2nd Annual Next Generation Electrochemistry

June 26-30, 2017 – University of Illinois at Chicago

NGenEThe University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) presents Next Generation Electrochemistry (NGenE), a one week, student-centered, summer intensive workshop that explores the frontiers of electrochemical research. The program brings together approximately 25 graduate students with demonstrated interest and research experience in the field of electrochemistry, for an immersion experience with 10 renowned electrochemists from across North America. Admission to NGenE is competitive. There is no program fee for participation, and travel and lodging support is available to everyone participating in the program.

The program’s primary objective is to introduce advanced students in electrochemistry to research at the frontiers of the field, with an emphasis on the identification of the critical gaps in our understanding of electrochemistry, and develop innovative strategies to address those gaps through collaboration and critical thinking. To achieve these objectives, the faculty will explore these topics through lectures on cutting-edge research, complemented with a site visit at Argonne National Laboratory. The students will carry out collaborative research projects during the week, where they will be challenged to develop innovative research methods under the guidance of faculty mentors.

The 2017 Edition will explore the theme “Phenomena at electrochemical interfaces.” The theme will be explored from multiple research angles. Faculty will present a series of critical questions that remain to be answered, while motivating their importance through past experience and future societal needs. Faculty will highlight the need for an accurate definition of chemical components at heterogeneous interfaces, down to the atomic level and under operating conditions. Emerging techniques to probe and model interfacial phenomena will be presented and discussed.

For more information, including an overview of the inaugural 2016 edition, and to apply, head to the NGenE website or contact Mr. Thomas Alaan at talaan@uic.edu.

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