Join Additional Primary Divisions!

Attention prospective and current ECS members! Did you know? As of this year, you can belong to more than one primary division!


Each ECS division corresponds to a topical interest area. ECS has seven electrochemistry divisions and six solid state science and technology divisions:

Electrochemistry DivisionsUntitled

  • Battery (BATT)
  • Corrosion (CORR)
  • Electrodeposition (ELDP)
  • Nanocarbons (NANO)
  • Industrial Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering (IE&EE)
  • Organic and Biological Electrochemistry (OBE)
  • Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry (PAED)

Solid State Divisions                                                  

  • Dielectric Science and Technology (DS&T)
  • Electronics and Photonics (EPD)
  • Energy Technology (ETD)
  • High Temperature Materials (HTM)
  • Luminescence and Display Materials (LDM)
  • Sensor (SENS)

In the past, ECS members have simply been required to select one division as their primary division.

Now, members have the option to designate multiple primary divisions and receive additional benefits!

Membership in more than one primary division means more opportunities for:

*Primary division members may participate in division elections and run for officer positions.

Please note: Primary division dues are $15 per year.

How to join an additional primary division

If you are a new ECS member:

  • Fill out a New Membership Application
  • In the “Comments” section of the application, indicate your interest in multiple primary divisions

If you are a current ECS member contact

We commend you for your interest in electrochemistry and solid state science and technology, and hope you take advantage of this promising opportunity!


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