203rd Meeting - Paris, France

April 27-May 2, 2003


H3 - Magnetic Electroplating


Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Room 352A, Level 3, Le Palais des Congres

Effect of Magnetic Fields on Material Properties

Co-Chairs: K. Attenborough and R. Aogaki

8:00630 Magnetoelectrochemistry- An Overview - J.M.D. Coey (Trinity College)
8:25631 Micro-MHD Effects on Electrodeposition under Parallel and Vertical Magnetic Fields - R. Aogaki (Polytechnic University), A. Sugiyama (Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)), and R. Morimoto (Saitama Prefectural Industrial Technology Center)
8:50632 Electrochemical Response in Presence of Magnetic Field. Kinetic and Diffusion Processes - O. Devos (Pierre et Marie Curie University), O. Aaboubi, J. Amblard, J.-P. Chopart, and A. Olivier (Reims University)
9:15633 Effect of High Magnetic Field of Copper and Cobalt Deposition - M. Uhlemann, H. Schlorb (Leibnitz Institute of Solid State and Materials Research), K. Msellak, and J.P. Chopart (UFR Sciences)
9:40 Twenty-Minute Intermission
10:00634 Iron Thin Films Electrodeposited in A Strong Magnetic Field - H. Matsushima, T. Nohira, and Y. Ito (Kyoto University)
10:15635 Effects of Magnetic Fields on Corrosion - A. Davenport, Y.C. Tang, M. Gonzalez-Torreira, S. Yang, and R. Harris (The University of Birmingham)
10:40636 Role of Organic Additives on Electrodeposition of Soft Magnetic Alloys - I. Tabakovic and S. Riemer (Seagate Technology)
11:05637 Soft, High Moment FeCoNi Alloys Electrodeposited in Magnetic Fields - X. Liu (University of Alabama) and G. Zangari (University of Virginia)
11:30638 Design, Construction, and Tests of a New Electroplating Reactor for Magnetic Materials Deposit - D. Henry, G. Barrois, C. Dieppedale, and T. Terrier (CEA-LETI)
11:45639 A Simulation Tool for Combined Magneto-Hydro-Dynamics and Multi Ion Electrochemical Systems - A. Van Theemsche, J. Deconinck, B. Van den Bossche, G. Nelissen, and C. Dan (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Magnetic Nanostructures and Thin Films

Co-Chairs: A. Pasa and P. Allongue

13:30640 Magnetic Field Effects on the Growth of Zinc and Iron Electrodeposited Arborescences - V. Heresanu (CNRS), S. Bodea (IRPHE), R. Ballou, and P. Molho (CNRS)
14:00641 Transport and Magnetism in nanowires - L. Piraux, F. Elhoussine, L. Vila, M. Darques, S. Matefi, and S. Michotte (Universite Catholique de Louvain)
14:15642 Ballistic Magnetoresistance in Electrodeposited Magnetic Nanocontacts - N. Garcia (CSIC)
14:40643 In Situ Magnetic Characterizations of Electrodeposited Ultrathin Magnetic Layers - P. Allongue, F. Maroun (Universite P and M Curie), A. Gundel, A. Morrone, J.E. Schmidt (UFRGS), and T. Devolder (Universite Paris - Sud)
15:05644 In Situ Magnetic Characterization of Ultrathin Ni Electrodeposits - K.M. Poduska and S. Morin (York University)
15:30645 Effects of Surface Roughness on Magnetic Properties of Electrodeposited Co Thin Films - M.L. Sartorelli, V.C. Zoldan, M.L. Munford, E.R. Spada, A.S. da Rocha, R.C. da Silva (Campus Universitario - Trindade), M. Sardela (Center for Microanalysis of Materials), W. Schwarzacher (Bristol University), and A.A. Pasa (Campus Universitario - Trindade)
15:45646 Preparation of Au Nanostructures on Si(111) and Magnetic Properties of Co Overlayers - M. Munford, F. Maroun, P. Allongue (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie), N. Rougemaille, J. Peretti (Ecole Polytechnique), J. Schmidt (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie), and G. Lampel (Ecole Polytechnique)
16:00 Twenty-Minute Intermission
16:20647 Composition Modulation in Ferromagnetic Layer in Ni-Co(Cu)/Cu Multilayer - S.M.S.I. Dulal, E.A. Charles, and S. Roy (University of Newcastle upon Tyne)
16:35648 Structure and Magnetoresistance of Ni/Cu Superlattices Prepared by Electrodepositon - M. Alper, A. Elif Ensari (University of Uludag), and I. Bakonyi (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
16:50649 Magnetoimpedance and Magnetic Properties of Magnetic Electrodeposited Tubes - J.P. Sinnecker (UFRJ)
17:15650 CoPt Alloys Electrodeposition for Magnetic Applications - P.L. Cavallotti, M. Bestetti, S. Franz (Politecnico di Milano), V. Sirtori, and L. Lombardi (Celestica)
17:30651 Magnetic and Structural Properties of CoPt Alloys - D. Gamet (CEA Grenoble)
17:45652 Magnetic Composite Electrodeposition of Hard Magnetic Materials for Magnetic MEMS Applications - S. Guan, K. Vollmers, and B. Nelson (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities)

Thursday, May 1, 2003

Level 2 Hallway, Le Palais des Congres

Thursday Evening Poster Session

Co-Chairs: K. Attenborough and A. A. Pasa

o653 Magnetoelectropolymerized Polypyrrole Film Electrodes - I. Mogi and K. Watanabe (Tohoku University)
o654 Electrodeposition and Characterization of Nickel-Copper Alloys - C. O' Reilly, M. Venkatesan, G. Hinds, A. Douvalis, F.M.F. Rhen, and J.M.D. Coey (Trinity College)
o655 Composition of Electrodeposited FePt Alloys - F.M.F. Rhen and J.M.D. Coey (Trinity College)
o656 Ni-Fe Codeposition Onto a MHD Monitored Electrode - K. Msellak, J.-P. Chopart, J. Amblard, O. Jbara, and O. Aaboubi (DTI)
o657 Surface Morphology and Magnetic Properties of Co-Ni-P Films Preparied by Magnetic Electroplating - V. Georgescu, M. Georgescu (Al. I. Cuza University), A. Mandreci (Gesellschaft fur Schwerionenforschung), and N. Apetroaei (Al. I. Cuza University)
o658 Magnetic Properties of Co-Ni-Mg-N Cylindrical Films by Magnetic Electroplating - M. Georgescu (Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung) and V. Georgescu (Al. I. Cuza University)
o659 Electrochemical Alternating Gradient Force Magnetometer - J. Schmidt, A. Morrone (UFRGS), and P. Allongue (Universite P and M Curie)
o660 Pulse-plated Cu-Ni Alloys, Multilayers, and Nanowires - W. Schwarzacher, K. Kutuso (H H Wills Physics Lab), and I. Kazeminezhad (Shahid Chamran University)
o661 Dependence of GMR of Ni-Co(Cu)/Cu Multilayers on Composition and Number of Layers - S.M.S.I. Dulal, E.A. Charles (University of Newcastle upon Tyne), L. Peter, I. Bakonyi (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), and S. Roy (University of Newcastle upon Tyne)
o662 Microstructural Investigation of Co-P by Transmission Electron Microscopy - W. Ruythooren (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), J. De Boeck, G. Borghs (IMEC), and J.P. Celis (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)