ECS Welcomes Students on 2 Board Committees

Board RoomAt its most recent board of directors meeting during PRiME 2016, ECS leadership approved the addition of students who are ECS members as voting members of the Individual Membership Committee and Education Committee. This governance change is many years in the making with the understanding that if the student member voice is most warranted, it is within these two committees. The timing is perfect as ECS student membership is burgeoning with 64 student chapters around the world and more to come. Our student population takes full advantage of our biannual meetings to network, share, and learn so volunteer leadership within our governance structure is an appropriate next step.

About the Committees

The Individual Membership Committee is charged with retaining and recruiting our organization’s membership on a Society, student and institutional level. The Education Committee has the responsibility of providing educational and career development opportunities to that group. The scope of the work of the two committees are broad with the potential for further growth that parallels the growth of our constituency, its needs and external forces such as new technology and shifts in best practices.

Student Membership

Two student members will serve as voting members of the Individual Membership Committee and two student members will serve as voting members of the Education Committee. Each student will serve a two-year term, achieved by presidential appointment. This will be a staggered term with one appointment each year. One student will be appointed to each committee for a term that ends in spring 2018 and one student will be appointed to each Committee for a term that ends in spring 2019.

Next Steps

Consider the value of volunteering as a student member of the ECS Individual Membership and Education Committees. Contact the Director of Membership Services: The interested volunteer makes the best volunteer!


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