1995 Published Proceeding Volumes


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Solid Oxide Fuel Cells IV, M. Dokiya, O. Yamamoto, H. Tagawa and S.C. Singhal, editors, PV 95-1 - Hardbound, Yokohama, Japan - June 1995, ISBN 1-56677-095-5. This volume contains 125 of the 136 papers presented at the symposium which was organized the SOFC Society of Japan with the co-sponsorship of The Electrochemical Society. The papers in this volume cover all aspects of solid oxide fuel cells including: present status of R&D projects; materials for all components and their processing; cell and stack design, performance and modeling; new concepts; and new applications.  Out of Print.


Process Control, Diagnostics, and Modeling in Semiconductor Manufacturing I, M. Meyyappan, D.J. Economou, and S.W. Butler, editors, PV 95-2 - Hardbound, Reno, Nevada - May 1995, ISBN 1-56677-096-3. This volume contains papers covering such processes as CVD, PVD, PECVD, etching, RTP, cleaning and lithography. Other topics include control methologies, in situ measurement techniques, and modeling approaches. There are papers focusing on the use of fundamental equipment/process models and real-time sensors to generate control strategies and controller models.  Out of Print.


Reliability of Metals in Electronics, H.S. Rathore, editor, PV 95-3, Reno, Nevada - May 1995, ISBN 1-56677-097-1. This volume covers all aspects of electromigration and stress migration in multilevel interconnection in semiconductor devices in VLSI and ULSI technologies. Some of the topics are: ac/dc/pulsed electromigration, stress-induced voids, contact degradation, barrier metallurgy, soft error rates, and reliability driven equipment and process design.  Out of Print.


Fourth International Symposium on Diamond Materials, K.V. Ravi, J.P. Dismukes, J.L. Davidson, K.E. Spear, R.H. Hauge, and B.V. Sptsyn, editors, PV 95-4 - Hardbound, Reno, Nevada - May 1995, ISBN 1-56677-098-X. The symposium provided an international forum for discussion of recent developments in the science, technology, and applications of diamond and related materials including diamond-like carbons, cubic boron nitride, and carbon nitride. Papers in the volume cover topics such as modeling and simulation; nucleation and growth; growth techniques; equipment and process issues; physical properties; and manufacturing issues.  Out of Print.


Fifth International Symposium on ULSI Science and Technology, E.M. Middlesworth and H.Z. Massoud, editors, PV 95-5 - Hardbound, Reno, Nevada - May 1995, ISBN 1-56677-099-8. The volume focuses on processing, structure, properties, and manufacturing of ULSI integrated circuits with sub 0.6 micron features. Paper topics include ULSI device structure and technology, submicron device and process modeling and evaluation, submicron feature patterning, shallow junctions and ohmic contacts, thin gates, removal of process-induced damage and contamination, rapid thermal process, and planarization techniques.  Out of Print.


Nondestructive Wafer Characterization for Compound Semiconductor Materials/State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XXII, V. Swaminathan, G. Salviati, and V. Malhotra, editors, PV 95-6, Reno, Nevada - May 1995, ISBN 1-56677-100-5. The emphasis of the first part of this volume is on both in situ and ex situ characterization employed in the evaluation of material quality, process control, and device characteristics at different stages of the manufacturing process. The 2nd part of the volume contains papers on the most recent developments in compound semiconductors encompassing the areas of materials growth and processing, thin film and device fabrications, process control, and in situ and ex situ characterization techniques.  Out of Print.


Third International Symposium on Semiconductor Wafer Bonding: Science, Technology and Applications, C. E. Hunt, H. Baumgart, S.S. Iyer, T. Abe, and U. Gosele, editors, PV 95-7 - Hardbound, Reno, Nevada - May 1995, ISBN 1-56677-101-3. This volume contains papers covering the following topics: physics, chemistry, and elastomechanics of wafer bonding; characterization of bonding interfaces; bonding and thinning techniques; generalized bonding, electronic device applications; and micromechanical and other applications.  Out of Print.


