201st Meeting - Philadelphia, PA

May 12-17, 2002


U1 - Tutorials In Energy Conversion

Energy Technology/Industrial Electrolysis and Electrochemical Engineering

Monday, May 13, 2002

Conference Room 306, Level 3

Co-Chairs: K. Rajeshwar and J. Fenton

10:20829 Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells - R. McConnell (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
11:00830 Alternative Solar Cells - B. Gregg (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
11:40831 Photoelectrochemical Solar Energy Conversion: Principles, Practice and Current State-of-the-Art - K. Rajeshwar (The University of Texas at Arlington)

Co-Chairs: K. Rajeshwar and J. Fenton

2:00832 Advances in Rechargeable Battery Technologies - W. van Schalkwijk (University of Washington)
2:40833 State of the Art Batteries for Implantable Medical Devices - R. Leising and E. Takeuchi (Wilson Greatbatch Technologies Inc.)
3:20834 Direct Thermal-to-Electric Energy Conversion for Outer Planet Spacecraft - M.A. Ryan and J.-P. Fleurial (California Institute of Technology)
4:00835 Electro-Magneto-Fluid-Dynamics (EMFD): Analytical Models and Numerical Simulations - G. Dulikravich (The University of Texas at Arlington) and B. Dennis (University of Tokyo)