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Date: April 9, 2021
Time: 0800 Eastern US (see time chart below for other local times)
Register here (free for all): https://osu.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_9KynqrmbTY2teo2gPeLKzw
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A Framework for Pitting Corrosion Based on Pit Growth Stability 
Gerald S. Frankel
Fontana Corrosion Center, The Ohio State University, USA (more…)

The ECS Interface spring 2021 issue is now available to read online. This issue marks the 30th volume of the quarterly publication and features the theme: Solid State Aspects of Energy Conversion. Paul A. Maggard, Associate Professor, North Carolina State University’s Department of Chemistry, is our guest editor. Rob Kelly, Interface Editor, would like to give you a first glimpse into our recent issue.

Special Features
Solid State Aspects of Energy Conversion
by Paul A. Maggard

In Search of the “Perfect” Inorganic Semiconductor/Liquid Interface for Solar Water Splitting
by Krishnan Rajeshwar, Paul A. Maggard, and Shaun O’Donnell

Synthesis as a Design Variable for Oxide Materials
by Jack Vaughey, Steve Trask, and Ken Poeppelmeier

Electrodeposition as a Powerful Tool for the Fabrication and Characterization of Next-Generation Anodes for Sodium Ion Rechargeable Batteries
by Nathan J. Gimble,* Kelly Nieto,* and Amy L. Prieto

A Vision for Sustainable Energy: The Center for Hybrid Approaches in Solar Energy to Liquid Fuels (CHASE)
by Jillian L. Dempsey, Catherine M. Heyer, and Gerald J. Meyer (more…)

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Presenter: Dr. Daniel (Dan) T. Schwartz
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington, U.S.

Date: April 8, 2021
Time: 1000h PT / 1300h ET

This is the second in the ECS Pacific Northwest Section quarterly webinar series.


IBM Research

An Argon-filled “glove box” in the IBM Research Battery Lab, which is used to prepare air-sensitive battery materials such as lithium metal anode and electrolyte formulations, both of which were used in this new battery design. Courtesy: IBM Research

By Young-Hye Na, Manager of Advanced Battery Research Program, IBM Research-Almaden, US

Our world has no shortage of problems to solve. We now stand at a critical juncture for global action to address our most pressing challenges; from the COVID pandemic to climate change and so much more.

IBM has long recognized the urgency to find more sustainable solutions to tackle these problems (The Urgency of Science). For the first time in history we have the right tools at our disposable to do so. AI (artificial intelligence)—combined with advanced computing and access to enormous volumes of data via a secure and open hybrid cloud—can significantly accelerate the process of scientific discovery and the creation of more sustainable materials for use across a broad range of industries, including energy and batteries. 

Better batteries for cleaner energy


Topic Close-up #4

Deadline for Submitting Abstracts: April 23, 2021

Symposium I05: Advanced Manufacturing for High-Temperature Materials and Devices

Submit today! (more…)

Society Awards

Linford Award

Henry B. Linford Award for Distinguished Teaching

ECS recognizes excellence in teaching in subject areas of interest to the Society through this award. Winners receive a silver medal and plaque with a bronze replica thereof; US $2,500; complimentary ECS biannual meeting registration for the award recipient and a companion; dinner in the recipient’s honor, and ECS Life Membership. Nomination deadline: April 15, 2021

Vittorio de Nora Award

Vittorio de Nora Award in Electrochemical Engineering and Technology Award

Distinguished contributions to the field of electrochemical engineering and technology are acknowledged by this award. It consists of a gold medal and plaque with a bronze replica thereof; US $7,500; complimentary ECS biannual meeting registration for the award recipient and a companion; dinner in the recipient’s honor; and ECS Life Membership. Nomination deadline: April 15, 20201 (more…)

IOP Publishing—the Society’s digital publishing partner—invites the ECS community to enjoy the complimentary March issue of Physics World, the world’s leading physics magazine. Don’t miss open access to features from acclaimed physicists and science writers, comprehensive news and analysis, and incisive opinion pieces, along with valuable career advice, reviews of the best new books, and updates on the latest research breakthroughs and physics-based technologies.

A potent partnership

Every month Physics World is sent to all members of the Institute of Physics (IOP), one of the largest physical societies in the world. The Electrochemical Society entered into a partnership with IOP and its publishing branch, IOP Publishing, over a year ago. Together, the two organizations have over 200 years of expertise in scientific publishing excellence. IOPscience hosts the ECS Digital Library and the ECS Webinar Series is available on the Physics World website. (more…)

From Visibility to Credibility

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Dr. Stephen Harris
Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Materials Sciences Division

Date: March 24, 2021
Time: 1000h PDT / 1300h EDT
Sponsor: TBD


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Guest blog by Sujan Shrestha, PhD, Applications Engineer, Admiral Instruments

This is a guide for electrochemists interested in understanding and validating the DC accuracy of their potentiostats. To begin, it’s important to understand how to properly interpret the specifications of the potentiostat to calculate the expected accuracy of current and voltage measurements. Keep in mind that accuracy, precision, etc., also depend on the device under test (DUT). A reliable measurement can’t be obtained from a DUT whose electrochemical properties are in constant flux. (more…)