasma Processing (5th), G. S. Mathad, G. C. Schwartz, and G. Smolinski, editors, PV 85-1, 636 pages, Out of Print.


High Temperature Lamp Chemistry, E. G. Zubler, editor, PV 85-2, 340 pages, Out of Print.


Computer Aided Acquisition and Analysis of Corrosion Data, M. W. Kendig, U. Bertocci, and J. E. Strutt, editors, PV 85-3, 276 pages, Out of Print.


Manganese Dioxide Electrode Theory and Practice for Electrochemical Applications, B. Schumm, Jr., R. L. Middaugh, M. P. Grotheer, and J. C. Hunter, editors, PV 85-4, 696 pages, Out of Print.


VLSI Science and Technology (3rd), W. M. Bullis and S. Broydo, editors, PV 85-5, 572 pages, Out of Print.


Electromigration of Metals/Multilevel Metallization and Packaging, J. R. Lloyd, R. A. Levy, J. Pierce, and R. G. Frieser, editors, PV 85-6, 201 pages, Out of Print.


Silicon Molecular Beam Epitaxy, J. C. Bead, editor, PV 85-7, 455 pages, Out of Print.


The Chemistry and Physics of Composite Media, M. Tomkiewicz and P. N. Sen, editors, PV 85-8, 373 pages, Out of Print.


Materials and New Processing Technologies for Photovoltaics, V. K. Kapur, J. P. Dismukes, and S. Pizzini, editors, PV 85-9, 432 pages, Out of Print.

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