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Semiconductor Silicon/1998 (8th International Symposium), H. R. Huff, H. Tsuya, and U. Gösele. PV 98-1, San Diego, California, Spring 1998, hardbound, 2 volume set, 1638 pages, ISBN 1-56677-193-5, $98 member, $118 nonmember. This volume, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the commercial introduction of the transistor, includes the historical roots of the microelectronics industry as well as the anticipated directions for its future growth. The preparation, characterization, and properties of bulk silicon crystals, wafers, and epitaxial silicon films, as well as the impact of chemical impurities and structural imperfections introduced during device/IC processing are considered. Out of Print.


Light Emitting Devices for Optoelectronic Applications and State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XXVIII, H. Q. Hou, R. E. Sah, S. J. Pearton, F. Ren, and K. Wada. PV 98- 2, San Diego, California, Spring 1998, hardbound, 654 pages, ISBN 1-56677-194-3, $60 member, $72 nonmember. This combined volume contains material from two symposia. The first section deals with a wide range of semiconductor light emitting device technologies in the following areas: edge emitting and surface emitting laser diodes; optoelectronic integrated circuits; high brightness light emitting diodes; reliability and degradation mechanisms of optical devices; optoelectronic packaging; material growth and processing; organic-based materials and devices for optical emitters; and white-light solid-state light sources.  The second section deals with the most recent advances in compound semiconductor technologies, including such issues as: novel devices and materials growth; new advances in processing technologies; characterization of materials, devices, and processes; wide bandgap material growth and processing; wafer-level testing and mapping; device degradation mechanisms; monolithic device integration; high-speed III-V electronics technologies; and fundamental optical, electrical, and other physical properties. Out of Print.


Dielectric Material Integration for Microelectronics, W. D. Brown et al., PV 98-3, San Diego, California, Spring 1998, hardbound, 366 pages, ISBN 1-56677-197-8, $58 member, $70 nonmember. This combined volume contains material from two symposia. Material from the First International Symposium on Dielectric Materials for Advanced Electronic Packaging is concerned with linking materials studies and technological applications to allow for clearer design and design processing considerations for the high performance packaging of integrated circuits. Topics include: film preparation, characterization, modeling, processing, material physics, present application, and future requirement of the dielectric materials in the packaging of advanced integrated circuits. Material from the 3rd International Symposium on Low and High Dielectric Constant Materials includes: fundamental issues in the synthesis and processing of low and high dielectric constant material systems; issues related to the integration of low K materials in multilevel chip modules and other packaging systems; and issues related to integration of high K materials in microwave devices. Out of Print.


Plasma Processing (12th International Symposium), G. S. Mathad. PV 98-4, San Diego, California, Spring 1998, hardbound, 269 pages, ISBN 1-56677-198-6, $48 member, $58 nonmember. This volume covers both fundamental and applied aspects of plasma processing used in 0.35 and sub 0-35 m device fabrication. Specific topics include: new plasma source and reactor designs; process modeling; novel processes for thin film etching; plasma diagnostics and process control; modeling and control of plasma damage; and PE-CVD. Out of Print.


Environmental Issues in the Electronics & Semiconductor Industries and Electrochemical & Photochemical Methods for Pollution Abatement, C. M. Reidsema-Simpson, L. Mendicino, K. Rajeshwar, and J. M. Fenton, PV 98-5, San Diego, California, Spring 1998, hardbound, 282 pages, ISBN 1-56677-199-4, $56 member, $67 nonmember. The first part of this volume focuses on methods for the treatment of process wastes from electronic component manufacture. Topics include gas stream abatement, chemical recycling, and environmental/safety issues associated with film growth and wafer cleaning processes. The second part focuses on electrochemical and photochemical methods for the treatment of hazardous chemicals. Advanced oxidation processes and heterogeneous photocatalytic methods for the treatment of process waste streams are discussed as well as methods for improving the quality of indoor air, for stripping paint coatings with minimal environmental impact, and for recycling chemicals. Out of Print.


