1993 Published Proceeding Volumes

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Corrosion and Reliability of Electronic Materials and Devices, J. D. Sinclair and R. B. Comizzoli, editors, PV 93-1, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - October 1992, ISBN 1-56677-051-3, 616 pages. This symposium contains papers dealing with all fundamental and applied aspects of corrosion, reliability, and materials degradation in the design, manufacture, and use of electronic and opto-electronic devices and equipment. The scope of topics includes fundamental corrosion and materials degradation studies of bulk and thin film materials, semiconductors, superconductors, ceramics, polymers, and composites; design and materials selection for components and ICs; and packaging and interconnect technologie s, connectoresigns, and contact materials.  Out of Print.


Chemical Vapor Deposition (12th International Conference), K. F. Jensen and G. W. Cullen, editors, PV 93-2, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1-56677-074-2, 456 pages. This volume demonstrates the broad scope of CVD technology with topics ranging from fundamental chemistry studies through microelectronic and photonic applications of semiconductors, dielectrics, and metals to protective coatings and ceramic composites. The papers in the volume reflect the continued development of the science and technology base of CVD.  Out of Print.


Carbonate Fuel Cell Technology (3rd International Symposium), D. Shores, H. Maru, I. Uchida, and J. R. Selman, editors, PV 93-3, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1-56677-072-6, 512 pages. The papers in this volume represent research and development efforts in Japan, Europe, and the United States. The volume contains programmatic overviews, reviews of CFC stack designs and performance tests, reviews of component development issues, and component research and modeling.  Out of Print.


Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, S. C. Singhal and H. Iwahara, editors, PV 93-4, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1-56677-073-4, 984 pages. The first section of the volume contains four overview papers on the status of solid oxide fuel cell development in the USA, Japan, Europe, and Australia. The next four sections deal with the materials and processing for the electrolyte, cathode, interconnection, and anode. The remaining three sections include papers on interfacial reactions, cell and system development, and performance modeling and applications.  Out of Print.


Microscopic Models of Electrode/Electrolyte Interfaces, J. W. Halley, editor, PV 93-5, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - October 1992, ISBN 1-56677-052-1, 360 pages. This symposium addresses recent progress in theoretical modeling, both analytical and numerical, of the electrode/electrolyte interface at a fundamental microscopic level. Topics include electronic structure of the interface, microscopic models of the double layer, modeling of the double layer, modeling of electronic transfer reactions at the interface, models of dealloying, oxidation and electroplaing of the electrode.  Out of Print.


Process Physics and Modeling in Semiconductor Technology, (3rd International Symposium), G. R. Srinivasan, K. Taniguchi, and C. S. Murthy, editors, PV 93-6, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1-56677-064-5, 640 pages. The volume contains papers in seven areas: diffusion and thermal processing, dislocations and defects, thin film growth, surfaces and interfaces, plasma processing, ion implantation, and numberical modeling.  Out of Print.


Chemical Sensors '93, M. A. Butler, A. J. Ricco, and N. Yamazoe, editors, PV 93-7, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1-56677-030-0, 880 pages. This volume covers all aspects of chemical sensor research and development. The common problem of transduction from chemical species to physical effect provides a unifying theme for all chemical sensors and is the major theme for this volume. All kinds of chemical sensors including electrochemical, biochemical, acoustic, semiconducting, and optical are covered.  Out of Print.


Batteries and Fuel Cells for Stationary and Electric Vehicle Applications, A. Langrebe and Z. Takehara, editors, PV 93-8, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1-56677-055-6, 352 pages. This volume contains papers on all aspects of batteries and fuel cells related to stationary and transportation applications. Some of the topics covered include recent developments in batteries and fuel cells with high power and energy densities, high charge/discharge efficiency, and longer life. Papers on testing, operating characteristics, reliability, safety, recycling of used batteries and fuel cells, and commercialization are also included.  Out of Print.


International Symposium on Molten Salt Chemistry and Technology - 1993, M.-L. Saboungi, H. Kojima, J. Duruz, and D. Shores, editors, PV 93-9, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1-56677-028-9, 648 pages. This volume focuses on the interplay between all fundamental and applied aspects of molten salts. The fundamental aspects deal with structure, dynamics, melting processes, spectroscopy, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, and theory. The applied aspects include practical uses of molten salts in various industrial processes.  Out of Print.


State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XVII and Logic and Functional Devices for Photonics, D. N. Buckley, S. N. G. Chu, T. Kamijoh, and D. DeCoster, editors, PV 93-10, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - October 1992, ISBN 1-56677-054-8, 295 pages. The first part of this volume addresses recent advances in compound semiconductor technology. It contains papers on materials growth, characterization, processing, device fabrication, reliability and other related topics. Papers on both fundamental studies and practical issues are included. The second part addresses all aspects of logic and functional devices for photonics. Topics include surface emitting laser arrays, LED arrays, detector arrays, and SEEDs for the loci applications as well as functional devices such as FETs, HBTs, laser, LEDs, detectors, amplifiers and their monolithic integrations, optical waveguides, switches, and modulators.  Out of Print.


