Bringing our Communities Together

There are a number of ongoing projects at ECS that will help move the organization forward—specifically related to your experience as a member of our community.

Late last week, ECS imported records from ECSxPress (the journal manuscript submission and peer review system), and Confex (the meeting abstract submission system) into ECS’s main database management system to make it easier to communicate with you via email.

If you didn’t already have an account in our main database, you now have access to the ECS My Account features: email communication preferences, tracking event participation, connecting your social media, adding your interests, and more. (more…)

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Supporting Science and Scientists

ECS at 115

“The Society could not help but to come into existence.”
– Joseph Richards, 1st ECS president

This spring, The Electrochemical Society will be 115 years old.

A 115th anniversary is not a milestone that normally warrants celebration but today, more than ever, we need to support science, scientists, and the core values that make our community strong.

For over a century ECS has adhered to the principles expressed by Joseph Richards, the Society’s first president, in the Transactions introduction from the Society’s first meeting:


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Reflections of an ECS Intern

ECS logoMy name is Andrew Ryan. For the past eight months, I served as a Membership Services Intern at ECS under the direction of Beth Fisher. Though I worked on many different projects throughout my time at ECS, my primary contribution was writing membership related posts for the ECS website’s Redcat Blog. A great deal of the posts written over the course of the past eight months with the byline “ECS Staff” were written by me.

An English major who graduated from The College of New Jersey this past May, I was absolutely honored to have the opportunity to write for a website with such a thriving viewership. It was beyond fulfilling to be able to apply my passion for writing in a professional environment.

But ECS was more to me than a writing outlet. It was more to me than a desk job or a resume line. It was a truly, positively rewarding experience.

Let me tell you why.



From left to right: Elizabeth Biddinger, City College of New York; Joaquin Rodriguez Lopez, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Joshua Snyder, Drexel University

The ECS Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship Selection Committee has selected three recipients who will receive a minimum of $50,000 each for fellowships for projects in green energy technology. The winners are Professor Elizabeth Biddinger, City College of New York; Professor Joaquin Rodriguez Lopez, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; and Professor Joshua Snyder, Drexel University.

The ECS Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship, a partnership between The Electrochemical Society and Toyota Research Institute of North America (TRINA), a division of Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc. (TEMA), is in its second year. A diverse applicant pool of more than 100 young professors and scholars pursuing innovative electrochemical research in green energy technology responded to ECS’s request for proposals.

“Scientists and engineers seek to unveil what is possible and to exploit that knowledge to provide solutions to the myriad of problems facing our world,” says ECS Executive Director Roque Calvo. “We are proud to have the continued support of Toyota in this never ending endeavor to uncover new frontiers and face new challenges.”

The ECS Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship aims to encourage young professors and scholars to pursue research in green energy technology that may promote the development of next-generation vehicles capable of utilizing alternative fuels.

Global development of industry and technology in the 20th century increased production of vehicles and the growing population have resulted in massive consumption of fossil fuels. Today, the automotive industry faces three challenges regarding environmental and energy issues:

(1) Finding a viable alternative energy source as a replacement for oil
(2) Reducing CO2 emissions
(3) Preventing air pollution


For organizations interested in expanding their networks within corporate, academic, governmental, and scientific spheres, ECS offers an advantageous alternative to individual membershipECS logo

Institutional membership with ECS admits your organization into an elite group of scientists, academics, and professionals. It gives your organization access to the vast arrays of information, people, and breaking research that ECS has to offer.

Moreover, institutional membership secures your organization’s place within an ever expanding, collaborative network of innovative thinkers and member organizations.

Want to get a better sense of the scope of this growing network? Check out our list of current institutional ECS members!

To accommodate the varied needs of prospective institutional member organizations,  ECS offers five different levels of institutional membership. Each level has its own distinct set of benefits and discounts. Select the level of institutional membership which best suits your organization!


Montreal Electrochemistry Workshop

On January 22, 2016, the ECS Montreal Student Chapter hosted its first ever electrochemistry workshop. The focus of the workshop was the fabrication of silver-silver chloride reference electrodes, a staple of most electrochemistry experiments.

ECS Mtl Student Chapter - Electrochemistry Workshop Summary 3





The workshop included a short presentation discussing the theoretical aspects of references electrodes, after which students could observe a demonstration. Finally, each student was allowed to perform the fabrication protocol and everyone brought home their own reference electrode!