Electrochemical Processing in ULSI Fabrication I and Interconnect and Contact Metallization, P. C. Andricacos, J. O. Dukovic, G. S. Mathad, G. M. Oleszek, H. S. Rathore, C. Reidsema-Simpson, D. D. Snyder, and R. K. Ulrich, PV 98-6, San Diego, California, Spring 1998 and Boston, Massachusetts, Fall 1998, hardbound,  ISBN 1-56677-200-1, $38 member, $46 nonmember. Material in the first part of this volume focuses on choice of materials and methods of deposition, removal, and patterning in relation to process enhancements and device performance; the understanding of the relationship between microstructure, material properties, and processing conditions; the understanding of fundamental electrochemistry involved in the processes; and the integration aspects of electrochemical processes including design, operation, and modeling of deposition and removal tools.  The second part deals with the development and practice of all aspects of AlCu, copper, and tungsten multi-level-metal interconnections used in the fabrication of sub-0.35 m devices and circuits. Three focus areas include: conductor materials and processes; low-k dielectric materials and processes; and reliability issues. Out of Print.


Chemical Mechanical Planarization in IC Device Manufacturing (2nd International Symposium), I. Ali, S. Raghavan, and R. L. Opila, PV 98-7, San Diego, California, Spring 1998, hardbound, 282 pages, ISBN 1-56677-201-X, $42 member, $50 nonmember. The volume addresses the fundamentals of chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) and its application in Inter Layer Dielectrics (ILD) polishing, metal polishing, and trench and mesa isolation; post-CMP cleaning; consumable characterization; polish end point detection; and CMP process integration and manufacturability issues with this emerging technology. Out of Print.


Fullerenes Vol. 6: Recent Advances in the Chemistry and Physics of Fullerenes and Related Materials (11th International Symposium), K. M. Kadish and R. S. Ruoff, PV98-8, San Diego, California, Spring 1998, hardbound, 1362 pages, ISBN 1-56677-202-8, $89 member, $107 nonmember. This volume covers all aspects of fullerenes science and technology, with subsections on: electrochemistry, metallofullerenes, ESR, photoexcited states, gas phase/mass spectrometry, extraction/purification, theory, organic functionalization, technology/polymers, organometallics/structural, biochemical/pharmaceutical, surface/film studies, thermodynamics, diffraction studies and structural and solid-state physics, nanotubes/nanocarbons, and fullerene-based superconductors. Out of Print.


High Temperature Corrosion and Materials Chemistry, P. Y. Hou, M. J. McNallan, R. Oltra, E. J. Opila, and D. A. Shores, PV 98-9, San Diego, California, Spring 1998, hardbound, 624 pages, ISBN 1-56677-203-6, $79 member, $95 nonmember. The volume focuses on the mechanistic aspects of high temperature oxidation and high temperature corrosion, as well as other chemical reactions of materials at high temperatures. The following areas are considered: fundamental mechanisms of oxidation and corrosion in complex environments; mechanisms of scale adhesion; protective coatings; thermodynamic measurements on inorganic materials; vaporization of inorganic materials; and high temperature interface reactions. Out of Print.


Advances in Modeling and Simulation of Electrochemical Processes and Oxygen Depolarized Cathodes and Activated Cathodes for Chlor-Alkali and Chlorate Processes, J. W. Van Zee, T. F. Fuller, P. C. Foller, and F. Hine, PV 98-10, San Diego, California, Spring 1998, hardbound, ISBN 1-56677-204-4, $54 member, $65 nonmember. This two-part volume deals with material from two symposia. The first part deals with the development and application of models and simulations for electrochemical systems. Areas include: mathematical models of battery or fuel cell systems; experimental studies that are concerned with the verification of simulations; and applications of commercially available software to the simulation of electrochemical systems.  The second part focuses on the design, catalysis, and performance of oxygen cathodes; hydraulic, scale-up, cell design, and economic and/or site integration issues; and activated cathodes for membrane and diaphragm chlor-alkali cells. Out of Print.


Molten Salts (11th International Symposium), P. C. Trulove, H. C. De Long, G. R. Stafford, and S. Deki, PV 98-11, San Diego, California, Spring 1998, hardbound, ISBN 1-56677-205-2, $79 member, $95 nonmember. This volume will review technology opportunities related to molten salt technologies, including: electrochemical power, homogeneous reactions, electrodeposition, separations, molten salt promoted corrosion phenomena, solute and solvent structural investigations, and new innovative molten salt mixtures. Out of Print.


