Top 15 Non-Academic Institutions by ECS Membership

The scope of ECS transcends academia. Its members are more than scholars; they are global leaders in the fields of research, innovation, and industry. With each passing day, they further develop the potential of electrochemical and solid state science, paving the way toward a cleaner, brighter future.

We are proud to recognize the top 15 non-academic institutions based upon ECS membership:

Each organization’s total membership count is listed in parentheses next to its name.

The organizations listed in green have an institutional membership with ECS.



  Sustaining Member                                        Member Since: 1976

  Patron Member                                                Member Since: 2004

  Benefactor Member                       Member Since: 1983

  Benefactor Member                                                    Member Since: 1957

  Benefactor Member                                     Member Since: 2008

  Sustaining Member                                 Member Since: 2008


  Patron Member                                                           Member Since: 1957


  Benefactor Member                                                                   Member Since: 1982

  Sponsoring Member                                   Member Since: 1980

  Sustaining Member                                             Member Since: 1952

*This list displays the top 14 non-academic organizations (due to ties) as of September 7, 2016.

ECS is thankful for the continued support from each of these organizations, especially those that elected to become institutional members. If your organization is interested in one of our five levels of institutional membership, please submit an Institutional Membership Application.

For more information, please contact

Congratulations to all of the organizations that made the list! We greatly appreciate your commitment!

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