Nanostructured Materials in Electrochemistry, P.C. Searson and G.I. Meyer, editors, PV 95-8, Reno, Nevada - May 1995, ISBN 1-56677-102-1. This volume contains papers covering the following areas: electrochemical synthesis and processing of colloids, nanoclusters, nanocrystalline films, nanowires, and multilayer structures; applications for nanostructured materials in solar energy conversion, electrochemical storage, catalysis, electronics, and sensors; characterization of optical, catalytic, magnetic, and electrochemical properties of nanostructured materials.  Out of Print.


Low Temperature Electronics and High Temperature Superconductivity, C.L. Claeys, S.I. Raider, W.D. Brown, and R.K. Kirschman, editors, PV 95-9 - Hardbound, Reno, Nevada - May 1995, ISBN 1-56677-103-X. This volume focuses on new aspects of electronic materials, devices, and systems operating at cryogenic temperatures. It contains papers on fundamentals, devices, circuits, systems, and applications.  Out of Print.


Fullerenes: Chemistry, Physics, and New Directions VII, K.M. Kadish and R.S. Ruoff, editors, PV 95-10 - Hardbound, Reno, Nevada - May 1995, ISBN 1-56677-104-8. This volume contains papers convering primary work on carbon-coated nanoencapsulates including studies of carbon nanotubes. Other papers cover studies of endohedral fullerenes. Also included are papers on diffraction studies, including x-ray, neutron, and electron deffraction studies of fullerenes (small and medium sized) and related systems.  Out of Print.


Fundamentals of Electrochemical Process Design: A Tutorial, J.B. Talbot and J.M. Fenton, editors, PV 95-11, Reno, Nevada - May 1995, ISBN 1-56677-105-6. This volume contains tutorial papers on the fundamentals of electrochemical process designed to advance the education of scientists and engineers. Topics included are design of industrial electrolysis processes, battery, design, design of corrosion protection systems, electrochemical experimental design, and design of electrodeposition processes.  Out of Print.


Electrochemical Technology Applied to Environmental Problems, E.W. Brooman, C. Hammel and J.M. Fenton, editors, PV 95-12, ISBN 1-56677-106-4, Reno, Nevada - May 1995. The purpose of this volume is to introduce the broad range of contributions electrochemical and solid state technologies have made to solving environmental problems and discusses the opportunities that exist to assist in resolving environmental issues in the future. Topics covered include pollution prevention, recycling and remediation, information exchange, and regulations and compliance.  Out of Print.


Second International Symposium on Advances in Corrosion Protection by Organic Coatings, M.W. Kendig and D. Scantlebury, editors, PV 95-13, Cambridge, England - September 1994, ISBN 1-56677-108-0. This volume updates corrosion protection by organic coatings. Papers in the volume cover the following categories: general mechanisms; evaluation and measurement; and adhesion, surface preparation, and coating process.  Out of Print.


Rechargeable Zinc Batteries Symposium Commemorating the 100th Birthday of A.N. Frumkin, A.J. Salkind, F.M. McLarnon and V. Bagotzky, Editors, PV 95-14, Chicago, Illinois - October 1995, ISBN 1-56677-109-9. This volume covers all aspects of secondary zinc electrode science and technology. Included are papers dealing withfundamentals such as passivation, corrosion stability, overvoltage (on zinc and its alloys) as well as design and engineering phenomena. Battery systems discussed include MnO2-zinc, nickel-zinc, zinc-air, silver-zinc, and zinc bromide.  Out of Print.


Critical Factors in Localized Corrosion II, P.M. Natishan, R.G. Kelly, G.S. Frankel and R. Newman, Editors, PV 95-15 - Hardbound, Chicago, Illinois - October 1995, ISBN 1-56677-110-2. This volume discusses the fundamental and practical aspects critical to the initiation, propagation, stabilization, and repassivation of pits, crevices, and other related forms of localized attack. Contributions cover the critical aspects of pit initiation such as adsorption/absorption processes, the events occurring in the oxide film leading to breakdown, the distinction between initiation and stabilization, and predictive models.  Out of Print.


Environmentally Acceptable Inhibitors and Coatings, S.R. Taylor, E.W. Brooman and H.S. Isaacs, Editors, PV 95-16, Chicago, Illinois - October 1995, ISBN 1-56677-111-0. This volume focuses on the fundamental and applied aspects involved in the formulation, development, and introduction of new environmentally acceptable inhibitors, coatings, and methods of surface preparation. Materials addressed include inhibitors and the associated solution chemistry, all phases of conversion coatings, including pre- and post-treatments, and organic coatings and their additives.  Out of Print.


