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Welcome to the ECS Library Resource Center, your one-stop shop for information and services to help you purchase, manage, and promote ECS subscriptions for your readership.

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The Society offers individual subscriptions to its active publications, as well as various subscription package options.

On behalf of ECS, IOP Publishing handles the sales of ECS content on IOPscience for 2020 and beyond. Visit their website here for more information on how to subscribe to ECS publications. Questions can be directed to

For any needs with 2019 subscriptions packages from the ECS Digital Library through December 31, 2019, please reach out to

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Administering your ECS subscription is easy. Manage your IP addresses, subscriptions, and usage reports through HighWire’s portal for librarians.

Beginning in 2020, this site will only be used to download ECS institutional usage reports from 2012-2019. Data will be available on this site through December 31, 2020.

ECS Plus subscribers: Request a year-end report to learn how many articles credits have been used by your institution. Completed request forms may be sent to

The new ECS Digital Library on IOPscience launches on January 2, 2020.


It looks like ECS content is currently available on IOPscience prior to the January 2 launch.  Should ECS subscribers already have access?
ECS content is currently live on IOPscience as of December 4, 2019 with the final loading of archive content happening by January 2, 2020. ECS subscriber access is currently live as a soft launch on IOPscience. ECS will begin publishing all new content with IOP Publishing on January 2. After the official launch, archive content on ECS’s site at will stay active and accessible for all subscribers through January 31, 2020. Please note that archive content for ECS Meeting Abstracts and ECS Proceedings Volumes won’t be available on IOPscience until the first quarter of 2020. From IOPscience, those publications will be redirected to the HighWire platform until they go live on IOPscience.

Will access cease to the platform on January 2?
No. The current platform, through HighWire, will be up through the end of January 2020. While the site exists, content access will remain for all 2019 subscribers and former subscribers from 2016-2018 with perpetual access.

Alternatively, will there be redirects from the site to IOPscience for journal, proceeding and monograph landings, as well as articles? Will these be permanent redirects?
ECS is currently are working with HighWire to have and relevant sub-URLs forwarded. At the moment, is registered to HighWire. The plan is to forward this URL to IOPscience once the HighWire site is taken down. ECS will additionally seek official registration of in September 2020 once it expires with HighWire so this URL remains with ECS publications permanently. For monographs only, this information has been moved to the ECS corporate site with the direct link being 

Will there be an ECS collections level page on IOPscience similar to
Yes. There will be collections for the various publications that live on the respective landing pages. Here is a sample for the Journal of The Electrochemical Society. Starting in 2020, ECS will be focusing efforts on developing more topical collections through special/focus issues and other hot topic collections.

Will personalized user account information (alerts, saved searches) from the platform be migrated to the new platform?
No. Users will have to set up new alerts but ECS-specific functionality will not be live until Q2 of 2020. ECS has an alternative option that sends out alerts of published content weekly to the researcher community. Login or create an ECS My Account and update your My Communication Preferences to include the ECS Digital Library Weekly Digest to receive these alerts.