2004 Proceedings Volumes



Published PVs from the ECS Meeting, San Antonio, TX (Spring 2004)    


PV 2004-01 <ISBN 1-56677-406-3> Advanced Short-Time Thermal Processing for Si-Based CMOS Devices II -- M. C. Öztürk, F. Roozeboom, P. J Timans, E. P. Gusev. G. Miner, Li. J. Chen, and Dim-Lee Kwong, $74.00 member, $89.00 nonmember, 430 pages --  These proceedings contain recent developments in short-time thermal processing with emphasis on mainstream CMOS engineering (or integration), in particular on gate stack, source/drain and channel engineering. Typical subjects are: ultra- thin gate dielectrics and MOS gate stacks, ultra-shallow junctions and contacts, epitaxial growth, equipment and modeling issues and RTP, laser annealing, ALD, MOCVD, and UHV-CVD, remote plasma and sputtering and MBE.


PV 2004-02 < ISBN 1-56677-407-1> State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XL (SOTAPOCS XL) -and- Narrow Bandgap Opteolectronic Materials and Devices II -- D.N. Buckley, W. K. Chan, P.C. Chang, K. Shiojima, and P.D. Fox, $64.00 member, $77.00 nonmember, 290 pages – This proceedings volume continues the SOTAPOCS tradition of being published before the meeting. The papers are arranged in the order of presentation scheduled at the meeting, and invited papers are denoted by an asterisk in the table of contents. The SOTAPOCS XL program includes the special topic of UV Sources and Detectors and addresses subject areas covering wide bandgap devices and technology, growth and processing of III-V devices and advanced compound semiconductor technology and materials. This proceedings volume contains all 25 papers presented at this symposium. The Narrow Bandgap Optoelectronic Materials and Devices section contains 10 of the 11 papers presented at the San Antonio meeting.


PV 2004-10<ISBN 1-56677-423-3> Analytical Mechanistic and Synthetic Organic Electrochemistry- 6th International M. Baizer Award Symposium in Honor of Dennis H. Evans and Masao Tokuda --J. Lessard, P. Hapiot and I. Nishiguchi $68.00 member, $82.00 nonmember, 234 pages -- This proceedings, which is in honor of Dennis H. Evans and Masao Tokuda, contains a sets of original papers describing recent progress in organic and bbioorganic electrochemistry: mechanistic aspects, synthetic applications, modified electrodes, generation of reactive intermediates, electrocatalysis, and transition-metal species.


PV 2004-12 <ISBN 1-56677-451-9> Fullerenes and Nanotubes - Materials for the New Chemical Frontier-Fullerenes Volume 14 - P. V. Kamat, D. M. Guldi, F. D’Souza, and S. Fukuzumi-- $84.00 member, $101.00 nonmember, 398 pages --The papers in this proceedings volume are based on the talks presented at the annual Spring meeting held in San Antonio, May 9-13, 2004. The recently-formed Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures Division sponsored 10 symposia and cosponsored two symposia in San Antonio. As usual, the meeting started with a symposium entitled Research Overviews in which key note talks were delivered by R. Taylor, A. Balch, R. B. Weisman, K. Kadish, L. Dunsh, and A. Hirsch on different scientific aspects of Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes. The papers presented should bring the readers up to date on some of the latest developments in the area of Fullerene and Carbon Nanotube research and should be beneficial to anyone interested in fundamental and applied research involving Fullerenes and Nanotubes.


PV 2004-17 <ISBN 1-56677-472-1> Electrochemical Processing in ULSI and MEMS -- H. Deligianni, S. T. Mayer, T. P. Moffat, and G. R. Stafford, $76.00 member, $99.00 nonmember, 490 pages- Papers in this volume focus on fundamental and practical aspects of electrochemical processing related to the fabrication of microelectronics and microelectrochemical devices. Practical aspects are related to semiconductor materials and applications of electrochemical processing are described herein. Fundamental aspects of electrodeposition such as nucleation and growth phenomena, deposition on thin seed layer deposit, microstructure and properties are included.

PV 2004-22 <1-56677-435-7> Electron Transfer in Nanomaterials -- G. Rumbles, T. Lian, and K. Murakoshi, $82.00 member, $107.00 nonmember, 458 pages - Nanocluster science and technology is emerging as an important research area with implications in several technologies such as sensor, photovoltaics, photocatalysis, display devices, batteries, super-capacitors, and solar energy applications. Also included are papers on the latest advancements in the preparation, characterization, and properties of metal and semiconductor nanoclusters and nanostructured films.