Compound Semiconductor Power Transistors and State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XXIX, F. Ren, S. J. Pearton, J. C. Zolper, F. L. Schuermeyer, M. Shur, V. Swaminathan, D. N. Buckley, S. N. G. Chu, C. R. Abernathy, and R. E. Sah. PV 98-12, Boston, Massachusetts, Fall 1998, hardbound, ISBN 1-56677-222-2. The first part of this volume deals with the following areas: growth techniques for power transistor materials; novel power device structures; advanced packaging and wafer scale thermal management; reliability and degradation mechanisms of power devices; simulation tools for power devices; advanced processing techniques; and testing at high current and voltage.  The second section deals with the most recent advances in compound semiconductor technologies, including such issues as: advances in materials growth technologies; advances in processing technologies; wide bandgap material growth and processing; device passivation, encapsulation, and packaging; device degradation mechanisms; characterization of materials and devices; wafer-level testing and mapping; novel device structures and processing; monolithic device integration; high-speed III-V electronics technologies; and fundamental optical, electrical, and other physical properties.  Out of Print.


High Purity Silicon V, C. L. Claeys, P. Rai-Choudhury, M. Watanabe, P. Stallhofer, and H. J. Dawson, PV 98-13, Boston, Massachusetts, Fall 1998, hardbound, 477 pages, ISBN 1-56677-207-9, $53 member, $63 nonmember. A discussion of the latest developments in growth, characterization, device processing, and applications of high purity silicon in either bulk or epitaxial form. Emphasis is on the control and prevention of impurity incorporation, characterization and detection of defects and impurity states in high purity and resistivity silicon for superior device performances. Device and circuit aspects related to the application of devices fabricated on high resistivity silicon wafers is addressed, as large wafer diameter wafer aspects. Out of Print.


Microstructures and Microfabricated Systems IV, P. J. Hesketh, H. Hughes, and W. E. Bailey, PV 98-14, Boston, Massachusetts, Fall 1998, hardbound, 269 pages, ISBN 1-56677-206-0, $41 member, $50 nonmember. Topics include: fabrication and processing of two- and three-dimensional microstructures; new methods of materials processing at microscale dimension, sensors and detectors, based on micromachining methods; use of microstructures applicable to environmental and biological studies; multilevel thin-film structures and microstructural characterization; and chemical, electrical, and physical testing and reliability of micromechanical structures. Out of Print.


Selected Battery Topics, G. Halpert, M. L. Gopikanth, K. M. Abraham, W. R. Cieslak, W. A. Adams, et al, PV 98-15, Boston, Massachusetts, Fall 1998, hardbound,  ISBN 1-56677-208-7, $82 member, $98 nonmember. This volumes contains the proceedings from five symposia. The Aqueous Batteries section covers: advances and new developments; new materials and components; new electrochemical couples; improvements to existing technologies; environmental issues; and consumer, industrial, automotive, military, aerospace, and electric vehicle batteries. The Battery Applications section presents various aspects of the battery/applications interface for all battery chemistries and technologies, viz., nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, lead-acid, lithium primary, lithium-ion secondary batteries, etc., and electrochemical capacitors. Batteries for the 21st Century deals with basic and applied research describing batteries that can meet the challenges of improved performance and innovative designs for mobile electronic products such as portable computers and televisions, cellular phones and video cameras, transportation applications such as electric and hybrid vehicles, satellite communications, space exploration, biomedical implantable applications, hand-held tools, robotics, and remote sensing.  Corrosion in Batteries and Fuel Cells deals with identifying the environmental degradation phenomena that occur in a wide variety of electrochemical power sources; determining the effects of degradation on power source performance and service life; improving the mechanistic understanding of the factors that contribute to the degradation phenomena; and offering solutions to mitigate identified problem areas. The Exploratory Research and Development of Batteries and Supercapacitors for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles highlights novel an promising new directions that might lead to improved vehicle performance in future systems. This is the second symposium co-sponsored by the International Energy Agency. Out of Print.


