201st Meeting - Philadelphia, PA

May 12-17, 2002


X1 - High Temperature Materials Symposium In Honor Of The 65th Birthday Of Professor Wayne L. Worrell

High Temperature Materials

Monday, May 13, 2002

Salon G, Level 5

Co-Chairs: S.C. Singhal and K. Swider-Lyons

10:00 Introductory Remarks - S. Singhal (Pacific Morthwest National Laboratory)
10:151082 Calculation of Phase Equilibria in the Y2O3-Yb2O3-ZrO2 System - N. Jacobson (NASA Glenn Research Center), Z.-K. Liu (Pennsylvania State University), F. Zhang (CompuTherm LLC), and L. Kaufman (Consultant)
10:451083 Effect of Synthesis on the Phases in Scandia Stabilized Zirconia (ScSZ) - C. Wang and W. Worrell (University of Pennsylvania)
11:151084 Synthesis and Characterization of Mixed Conducting Praseodymia-Doped Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia - J.-Q. Huang and W. Worrell (University of Pennsylvania)

Co-Chairs: S.C. Singhal and K. Swider-Lyons

2:001085 Thermodynamic Correlation Among Defects in Ceria-Zirconia Solid Solutions - H. Yokokawa, N. Sakai, T. Horita, K. Yamaji, and Y.P. Xiong (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
2:301086 The Influence of Grain Size and Chemical Composition on the Electronic Conductivity of Ceria - X.-D. Zhou and H.U. Anderson (University of Missouri-Rolla)
3:001087 Zirconia Electrolyte Based Fuel Cells - S.C. Singhal (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
3:301088 Recent Developments in Material Science and Technology for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells - N. Minh (Honeywell Engines, Systems & Services)
4:001089 Anode Development for Direct Oxidation of Hydrocarbons - R.J. Gorte (University of Pennsylvania)
4:301090 Characterization of SDC, Electrolyte-Supported ITSOFCs for DirectOxidation of Hydrocarbon Fuels - C. Lu, W. Worrell, J. Vohs, and R. Gorte (University of Pennsylvania)
5:001091 Structural and Catalytic Properties of Copper Oxide/ Nickel Oxide modified Zirconia Prepered by Sol-Gel Technique - M. Dongare, K. Malshe, C. Gopinath (National Chemical Laboratory), V. Tare (Bharati Vidyapeeth), and E. Kemnitz (Humboldt University)

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Co-Chairs: J.W. Fergus and T.A. Ramanarayanan

8:101092 Characterization of a Cu0.8Ni0.2-CeO2-YSZ Anode-Composite for the Direct Oxidation of Dry Methane - C. Lu, W. Worrell, H. Kim, R. Gorte, and J. Vohs (University of Pennsylvania)
8:401093 Partial Electronic Conductivity of Sr and Mg Doped LaGa03 - J.H. Jang and G.M. Choi (Pohang University of Science and Technology)
9:101094 Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Materials Concept for Single Element Arrangements (SEAs)Cells - V. Thangadurai and W. Weppner (University of Kiel)
9:401095 Growth of La0.8Sr0.2CrO3 Thin Films from a Fluoride Sputtering Process - E. Brosha, R. Mukundan, D. Brown, and F. Garzon (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
10:101096 Mixed-Conducting Oxides in Electrochemical Power Sources - K. Swider-Lyons (Naval Research Laboratory)
10:40 Thirty-Minute Intermission -

Co-Chairs: J.W. Fergus and T.A. Ramanarayanan

1:401097 Ionic Conductivity of Perfluorosulfonic Acid Membranes as a Function of Temperature, Humidity and Equivalent Weight - W. Johnson and W. Liu (W. L. Gore & Associates)
2:101098 Proton Transport in Perovskites Containing Variable Valence Elements - L. Li, J.R. Wu (California Institute of Technology), C. Jones (NIST Center for Neutron Research), B. West, and S.M. Haile (California Institute of Technology)
2:401099 Applications of Proton Conducting Perovskites - R. Mukundan, E. Brosha, and F. Garzon (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
3:101100 Solid Electrolyte Based Sensors for Use in Processing Molten Aluminum - J. Fergus (Auburn University)
3:401101 The Evolution Of High Temperature Electrochemical Gas Sensors - F. Garzon, E. Brosha, and R. Mukundan (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
4:101102 Study on Phase Transformation and Thermal Shock Resistance of Mg0-PSZ - Q. Liu, X. Kong (University of Science and Technology), and S. An (Batou University of Iron and Steel Technology)
4:401103 Stabilized Zirconia-Based Inert Anodes for Green Synthesis of Metals from Their Oxides - U. Pal, C. Manning, A. Krishnan, and T. Keenan (Boston University)
5:101104 A Concept and an Experimental Study on O- Ion Source Using Solid Oxide Electrolytes - Y. Fujiwara, A. Kaimai, J.-O. Hong, K. Yashiro, Y. Nigara, T. Kawada, and J. Mizusaki (Tohoku University)

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Co-Chairs: K.L. Luthra and N.S. Jacobson

8:101105 Role of Coupled Transport in the Fabrication of Sodium Beta" Alumina Containing Ceramics by a Vapor Phase Process - A. Virkar, T. Armstrong (University of Utah), N. Weber, K.-Z. Fung, and J.-F. Jue (Materials and Systems Research, Inc.)
8:401106 Knudsen Cell Studies of Ti-Al Thermodynamics - N. Jacobson (NASA Glenn Research Center), E. Copland (Case Western Reserve University), G. Mehrotra (Wright State University), and J. Auping (NASA Glenn Research Center)
9:101107 Combined Phase Diagram/Thermodynamic Properties Assessment of the Pt-Si and Th-Si Systems - P. Meschter (General Electric Corporate Research and Development Center)
9:401108 Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs) for Gas Turbine Applications - K.N. Luthra (GE Corporate Research Center and Development)
10:101109 Evolution of Thermal Cycling Techniques for Aerospace Solar Panels - R.W. Francis, C. Sve, and T.S. Wall (The Aerospace Corporation)
10:40 Thirty-Minute Intermission -

Co-Chairs: K.L. Luthra and N.S. Jacobson

1:401110 High-Temperature Oxidation Behavior of ReSi1.75 - K. Kurokawa, H. Hara, and H. Takahashi (Hokkaido University)
2:101111 On the Mechanism of Metal Dusting Corrosion - C. Chun, J. Mumford (ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company), and T. Ramanarayanan (Princeton University)
2:401112 Mullite + CAS Bond Coat for Environmental Barrier Coatings for Si-Based Ceramics - K. Lee and E. Opila (NASA Glenn Research Center)
3:101113 Absolute Electrode Potential in Solid and Aqueous Electrochemistry - D. Tsiplakides, D. Archonta, and C. Vayenas (University of Patras)
3:401114 The Kinetics of Oxygen Reduction on Type 403 Stainless Steel at Elevated Temperatures - K. Aligizaki and D. Macdonald (The Pennsylvania State University)
4:101115 Chemistry & Electrochemistry Of Lithium Intercalated Carbon - S. Basu (Bengal Engineering College)
4:401116 Technology Innovation Strategy- Planning and Practice - S.K. Lau (Goodrich Corporation)
5:10 Concluding Remarks- W.L. Worrell -