Are you a current or prospective ECS member interested in long-term membership within our thriving community? IfECS logo so, then multi-year membership may be for you!

ECS offers different membership plans to meet the needs of individuals in academica, industry, and government. The multi-year membership option is designed to accommodate your personalized needs. For your convenience, the multi-year membership option allows you to choose to become an ECS member for 2 years, 3 years, or 5 years.

What’s more, all three of these options will result in savings!

See the table below for multi-year membership pricing.



As a multi-year member, you will receive all of the benefits of ECS membership, including 100 free full-text downloads from the ECS Digital Library, discounts on meeting registrations, unlimited electronic access to ECS meeting abstracts, and a subscription to Interface.

Make a lasting commitment to the ECS and stop worrying about renewing your membership every single year. Become a multi-year member today!

Questions? Contact

2016 Summer Fellowship Recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2016 ECS Summer Fellowships!

Offered since 1928, the summer fellowship program is designed to assist students during the summer months, June through September, in the pursuit of work in a field of interest to the ECS.

Fellowship Recipients

Dr. Yelena Gorlin
Technische Universität München
Supervisor, Dr. Hubert A. Gasteiger
Colin Garfield Fink Summer Fellowship*

Soo Kim
Northwestern University
Advisor, Dr. Christopher M. Wolverton
Edward G. Weston Summer Fellowship

Charuksha T. Walgama
Oklahoma State University
Advisor, Dr. Sadagopan Krishnan
Joseph W. Richards Summer Fellowship

Muhammad Boota
Drexel University
Advisor, Dr. Yury Gogotsi
F. M. Becket Summer Fellowship

Michael Metzger
Technische Universität München
Advisor, Dr. Hubert A. Gasteiger
Herbert H. Uhlig Summer Fellowship

*The Colin Garfield Fink Summer Fellowship Award is designed to assist a postdoctoral scientist or engineer in the pursuit of battery research during the summer months.

Look for more information in November 2016 for your chance to apply for one of these prestigious fellowships in 2017!

Interested in other ECS opportunities like these? Click here to learn about additional ECS programs!

Become a Lifetime Member of ECS

ECS logoIs ECS a fundamental part of your professional life? Do you plan on remaining involved with the ECS for years to come? If so, commit to the ECS for the long haul! Consider lifetime membership today!

ECS offers different membership plans to meet the needs of individuals in academia, industry, and government. The lifetime membership option is designed for individuals who wish to become ECS members for their entire lives.

The lifetime membership is a one-time payment for your Society dues and a one-time payment for your division dues. Pricing for lifetime membership dues will vary. Contact to inquire about a lifetime membership quote.

***For your convenience, we can accept installment payments for lifetime membership.***

As a lifetime member, you will receive all of the benefits of ECS membership, including 100 free full-text downloads from the ECS Digital Library, discounts on meeting registrations, unlimited electronic access to ECS meeting abstracts, and a subscription to Interface, our quarterly membership magazine. Once a year, you will receive an inquiry from ECS to confirm your contact information. This is simply to keep our records up-to-date.

Avoid the inconveniences of yearly renewals and fluctuating membership prices. Pay once and become an ECS member for life!

If lifetime membership isn’t for you, check out our multi-year membership options!

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Automatic Membership Renewal is Live!

Attention all current and prospective ECS members!

The days of expiration date anxiety and manual renewal hassle are officially behind us! Our automatic membership renewal system is up and running!ECS logo

Here at the ECS, we are committed to making membership beneficial and convenient. We want you, our highly valued members, to be able to enjoy the rewards of ECS membership without experiencing the slightest modicum of excess stress.

So let us handle membership renewal for you. Please. We insist!

Enroll now in our automatic renewal system and fret no more about membership expiration dates and manual renewals. Let us make your life easier. Lessen your load to free yourself up and focus on what really matters to you as an ECS member: learning, collaborating, innovating, achieving, and freeing the science.

Want to set up your membership to renew automatically?

Step 1: Login and click My Account.
Step 2: Select My Memberships from the My Account Links menu.
Step 3: In your active membership, click Enroll Now and follow steps for setup.

It’s that easy!

Questions? Contact or call 609.737.1902 x100.

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