203rd Meeting - Paris, France

April 27-May 2, 2003


AC2 - Electron Transfer through Organic and Biological Bridges

Organic and Biological Electrochemistry

Monday, April 28, 2003

Room 242B, Level 2, Le Palais des Congres

Co-Chairs: F. Maran and R.W. Murray

10:202485 Electron Transfers Between Nanoparticles - R.W. Murray (University of North Carolina)
10:552486 Electron Transfer Through Molecular Systems in a Metal-SAM-Metal Junction - M.A. Rampi (Universita di Ferrara)
11:252487 Long–Range Electron Transfer through Monolayers and Bilayers of Alkanethiols in Electrochemically Controlled Hg-Hg Tunneling Junctions. - R. York and K. Slowinski (California State University)

Room 242B, Level 2, Le Palais des Congres

Co-Chairs: J. Jortner and F. Armstrong

13:402488 From Energetic Control to Thermally Induced Hopping - J. Jortner (Tel Aviv University)
14:152489 Unified Theory of Bridge Mediated Electron Transfer - V. May (Humboldt-University at Berlin) and E. Petrov (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine)
14:452490 Anomalous Distance Dependence of Electron Transfer across Aib Oligo-Peptide Bridges - S. Antonello, F. Formaggio, A. Moretto, C. Toniolo, F. Maran, and F. Polo (Universita di Padova)
15:152491 Electrochemical Studies of Fc-labeled Peptide Monolayers on Gold - H.-B. Kraatz (University of Saskatchewan)
15:45 Twenty-Minute Intermission
16:052492 Electron Transfer in Active Enzyme Molecules Adsorbed on Electrodes: Studies and Exploits of the Coupling to Proton Transfer and Catalysis - F. Armstrong (Oxford University)
16:402493 Charge Injection Through Rigid Bridges At Molecule-Semiconductor Nanoparticle Interfaces - E. Galoppini, Q. Wei, D. Wang, W. Zhang, P. Piotrowiak, P. Wiewior, and G. Zordan (Rutgers University)
17:102494 Photoinduced Electron and Energy Transfer Processes in Fullerene-Based Donor-Bridge-Acceptor Systems - M. Marcaccio, D. Paolucci, F. Paolucci, S. Roffia (Dipartimento di Chimica "G. Ciamician", Università di Bologna), M. Prato (Universita di Trieste), M. Maggini (Universita di Padova), D.M. Guldi (University of Notre Dame), G. Burley, and R. Taylor (University of Sussex)
17:352495 Electron Transfer Through Organic Tunneling Barriers Between Monolayer Protected Clusters Assembled into Conductive Networks. - R. Donkers and R. Murray (The University of North Carolina)

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Co-Chairs: D.D.M. Wayner and J.M. Saveant

8:202496 Electronic Transport Through Benzene Molecule and DNA Base Pairs - A.A. Farajian, T.M. Briere, R.V. Belosludov, H. Mizuseki, and Y. Kawazoe (Tohoku University)
8:402497 Formation and Characterization of Self-assembled Monolayers of 2’-fluoro-4,4’-di(phenylethynyl)-1-Benzenethiolate on Gold - C.A. Hacker, C.A. Richter, L.J. Richter, J.D. Batteas, R.D. van Zee (National Institute of Standards and Technology), and M. Marquez (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
9:002498 Investigations on the Oxidation and Reduction of Ferrocenthiols - N. Krings, H.-H. Strehblow (Heinrich-Heine Universitat Dusseldorf), B. Zeysing, and A. Terfort (Universitat Hamburg)
9:202499 Study of Electron Transfer Kinetics on Self-Assembled Monolayers of Alkanethiols in Non-Aqueous Solvents - U.K. Sur (Raman Research Institute) and V. Lakshminarayanan (Raman Reseach Institute)
9:40 Twenty-Minute Intermission
10:002500 Electron Transfer Through Self-assembled Alkyl Monolayers on Si(111) - D.D.M. Wayner, B. Fabre, D. Colman, and R. Voicu (National Research Council of Canada)
10:352501 Electron Beam Induced Modification of Organic Monolayers on Si(111) - E. Balaur, T. Djenizian (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg), R. Boukherroub (Ecole Polytechnique), and P. Schmuki (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)
10:552502 Electrochemistry Within Molecules using Ultrafast Cyclic Voltammetry - C. Amatore, Y. Bouret, and E. Maisonhaute (Ecole Normale Superieure)
11:202503 Electronic Communication Through Tetrazole-Based Bridging Ligands in Bimetallic Ruthenium Systems - A.J. Bard (The University of Texas at Austin), C. Bruno (Universita di Bologna), M. Carano (The University of Texas at Austin), M. Marcaccio, A. Palazzi, D. Paolucci, F. Paolucci, S. Roffia, and S. Stagni (Universita di Bologna)
11:402504 Electronic Interactions in Copper(I)- and Silver(I)-Complexes between the Ligands and Metals as Evidenced with Cyclic Voltammetry - M. Leschke, H. Lang, and R. Holze (Technische Universitat Chemnitz)