Redox Mechanisms and Interfacial Properties of Molecules of Biological Importance, (5th International Symposium), F. Schultz and I. Taniguchi, editors, PV 93-11, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1-56677-029-7, 458 pages. Papers in this volume cover the use of electrochemical, spectroelectrochemical and related techniques to characterize electron transfer mechanisms and structure reactivity behavior of biological molecules; studies of biological molecules at electrified interfaces; electrochemical elucidation of biological and biomimetic membranes and their functions; application of electrochemistry to studies of neurological function and disorder; and generation, detection, and utilizatio n of redox active molecules in biological environments.  Out of Print.


Electrochemical Processing of Tailored Materials (2nd International Symposium), R. Alkire, N. Masuko, and D. R. Sadoway, editors, PV 93-12, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1-56677-027-0, 296 pages. This volume presents research related to the elucidation of reaction mechanisms involving ions or radicals in plasma processing and electrolytic processing. Some papers discuss the interface between electrolytic and plasma processing, and others study electrochemical processing of tailored materials from a systematic standpoint.  Out of Print.


Ultra Large Scale Integration Science and Technology (4th International Symposium), G. Celler, K. Hoh, and E. Middlesworth, editors, PV 93-13, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1-56677-063-7, 306 pages. This volume contains papers on ULSI device structure and technology, submicron device and process modeling, submicron feature patterning, shallow junctions and ohmic contacts, thin gates, wafer cleaning and oxidation, isolation, process induced damage and contamination, thin film deposition, silicides, rapid thermal processing, interconnect structures, metallization, planarization techniques, passivation, interconnections and packaging, and ULSI manufacturing.  Out of Print.


Chlor-Alkali and Chlorate Production/New Mathematical and Computational Methods in Electrochemical Engineering, T. Jeffery, K. Ota, J. Fenton, and H. Kawamoto, editors, PV 93-14, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1-56677-025-4, 448 pages. The first part of this volume deals with recent advances in production methods and fundamental studies on process changes; the imbalance of chlorine/caustic production; improved technology and equipment; the use of high-tech breakthroughs; and computer-generated data, graphics, and statistical presentations as related to the production of chlorine, caustic soda, or sodium chlorate. The second part of the volume explores recent developments in mathematical and computational methods for modeling electrochemical sy stems. Some of the topics include advances and applications of analytical techniques and numerical techniques.  Out of Print.


Crystalline Defects and Contamination: Their Impact and Control in Device Manufacturing, B. O. Kolbesen, P. Stallhofer, C. Claeys, and F. Tardif, editors, PV 93-15, ESSDERC 93 - Grenoble, France, ISBN1-56677-059-9, 296 pages. The understanding and control of crystalline defects and contamination and their impact on device characteristics, yield and reliability is still a major challenge for integrated circuit manufacturers in the ULSI era. The volume is organized into four sections: crystalline defects, contamination, gettering, and analysis and monitoring methods. Some of the papers cover aspects of two or more of the topics showing the interrelationships between crystalline defects and contamination and the importance of appropriate characterization and monitoring methods.  Out of Print.


High Temperature Lamp Chemistry III, R. M. Ranish and C. W. Struck, editors, PV 93-16, New Orleans, Louisiana - October 1993, ISBN 1-56677-040-8, 280 pages. This volume covers the fundamental and applied aspects of high temperature chemistry and related science in incandescent and discharge lamps. Some of the topics included are chemical vapor transport processes; reactions of the lamp fill with the wall or electrode; vaporization, complex formation, and multiphase equilibria; spectroscopy, molecular constants, ionization and energy transfer cross sections of lamp species.  Out of Print.


Diamond Materials (3rd International Symposium), K. E. Spear, J. P. Dismukes, K. V. Ravi, B. Lux, and N. Setaka, editors, PV 93-17, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1-56677-060-2, 1120 pages. The objective of this volume is to present recent developments in the science, process technology, and applications of diamond and related materials such as noncrystalline carbons and cubic-BN. Some of the topics covered are fundamental principles related to diamond synthesis, experimental approaches and control, and properties and applications.  Out of Print.


Environmental Aspects of Electrochemistry and Photoelectrochemistry, H. Yoneyama, Y. Hori, R. Haynes, and M. Tomkiewicz, editors, PV 93-18, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1-56677-070-X, 264 pages. Papers in this volume cover environmental aspects of existing electrochemical industries, recent progress in electrochemistry and photoelectrochemistry of energy production and utilization end products such as carbon dioxides and nitrogen oxides, solar decontamination of land and water resources, electrochemical and photoelectrochemical productionf oxidants, and government regulations.  Out of Print.


Quality Management in Industrial Electrochemistry, D. Hall andY. Kondo, editors, PV 93-19, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1-56677-026-2, 248 pages. Papers in this volume cover the following topics: data analysis and quality improvement, statistical process control, quality assurance and customer satisfaction, development of new products and technology, quality management case studies, qualityinformation systems, and quality education and training.  Out of Print.