Quantum Confinement: Quantum Wires and Dots, S. Bandyopadhyay, M.M. Cahay, J.P. Leburton and M. Razeghi, Editors, PV 95-17 - Hardbound, Chicago, Illinois - October 1995, ISBN 1-56677-112-9. This volume addresses the recent developments in the areas of quasi one- and zero-dimension semiconducting, metallic, and superconducting structures. Contributions cover fundamental aspects of science and engineering, as well as related technology and applications.  Out of Print.


Fourth International Symposium on Magnetic Materials, Processes, and Devices, L.T. Romankiw and D.A. Herman, Editors, PV 95-18, Chicago, Illinois - October 1995, ISBN 1-56677-113-7. Magnetic thin films play important roles in disk and tape recording systems, sensors, the new micromechanical systems, and other devices. During the past few years, considerable knowledge has been acquired in magnetic-film processing including: electrochemical and electroless plating systems, etching, process chemistry, tool design, process control, film nucleation and growth, structure of deposits, stress, physics and micromagnetics of films, thermal and magnetic annealing, etc. This volume reviews the present state of the field and points out fruitful new a reas for research.  Out of Print.


High Rate Metal Dissolution Processes, M. Datta, B.R. MacDougall and J.M. Fenton, Editors, PV 95-19, Chicago, Illinois - October 1995, ISBN 1-56677-114-5. This volume discusses fundamental and applied research related to metal shaping, finishing, and microfabrication. Some of the topics covered include modeling and analysis of localized corrosion, electrodissolution, and electroless-dissolution processes; electrochemical machining and electropolishing, chemical etching and photochemical etching; modeling of current distribution, fluid flow, transport, and shape evolution; and environmental aspects of high rate dissolution processes.  Out of Print.


Fourth International Symposium on Cleaning Technology in Semiconductor Device Manufacturing, J. Ruzyllo and R.E. Novak, Editors, PV 95-20 - Hardbound, Chicago, Illinois - October 1995, ISBN 1-56677-115-3. Papers in this volume cover a wide range of topics related to the removal of contaminants from the surfaces of semiconductors, implementation of cleaning processes, condition of semiconductor surfaces during and after cleaning, evaluation of the effectiveness of cleaning techniques, and the role of cleaning in various process technologies.  Out of Print.


Wide Bandgap Semiconductors and Devices - State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XXIII, F. Ren, G.C. Chi, S.J. Pearton, F. Schuermeyer, D.N. Buckley, T. Kamijoh, V. Malhotra and P. Van Daele, Editors, PV 95-21, Chicago, Illinois - October 1995, ISBN 1-56677- 116-1. The first part of this volume covers the numerous applications for wide bandgap semiconductors such as III-V nitrides, SiC, Diamond and II-VI materials, including blue/UV light emitters, high temperature/high power electronics, and passivation layers for other semiconductors. The 2nd part of the volume addresses recent advances in compound semiconductor technologies. Topics covered are materials growth, characterization, processing, device fabrication, and reliability. Papers include fundamental studies and practical issues.  Out of Print.


Thin-Film Solid Ionic Devices and Materials, J.B. Bates, Editor, PV 95-22, Chicago, Illinois - October 1995, ISBN 1-56677-117-X. This volume focuses on thin-film electrochemical devices, including batteries, fuel cells, sensors, and electrochromic mirrors and windows. There are papers on the deposition and characterization of thin-film components, on device performance, and on electronics for interacting with and/or controlling thin-film ionic devices.  Out of Print.


First International Symposium on Proton Conducting Membrane Fuel Cells, A.R. Landgrebe, S. Gottesfeld and G. Halpert, Editors, PV 95-23 - Hardbound, Chicago, Illinois - October 1995, ISBN 1-56677-118-8. This volume discusses the wide spectrum of research, development, and engineering aspects of PEM fuel cells and stacks. Some of the topics covered include electrocatalysis of fuel cell reactions at the catalyst/ionomer interface, including methods to increase contaminant tolerance at both anode and cathode, ionomeric membrane thermodynamic and transport characteristics and new ionomeric membrane development.  Out of Print.