Co-Chairs: D.H. Evans and B. Speiser

13:502505 Do Standard Potential Differences Measure the 'Communication' Between Identical Redox Centers Separated by a Conjugated Chain? Application to Carotenoids - V. Konovalov (University of Alabama at Birmingham), P. Hapiot (Universite de Paris 7 - Denis Diderot), L. Kispert (University of Alabama), and J.-M. Saveant (Universite de Paris 7 - Denis Diderot)
14:252506 Mutual Interaction of Two Redox Active Centres in a Single Molecule- An Electrochemical Approach - J. Ludvik (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)
14:502507 Chemical Communication Induced by Intermolecular Electron Transfer in Heterobimetallic Ferrocenyl-Indenyl-Cr(CO)_3 Complexes - S. Santi, A. Ceccon, A. Bisello (Universita Di Padova), L. Crociani (CNR), and C. Durante (Universita Di Padova)
15:152508 Two-Electron Stepwise Redox Processes in the Boron Subhalide Cluster Series - B. Speiser, T. Wizemann, and M. Wuerde (Institut fuer Organische Chemie)
15:40 Twenty-Minute Intermission
16:002509 Intrinsic Electron Transfer Reactions - S. Nelsen (University of Wisconsin)
16:302510 Driving-Force Dependence of Intramolecular Dissociative Electron Transfers - S. Antonello (Universita di Padova), F. Taddei (Universitadi Modena e Reggio Emilia), and F. Maran (Universita di Padova)
16:552511 Homolytic Cleavage of Radicals and Ion-Radicals as Intramolecular Dissociative Electron Transfer - C. Costentin, M. Robert, and J.-M. Saveant (Universite de Paris 7 - Denis Diderot)
17:202512 Sorting Out the Effects of Electron-Transfer Distance, the Electrical Double Layer and the Inner Reorganization Energy in Heterogeneous Electron-Transfer Reactions of Organic Compounds - D. Evans (University of Delaware)

Hall Maillot, Level 2, Le Palais des Congres

Technical Exhibit and Tuesday Evening Poster Session

Co-Chairs: D.H. Evans and F. Maran

o2513 Evidence for a 'Hydrophobic Shield ' between the Alkanethiol SAM and Aqueous Electrolyte - U.K. Sur and V. Lakshminarayanan (Raman Research Institute)
o2514 Electrode Surface Structures for Studying Long-range Electron Transfer in Biological Systems - N. Barlow, K. Hoke (Oxford University), C. Moser, L. Dutton (University of Pennsylvania), and F. Armstrong (Oxford University)
o2515 Modulation of Heterogeneous Electron Transfer Dynamics: Osmium Bis-Bipyridyl Triazole Monolayers - D. Walsh, T. Keyes, and R. Forster (Dublin City University)
o2516 Electron Transfers and Bond Weakening in Excited and Ground States Based on Bent Metallocenes - G. Loukova and E. Karabanchuk (Russian Academy of Sciences)
o2517 Novel Experimental Approach to Probing Frontier Orbitals and HOMO-LUMO Gap in Pi-organometallics - G. Loukova and E. Karabanchuk (Russian Academy of Sciences)
o2518 Biomimetic Electrochemical Synthesis of Quinol-Thioether Conjugates: Their Implication in the Serotonergic Neurotoxicity of Amphetamine - A. Neudorffer, J.-P. Gramond, C. Slim, M.-B. Fleury, and M. Largeron (Universite Rene Descartes)
o2519 The Regularities of Dissociation of Weak Dibasic Organic Acids with the Close Ka' and Ka" Values - E. Kvaratskhelia and R. Kvaratskhelia (Georgian Academy of Sciences)
o2520 Electrochemical Studies of DL-Leucine, L-Proline, and L-Tryptophan and their Interaction with Copper and Iron - M.A. Jabbar, R.J. Mannan, S. Salauddin, and B. Rashid (University of Dhaka)
o2521 Electrochemical Features of Prussian Blue/Conducting Polymer Bilayer Films - S. Lupu (Ecole Normale Superieure)
o2522 Thin Liquid Films Voltammetry For The Thermodynamics Of Interfacial Ions Transfer - M.Y. Vagin (M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University), S.Z. Ozkan, G.P. Karpachova (Russian Academy of Science), and A.A. Karyakin (M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University)
o2523 Selective Reduction and Sonoassisted Electrodimerization of Substituted Benzothiophenes - M. Rejnak, J. Klima (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic), J. Svoboda (Department of Organic Chemistry, , Prague Institute of Chemical Technology,), and J. Ludvik (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)
o2524 Composite Solid Electrolytes Materials for the Measurement of Bioelectric Signals - P. Romagnoli, M.L. Di Vona, E. Traversa, L. Narici (Universita di Roma “Tor Vergata”), W.G. Sannita (Universita’ di Genova), and S. Licoccia (Universita di Roma “Tor Vergata”)
o2525 Mechanism of the Palladium-Catalyzed Electrocarbonylation of Ethanol to Diethylcarbonate - C. Amatore, S. Bensalem, A. Jutand (Ecole Normale Superieure), and G. Silvestri (Universita di Palermo)


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