Electrochemical Technology Applications in Electronics (2nd International Symposium), L. T. Romankiw, M. Datta, T. Osaka, and Y. Yamazaki, editors, PV 93-20, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1-56677-062-9, 576 pages. This volume presents and discusses topics relating to the theory and practice of electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering as applied in the electronic industry for the fabrication, operation, and protection of electronic devices, components, instruments, automobile instruments, consumer products, office machines, computers, and storage products.  Out of Print.


Highly Selective Dry Etching and Damage Control, Y. Horiike and G. S Mathad, editors, PV 93-21, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1-56677-066-1, 448 pages. Topics covered in this volume include process modeling and mechanisms, reactor technologies and processes, surface conditioning/cleaning, cluster-processes, and beam (radical neutral, ion) processes, all pertaining to achieving high selectivities and low/controllableurface damage in etching at the device level.  Out of Print.


Low Temperature Electronics and High Temperature Superconductivity, S. Raider, C. Claeys, D. Foty, and T. Kawai, editors, PV 93-22, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1-56677-071-8, 600 pages. This is the second volume on low temperature electronics and high temperature superconductivity, and it reviews developments over the past five years. The focus of the volume is on fundamental and practical aspects of electronic materials, devices, and systems at low temperatures.  Out of Print.


New Sealed Rechargeable Batteries and Supercapacitors, Z. Takehara, Y. Matsuda, B. Barnett, E. Dowgiallo, and G. Halpert, editors, PV 93-23, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1-56677-056-4, 536 pages. This volume covers all aspects of fundamental and applied research on sealed nickel-metal hydride batteries, rechargeable lithium batteries, and supercapacitors. Papers related to electrode reactions, materials, design, processing, and operation of the power systems listed above are also included.  Out of Print.


Lithium Batteries (4th International Symposium), S. Surampudi and V. Koch, editors, PV 93-24, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - October 1992, ISBN 1-56677-050-5, 164 pages. This symposium addresses both fundamental and applied aspects of primary and secondary lithium battery technology. Its overall goal is to identify and suggest solutions to key problems which hinder all performance in terms of rate, capacity, operation over a wide temperature range, and in the case of rechargeables, cycle life.  Out of Print.


Interconnects, Contact, Metallization, and Multilevel Metallization/Reliability of Semiconductor Devices, Interconnects and Thin Insulator Materials, T. Herndon, N. Alvi, H. Okabayashi, H. S. Rathore, R. A. Susko, and M. Kashiwagi, editors, PV 93-25, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1-56677-067-X, 512 pages. The first part of this volume deals with recent developments in advanced metallization/insulation for on-die and between-die interconnections for IC application. The second part deals with aspects of reliability of semiconductor devices, multilevel interconnection and dielectric breakdown in VLSI and ULSI technologies and their packages.  Out of Print.


Electrochemically Deposited Thin Films, M. Paunovic, I. Ohno, and Y. Miyoshi, editors, PV 93-26, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1-56677-061-0, 440 pages. This volume treats all aspects of deposition processes, structure, and properties of electrochemically deposited thin films. Topics covered are nucleation, growth, structure, properties, superlattice thin films, interfaces, interdiffusion, applications, and future trends.  Out of Print.


State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XVIII, S. N. G. Chu, T. Kamijoh, and O. Ueda, editors, PV 93-27, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1- 56677-069-6, 456 pages. This volume contains papers on advances in MBE, MOCVD growth technologies; new process developments in areas of ion beam processing, dry/wet etching, metallization and dielectrics; in situ and ex situ process characterization, device modeling and characterization; grown and process induced defects and device degradation as applicable to photonic and electronic devices.  Out of Print.


Corrosion Protection by Coatings and Surface Modification, M. Kendig, R. Sorenson, and K. Sugimoto, editors, PV 93-28, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1-56677-058-0, 248 pages. Papers on the development and application of advanced ceramic, metallic, and polymeric coating as well as novel approaches for surface modification are contained in this volume. The emphasis is on new coatings and surface modification concepts.  Out of Print.


Semiconductor Wafer Bonding: Science, Technology and Applications (2nd International Symposium), M. A Schmidt, T. Abe, C. E. Hunt, and H. Baumgart, editors, PV 93-29, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN1-56677-068-8, 496 pages. Topics covered in this volume include physics, chemistry, and elastomechanics of wafer bonding; characterization of bonding interfaces; causes and prevention of unbonded areas; bonding and thinning techniques; generalized bonding; ultrathin SOI layers; electrical characterization of SOI devices; and SOI, micromechanical and other applications.  Out of Print.


Corrosion, Electrochemistry and Catalysis of Metastable Metals andIntermetallics, C. Clayton, J. Lumsden, K. Hashimoto, and T. Misawa,editors, PV 93-30, Honolulu, Hawaii - May 1993, ISBN 1-56677-057-2, 416 pages. This volume presents basic andapplied research describing the properties of novel metallic materialsincluding amorphous alloys, quasi-crystals, intermetallics and materialsprepared by new techniques including surface modification, PVD, and CVD.   Out of Print.

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