Published PVs from the ECS Meeting, Honolulu, HI (Fall 2004)



PV 2004-04 <ISBN 1-56677-417-9> Dielectrics for Nanosystems: Materials, Science, Processing, Reliability, and Manufacturing  – R. Singh, H. Iwai, R. R. Tummala, and S. C. Sun,$68.00 member, $82.00 nonmember, 500 pages-- This proceeding volume contains papers addressing a very diverse range of topics in nanosystems. A number of industrial and academic leaders were invited to give invited talks. Forty-five papers are solicited in various areas of dielectrics issues in nanosystems. In addition to traditional areas of semiconductor processing and packaging of nanoelectronics, we hope this symposium will lead to growth in areas where multi-functional device integration (through innovation in design, materials, and processing at device and system level) will lead to new applications of nanosystems.


PV 2004-05 <ISBN 1-56677-418-7> High Purity Silicon VIII – C. Claeys, M. Watanabe, R. Falster, and P. Stallhofer, $68.00 member, $82.00 nonmember, 450 pages-- This proceedings volume includes papers that were presented at the Eighth Symposium on High Purity Silicon held in Honolulu, Hawaii at the 206th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society, October 3-8, 2004. The symposium sponsored by the Electronics Division of The Electrochemical Society, was international in scope and included authors from Belgium, China, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Korea, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. This proceedings contains 40 papers, including 5 invited papers, providing reviews and recent advances related to silicon crystal growth aspects, material properties, device performance, and applications, and novel or improved characterization techniques for high purity silicon.


 PV 2004-06 <ISBN 1-56677-419-5> State -of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XLI -and- Nitride and Wide Bandgap Semiconductors for Sensors, Photonics, and Electronics V  – H. Ng and A. G. Baca,  $76.00 member, $91.00 nonmember, 612 pages -- The purpose of the fifth Nitride and Wide Bandgap Semiconductors for Sensors, Photonics, and Electronics symposium is to bring together the crystal growth, materials physics, device processing, and applications communities to discuss basic science and technology issues related to utilization of III-nitrides and related wide bandgap semiconductors including ZnO.  The forty-first State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors symposium addresses the most recent advances in compound semiconductors, including materials growth, characterization, processing, device fabrication, reliability, and other related topics.


PV 2004-07 <ISBN 1-56677-420-9> SiGe: Materials, Processing, and Devices – D. Harame, J. Boquet, J. Cressler, D. Houghton, H. Iwai, T.-J. King, G. Masini, J. Murota, H. Rim, and B. Tillack, $90.00 member, $108.00 nonmember, 1230 pages--This symposium volume describes the latest advances in SiGe technology. SiGe has brought bandgap engineering to silicon technology and created new devices as well as greatly enhancing existing devices. The symposium showcased the latest results in SiGe(C)epitaxy, SiGe buffer layers, SiGe MEMs, novel device physics and quantum effect, SiGe-based opteolectronics and photonics, as well as SiGe HBTs and SiGe CMOS.


PV 2004-08 <ISBN 1-56677-421-7> Chemical Sensors VI: Chemical and Biological Sensors and Analytical MethodsC. Bruckner-Lea, P. Vanysek, G. Hunter, M. Egashira, N. Miura, and F. Mizutani, $82.00 member, $98.00 nonmember, 474 pages-- This proceedings volume provides insight into the current state-of-the-art in sensor research, and illustrates the breadth and depth of chemical sensor research. In addition, many of the other symposia at this meeting included papers and presentations related to chemical sensors. These other chemical sensor-related symposia include Bioelectrochemistry, Biosensor and Biodevice Technology; Electrophoresis and Microfluidics; Microfabricated Systems and MEMS VII; Nitride and Wide Bandgap Semiconductors for Sensors, Photonics, and Electronics V; Biological Nanostructures, Materials, and Applications, and Nanotechnology.


