2017 Chapters of Excellence

By: Alyssa Doyle, ECS Membership Intern

University of Washington Student Chapter
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ECS would like to congratulate our two 2017 Chapters of Excellence winners, the University of Washington and the Munich Student Chapter, who will receive certificates in addition to recognition in Interface for their stellar achievements in continuing to showcase their commitment to ECS’s mission.

The University of Washington’s student chapter has climbed the ranks quite rapidly since it was founded in 2016.

The 60+ members have grown their impact on electrochemical and solid state science and engineering education immensely. Some of their greatest achievements to date include:

  • Regularly hosting visits and talks by esteemed figures in ECS’s fields of interest, such as panelists from Microsoft, Intellectual Ventures Labs, and more
  • Conducting valuable outreach activities at elementary, middle school, and high school levels with their “Enginearrings” demonstration project
  • Submitting articles to Interface
  • Furthering and spreading community awareness of ECS’s mission
  • Hosting educational meetings on campus to discuss important issues and share ideas in the field

The student chapter at Munich has also had quite a successful year in terms of outreach, education, and development. The chapter boasts quite a number of accomplishments since its launch in 2015, such as:

  • Conducting valuable outreach activities at high school and college levels, including a summer holiday workshop
  • Facilitating work on an impressive number of ECS journal publications
  • Hosting events, like “Young Professionals” to enable students to develop their skills and knowledge
  • Creating clubs, like the Materials and Methods Club, for students to present their work and spark scientific discussion
  • Organizing symposiums and workshops with visits from highly regarded key note speakers, such as Jeff Dahn and Thomas J. Schmidt

Munich Student Chapter
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Congratulations to both winners for their hard work and diligence!

If you’re interested in learning more about our awards, please click here for more information about rules and requirements for applying.


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