1986 Published Proceeding Volumes

All proceedings for this year are  Out of Print.

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Molten Salts (5th), M.-L. Saboungi, D. S. Newman, K. Johnson, and D. Inman, editors, PV 86-1, 612 pages, Out of Print.


High Temperature Materials Chemistry (3rd), Z. A. Munir and D. Cubicciotti, editors, PV 86-2, 346 pages, Out of Print.


Dielectric Films on Compound Semiconductors, V. J. Kapoor, D. J. Connolly, and Y. H. Wong, editors, PV 86-3, 372 pages, Out of Print.


Semiconductor Silicon, H. R. Huff, T. Abe, and B. Kolbesen, editors, PV 86-4, 1096 pages, Out of Print.


Reduced Temperature Processing for VLSI, R. Reif and G. R. Srinivasan, editors, PV 86-5, 600 pages, Out of Print.


Corrosion Effects of Acid Deposition and Corrosion of Electronic Materials, F. Mansfeld, V. Kucera, S. E. Haagenrud, F. H. Haynie, and J. D. Sinclair, editors, PV 86-6, 400 pages, Out of Print.


Surfaces, Inhibition, and Passivation, E. McCafferty and R. J. Brodd, editors, PV 86-7, 640 pages, Out of Print.


Engineering of Industrial Electrolytic Processes, U. Landau, R. E. White, and R. D. Varjian, editors, PV 86-8, 292 pages, Out of Print.


Fundamental Aspects of High Temperature Corrosion (2nd), D. A. Shores and G. J. Yurek, editors, PV 86-9, 350 pages, Out of Print.


Load Leveling and Energy Conservation in Industrial Processes, D.-T. Chin, editor, PV 86-10, 320 pages, Out of Print.


Aluminum Surface Treatment Technology, R. S. Alwitt and G. E. Thompson, editors, PV 86-11, 432 pages, Out of Print.


Electrochemical and Thermal Modeling of Battery, Fuel Cell and Photoenergy Conversion Systems, J. R. Selman and H. C. Maru, editors, PV 86-12, 433 pages, Out of Print.


Diaphragms, Separators, and Ion-Exchange Membranes, J. W. Van Zee, R. E. White, K. Kinoshita, and H. S. Burney, editors, PV 86-13, 308 pages, Out of Print.


Electrochemical Sensors for Biomedical Applications, C. K. N. Li, editor, PV 86-14, 208 pages, Out of Print.

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