First International Symposium on Ceramic Membranes, H.U. Anderson, O. Yamamoto, A.C. Khandkar, M.-L. Liu and J.P. Dismukes, Editors, PV 95-24 - Hardbound, Chicago, Illinois - October 1995, ISBN 1-56677-119-6. This volume explores the science and technology related to ceramic membranes and covers materials, processing, characterization, and applications. Emphasis is on new materials, porous and dense membranes, thin films and novel composite structures, and processing/property relationships.  Out of Print.


International Symposium on Advanced Luminescent Materials, D.J. Lockwood, P.M. Fauchet, N. Koshida and S.R.J. Brueck, Editors, PV 95-25 - Hardbound, Chicago, Illinois - October 1995, ISBN 1-56677-120-X. Topics covered in this volume include porous silicon and porous silicon carbide; silicon-germanium structures and alloys; polymers and molecules; rare-earth doped silicon, nanocrystals, and optical fibers; clusters, nanostructures, and other confined systems; organic phosphors; novel systems for use in future devices; and new luminescent display concepts.  Out of Print.


Oxygen Electrochemistry, R. Adzic, F.C. Anson and K. Kinoshita, Editors, PV 95-26, Chicago, Illinois - October 1995, ISBN 1-56677-121-8. This volume provides an overview of the current status of research on electrocatalysis of oxygen reduction and evolution, especially those reactions of significance for energy conversion, industrial electrochemistry, and corrosion. Papers cover various aspects of the interaction of oxygen with electrode materials, oxygen reduction and evolution, and the identification and characterization of reaction intermediates.  Out of Print.


Microstructures and Microfabricated Systems II, P.J. Hesketh, H.G. Hughes, D.D. Denton and D.L. Kendall, Editors, PV 95-27 - Hardbound, Chicago, Illinois - October 1995, ISBN 1-56677-123-4. Topics in this volume include fabrication and processing of two- and three-dimensional microstructures, new methods for materials processing at microscale dimensions, sensors and detectors based on micromachining methods, use of microstructures in biological studies, multilevel thin-film structures and microstructural characterization, and chemical and physical reliability of micromechanical structures.  Out of Print.


Third International Symposium on Long Wavelength Infrared Detectors and Arrays: Physics and Applications, S.S. Li, H.C. Liu, W.A. Beck, M.Z. Tidrow and A. Singh, Editors, PV 95-28, Chicago, Illinois - October 1995, ISBN 1-56677-124-2. This volume discusses recent developments in the areas of long wavelength infrared detectors, focal plane arrays, and their applications. Papers cover advances in the areas of novel multiquantum well and superlattice detectors using semiconductors of Group III-V, II-VI, etc., uncooled detectors, and growth on alternate substrates. Commercial applications of infrared technology and array processing and fabrications issues are also addressed.  Out of Print.


Electrochemical Capacitors, F.M. Delnick and M. Tomkiewicz, Editors, PV 95-29 - Hardbound, Chicago, Illinois - October 1995, ISBN 1-56677-150-1. Papers in this volume cover fundamental and applied topics in the follow areas: double-layer capacitance and/or pseudocapacitance of high surface area carbon, polymer, or oxide electrodes; synthesis and characterization of high surface area materials for electrochemical capacitors; development and optimization of supercapacitor components; device fabrication and performance; mathematical models; and comparison of energy, power, and lifetime characteristics of supercapacitors and secondary batteries.  Out of Print.


Analytical Techniques for Semiconductor Materials and Process Characterization II, B.O. Kolbesen, C. Claeys, and P. Stallhofer, Editors, PV 95-30, The Hague, Netherlands - September 1995, ISBN 1-56677-122-6. This volume contains papers presented at ALTECH 95, the ECS Satellite Symposium to ESSDERC 95 held at The Hague, The Netherlands. ALTECH 95 was organized by the European Committee of the Electronics Division of The Electrochemical Society. The volume is organized into four parts: bulk impurities and lifetime, defects and stress, surface contamination and structure, and process monitoring. Some of the papers are predominantly application oriented, and some papers discuss the basic physical aspects of methods and instruments.   Out of Print.

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