Lithium Batteries, S. Surampudi and R. A. Marsh, PV 98-16, Boston, Massachusetts, Fall 1998, hardbound,  ISBN 1-56677-210-9, $85 member, $102 nonmember. Papers cover both fundamental and applied aspects of primary lithium batteries (liquid and solid cathode) and secondary lithium batteries (lithium metal, lithium ion, and lithium polymer). Areas covered include: anode materials; cathode materials; electrolytes; separators; cell reaction mechanistic studies; electrode processing/cell manufacturing; performance and safety characteristics of cells and batteries; failure modes/mechanisms; and cell/battery modeling studies. Out of Print.


Critical Factors in Localized Corrosion III, A Symposium in Honor of the 70th Birthday of Jerome Kruger, R. G. Kelly, P. M. Natishan, G. S. Frankel, and R. C. Newman, PV 98-17, Boston, Massachusetts, Fall 1998, hardbound,  ISBN 1-56677-211-7, $77 member, $93  nonmember. This volume presents material on the fundamental and practical aspects critical to the initiation, propagation, stabilization, and repassivation of pits, crevices, and other related forms of localized attack. Also covered are: fundamental aspects of pit initiation; oxide film breakdown; the distinction between initiation and stabilization; predictive models; localized corrosion propagation models; metastable pitting; measurement of pit environments; growth rates; rate-controlling processes; the role of salty films; potential distribution; and the application of models to life prediction. Out of Print.


III-V Nitride Materials and Processes, T. D. Moustakas, J. P. Dismukes, S. E. Mohney, D. N. Buckley, S. J. Pearton, C. R. Abernathy, and W. D. Brown, PV 98-18, Boston, Massachusetts, Fall 1998, hardbound,  ISBN 1-56677-212-5, $38.00 member - $46.00 nonmember. This volume will cover recent experimental and theoretical advances in materials, substrates, processes, characterization, properties, and modeling of: InN, GaN, AIN, BN and ScN, and related materials, including ternary and quaternary solid solutions and heterojunction structures. Also covered will be issues relating to bulk and thin film crystal growth, structure and characterization, defects, doping, optoelectronic properties, device studies, and luminescence behavior. Out of Print.


Quantum Confinement: Nanostructures (5th International Symposium), D. J. Lockwood, M. M. Cahay, J. P. Leburton, and S. Bandyopadhyay, PV 98-19, Boston, Massachusetts, Fall 1998, hardbound,  ISBN 1-56677-213-3. Recent developments in the area of nanoscale semiconducting and metallic structures with emphasis on ultrasmall clusters and their potential for device applications. Papers cover fundamental aspects of science and engineering, as well as related technology and applications. Of particular interest are: clusters and other nanostructures; chemistry of nanostructures; novel fabrication techniques; electron transport in nanostructures; cooperative phenomena in nanoclusters; optical properties (wells, wires and dots); new device concepts; layered magnetic structures and giant magnetoresistance; and quantum architectures and circuits. Out of Print.


Magnetic Materials, Processes, and Devices (5th International Symposium), L. T. Romankiw, S. Krongelb, and C. H. Ahn, PV 98-20, Boston, Massachusetts, Fall 1998, hardbound,  ISBN 1-56677-214-1, $77 member, $93 nonmember. This volume brings together the work of electrochemists, physicists, engineers, and device designers working in the area of magnetic thin-film technology. Topics include: electrochemical and electroless plating systems, etching, process chemistry, tool design, process control, film nucleation and growth, structure of deposits, stress, physics and micormagnetics of films, thermal and magnetic annealing, etc. Other subjects include the fabrication of thin-film heads, microelectromechanical systems, micromotors, and other magnetic devices. Out of Print.


Long Wavelength Infrared Detectors and Arrays: Physics and Applications (6th International Symposium), S. S. Li, M. Z. Tidrow, S. D. Gunapala, and H. C. Liu, PV 98-21, Boston, Massachusetts, Fall 1998, hardbound, ISBN 1-56677-215-X. This volume discusses recent developments in the areas of long wavelength (2-20 microns) infrared detectors, focal plane arrays, and their applications. Papers cover advances in the areas of novel quantum well infrared photodetectors and type-II superlattice detectors using III-V and II-VI compound semiconductors, uncooled infrared detectors, MCT, InSb, and PtSi IR detectors; with special emphasis on multicolor detectors for MWIR and LWIR FPAs applications.  Out of Print.


