201st Meeting - Philadelphia, PA

May 12-17, 2002


V9 - Fullerene Based Materials For Medicine


Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Conference Room 415, Level 4

Session III: Fullerene Nanotechnology in Medicine and Biology

Co-Chairs: L. Wilson and S.H. Friedman

8:00983 Nanomedicine: Fullerene and Carbon Nanotube Biology - S.R. Wilson (C Sixty, Inc)
8:30984 Electrophoretic and Chromatographic Profile of a Highly Water-soluble Fullerene Derivative Analysis of Purity and Ascertainment in Urine Following IP Injection to Rodents - F. Moussa (Universite Paris XI)
9:00985 C60: A Highly Flexible Scaffold for Bioorganic Design: From HIV Protease Inhibition to Pharmacophore Presentation - S.H. Friedman (University of Missouri)
9:30986 Development of Gd@C60 Based MRI Contrast Enhancing Agents - R.D. Bolskar, J.M. Alford (TDA Research, Inc.), A.F. Benedetto, L.O. Husebo, and L.J. Wilson (Rice University)
10:00987 Fullerene Coated Surfaces for Biomedical Applications - U. Gibson, I. Lowe, and D. Greninger (Dartmouth College)

Session III: Fullerene Nanotechnology in Medicine and Biology

Co-Chairs: S.R. Wilson and F. Moussa

2:00988 Highly-iodinated Fullerene as a Contrast Agent for X-ray Imaging - T. Wharton and L.J. Wilson (Rice University)
2:30989 Antibody to Fullerenes Binds Carbon Nanotubes - B.-X. Chen, L. Brus (Columbia University), B. Braden (Bowie State University), and B.F. Erlanger (Columbia University)
3:00990 Functionalization of C60 with Diphosphonate Groups: A Route to Bone-Vectored Fullerenes - A. Mirakyan and L. Wilson (Rice University)
3:30991 DSC of \llC60 - H2O\gg System: Unexpected Peaks - M.V. Korobov, E.B. Stukalin, N.I. Ivanova (Moscow State University), G.V. Andrievsky, V.K. Klochkov, and L.I. Derevyanchenko (Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences)
4:00992 Photodynamic Effect and Photostability of Hydrophilic Hexa(sulfobutyl)fullerene (FC4S) - C. Yu (Mount Sinai Hospital and University of Toronto), T. Canteenwala (National Taiwan University), K. Pritzker (Mount Sinai Hospital and University of Toronto), B. Wilson (Ontario Cancer Institute and University of Toronto), and L. Chiang (University of Massachusetts Lowell)