PV 2004-09 <ISBN 1-56677-422-5> Microfabricated Systems and MEMS VII J. L. Davidson, P. J. Hesketh, D. Misra, and S. Shoji,  $64.00 member, $77.00 nonmember, 348 pages-- The topics covered in this book are grouped into the following areas: Microstructures and MEMS, Fabrication Processes, Microinstruments, Sensors and Actuators.  The diversity of topics indicates the breadth of problems to which MEMS technology is providing useful solutions. New materials including polymers, diamond, graphite, and metals are playing a role. Polymer MEMS are biocompatible, light weight, and compatible with many MEMS and clean room processes. Exciting application of nanodevices range from nonvolatile memory devices to neural probes for retinal prothesis and miniature electrodes. High-aspect-ratio processes involving new materials such as Ti, diamond, and graphite in addition to the use of ion beam process offer new geometries. Processing improvements are in the critical HF etching sacrificial film release for surface micromachining. Out of Print.


PV 2004-13 <ISBN 1-56677-456-X> Nanoscale Devices, Materials, and Biological Systems: Fundamental and Applications M, Cahay, M.Urquidi-Macdonald, S. Bandyopadhyay, P. Guo, H. Hasegawa, N. Koshida, J. P. Leburton, D. J. Lockwood, S. Seal, and A. Stella, $84.00 member, $109.00 nonmember, 674 pages- This proceedings volume contains papers addressing recent developments in the area of nanoscale semiconductor, metallic, and organic structures. Emphasis is placed on quantum effects and single electron storage in small scale Silicon and III-V compound structures and devices. Some papers cover fundamental issues in luminescence physics and chemistry of new classes of phospher and porous materials including both atomic and molecular structures. Other papers cover fundamental aspects of science and engineering of spatial confinement in nanostructures, as well as related technology and applications.


PV 2004-14 <ISBN 1-56677-457-8>Corrosion in Marine and Saltwater Environments II -- D.A. Shifler, T. Tsuru, P.M. Natishan, and S. Ito, $78.00 member, $101.00 nonmember, 526 pages-The symposium on Corrosion and Corrosion Control in Saltwater Environments II was held during the Joint International Meeting of the Electrochemical Society and the Electrochemical Society of Japan in Honolulu , Hawaii on October 3-8, 2004.   Seawater, brackish waters and certain processing waters are aggressive aqueous media that significantly affect the protection and failure of materials.   Papers in this volume address a wide spectrum of corrosion research in marine and other saltwater environments and provide a forum to examine the most recent ideas and advances in the understanding of corrosion processes, mechanisms, and means of corrosion prevention or control from both a basic and applied research approach.  Some topic areas  include: (1) general corrosion mechanisms of steels and other materials in seawater and other saltwater media; (2) marine atmospheric corrosion of metals and alloys; (3) microbiological influenced corrosion; (4) environmentally induced cracking of materials in marine environments; (5) corrosion of steels in concrete structures, (6) design, processing variables, surface preparation, and pretreatments affecting corrosion and corrosion control; (7) environmentally compliant inhibitors, biocides, and coatings; (8) cathodic protection; (9) composites and other advanced materials; (10) use of electrochemical, surface analytical, and nondestructive detection methods; and (11) predictive and mechanistic corrosion modeling.


PV 2004-15 <ISBN 1-56677-458-6>Thin Film Transistor Technologies VII (TFTT VII) -- Y. Kuo, $72.00 member, $86.00 nonmember, 336 pages- This proceedings volume contains papers that were presented at the Seventh Symposium on Thin Film Transistor Technologies (TFTT VII), held in Honolulu, Hawaii at the 206th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society, October 3-8, 2004.The symposium was organized into 9 sections: Poly-Si TFTs from Lazer Crystallization, Poly-Si TFTs from Metal and Non-Metal-Induced Crytallization, TFT Gate Dielectrics, Doping, Structures, etc., Devices and Modeling, Circuits and Systems, Materials and Substrates, Organic TFTs, New and Novel Applications, and Posters.

PV 2004-16 <ISBN 1-56677-469-1> High Temperature Corrosion and Materials Chemistry V --  E. Opila, et al., $78.00 member, $101.00 nonmember, 402 pages- This volume focuses on fundamental thermodynamic and kinetic aspects of oxidation, corrosion and other chemical reactions involving inorganic materials at high temperatures. Topics include mechanisms of oxidation and corrosion, controlled oxidation of metals and semiconductors, reactions in complex environments or at ultrahigh temperatures (>1500?C), response of protective coatings in high temperature environments, thermodynamic property determination, phase equilibria, solid-state diffusion, and volatilization reactions.