Thin Film Transistor Technologies IV, Y. Kuo, D. G. Ast, S. Brotherton, M. Hack, J. Jang, E. Lueder, M. Matsumura, T. Minemura, and H. Tsutsu, PV 98-22, Boston, Massachusetts, Fall 1998, hardbound,  ISBN 1-56677-216-8, $55 member, $66 nonmember. This volume deals with all aspects of fabrication processes, materials, device characteristics, structures, and applications of Thin Film Transistors (TFTs). Topics include: new TFT structures, novel processing techniques, thin film materials, device characterization, TFT applications, and integration of TFTs to large area. Out of Print.


Fundamental Gas-Phase and Surface Chemistry of Vapor-Phase Materials Synthesis, T. J. Mountziaris, M. D. Allendorf, K. F. Jensen, R. K. Ulrich, M. R. Zachariah, and M. Meyyappan, PV 98-23, Boston, Massachusetts, Fall 1998, hardbound,  ISBN 1-56677-217-6. Material in this volume addresses the state of the art in vapor-phase synthesis and processing of materials with emphasis on gas-phase and surface chemistry and its effects on growth/etching rates and material properties. Materials of interest include semiconductors (elemental and compound), oxides, diamond films, metals, ceramics, magnetic semiconductors, ferroelectrics, aerosols, and nanoparticles. Out of Print.


Physics and Chemistry of Luminescent Materials (7th International Symposium), C. W. Struck, K. C. Mishra, and B. DiBartolo, PV 98-24, Boston, Massachusetts, Fall 1998, hardbound,  ISBN 1-56677-218-4, $69 member, $82 nonmember. Topics in this volume include: photo-luminescent materials for lamp and laser applications; cathodo-luminescent materials; X-ray phosphors; scintillators; electro-luminescent materials; and phosphors for plasma display panels. Presentations on chemical aspects of luminescence such as synthesis of conventional and novel luminescent materials; optimization of luminescence properties; non-radiative processes; energy transfer; and concentration effects will also be included. Out of Print.


EXCON '98: Excitonic Processes in Condensed Matter (3rd International Symposium), W. M. Yen and R. T. Williams, PV 98-25, Boston, Massachusetts, Fall 1998, hardbound, ISBN 1-56677-219-2. Topics include: fundamental studies of the properties of excitons and the roles these excitons play in absorption, emission, and transport of energy in condensed matter. Systems of interest include bulk semiconductors; quantum structures such as wells, wires, and dots; clusters and molecular aggregates; polymers; and ordered and disordered insulators. Also considered are biological and photochemical systems.  Out of Print.


Molecular Functions of Electroactive Thin Films, N. Oyama and V. I. Birss, PV 98-26, Boston, Massachusetts, Fall 1998, hardbound,  ISBN 1-56677-220-6, $39 member, $46 nonmember. Papers in this volume are concerned with the chemical and redox processes of new electroactive thin films and their potential application to the problems of battery devices, electrocatalysis, photoresponsive devices, electrochromics, and sensors. Materials covered include: organic conducting and/or redox active polymers; polymer-metal complexes; bio-functional redox polymers; ionically-conducting polymers and gels; redox active metal oxide films; and composite materials designed to optimize overall performance. Out of Print.


Proton Conducting Membrane Fuel Cells (2nd International Symposium), S. Gottesfeld, T. F. Fuller, PV 98-27, Boston, Massachusetts, Fall 1998, hardbound,  ISBN 1-56677-221-4, $73 member, $87 nonmember. A volume on all research, development, and engineering aspects of PEM fuel cells and stacks; some of the topics included are: electrocatalysis of fuel cell reactions at the catalyst/ionomer interface, including methods to increase contaminant tolerance at both anode and cathode, ionomeric membrane thermodynamic and transport characteristics and new ionomeric membrane development. Out of Print.

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