PV 2004-18 <ISBN 1-56677-473-X> Electrode Processes VII -- V. I. Birss, et al., $82.00 member, $107.00 nonmember, 324 pages- This volume will cover the fundamental and applied aspects of electrode processes, including mechanisms of multistep reactions, reactive intermediate, monolayer, and multilayer surface film growth and characterization, electrode processes in inonic liquids, electrode processes at physically perturbed electrodes or modified electrode, various properties of electrodeposits, adsorbates, deposits on single crystal surfaces, nanometer-scale structures, modeling, dynamics, and thermodynamics, electrocatalysis, and heterogeneous reactions.

PV 2004-19 <1-56677-474-8> Pits and Pores III: Formation, Properties, and Significance for Advanced Materials -- P. Schmuki, D. J. Lockwood, Y. H. Ogata, M. Seo, and H. S. Issacs, $80.00 members, $104.00 nonmembers, 490 pages - The proceedings volume presents contributions on growth mechanisms and the physical and chemical properties of all types of pits and porous structures. This involves localized metal corrosion, semiconductor electrochemistry, deposition into pores, matrix materials, and optical spectroscopy.

PV 2004-21 <1-56677-434-9> Proton Conducting Membrane Fuel Cells IV -- M. Murthy, K. Ota, J. W. Van Zee, S. R. Narayanan, E. S. Takeuchi, $108.00 members, $135.00 nonmembers, 776 pages - This proceedings volume will provide a compilation of recent advances in research and development in the area of PEM fuel cells. The selection of papers in the volume will cover a wide variety of topics and challenges faced by the scientific community and the progress made until now.

PV 2004-23 <1-56677-513-2> Magnetic Materials, Processes, and Devices VIII -- S. Krongelb, C. Bônhote, S. R. Brankovic, Y. Kitamoto, T. Osaka, W. Schwarzacher, and G. Zangari, $81.00 members, $101.00 nonmembers, 544 pages - This volume brings together the work of electrochemists, physicists, engineers, and device designers working in the area of magnetic thin-film technology. Topics include electrochemical and electroless plating systems, etching, process chemistry, tool design, process control, film nucleation and growth, structure of deposits, stress, physics and micromagnetics of films, thermal and magnetic annealing. Applications include the fabrication of thin-film heads, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), micromotors, and other magnetic devices.


PV 2004-24 <1-56677-514-0> Molten Salts XIV -- R. A. Mantz, P. C. Trulove, H. C. De Long, G. R. Stafford, R. Hagiwara, and D. A. Costa, $94.00 members, $118.00 nonmembers, 1,082 pages - This publication covers the latest research in molten salts and ionic liquids. The topics include electrochemical power, homogenous and heterogeneous reactions, electrodeposition, separation science, corrosion phenomena, solute and solvent structural investigations, new innovative molten salts and molten salt mixtures, and applications of molten salts and ionic liquids to “green” chemical reactions and processes. This proceedings is the definitive source for molten salt and ionic liquid research.

Published PV from the SBMICRO 2004 Conference (September 2004)



PV 2004-03 <ISBN 1-56677-416-0> Microelectronics Technology and Devices SBMICRO 2004- E. J. P.  Santos, R. P. Ribas, and J. Swart,  $68.00 member, $82.00 nonmember, 414 pages- The Brazilian Microelectronics Society has been supporting the development of Brazilian microelectronics for over 25 years, and has been organizing this venue, so that researchers in this field meet every year to exchange their experience with colleagues in Brazil and all over the world. Despite approaching the so-called critical 45 nm node, the microelectronics industry keeps growing strong. It is also clear that this technology, now in the realm of the nanoscale, is key for a sustainable development. Even though the technology is suffering a paradigm shift, as the nanoscale manipulation allows for novel device concepts, this does not mean that traditional microelectronics technology will be just abandoned. This technology will keep playing an important role in the development of society, and the future is a combination of nano-, micro-, and macro-concepts for a sustainable development.


Published PV from the Third International Semiconductor Technology Conference (ISTC 2004)
(September 15-17, 2004), Shanghai, China

PV 2004-11 <ISBN 1-56677-450-0> Semiconductor Technology Conference (ISTC 2004) -- M. Yang, Editor
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