203rd Meeting - Paris, France

April 27-May 2, 2003


P1 - Hydrogen Electrochemistry and Generating Systems

Energy Technology/Physical Electrochemistry

Monday, April 28, 2003

Room 343, Level 3, Le Palais des Congres

Co-Chairs: G. Jerkiewicz and G.A. Nazri

10:25 Introduction
10:301249 D.C. Grahame Award Address- A. Wieckowski: Studies of Electrochemical Interfaces by the Use of EC-NMR - A. Wieckowski (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
11:001250 Hydrogen Electrochemistry on Bimetallic Single Crystal Surfaces - B. Blizanac, V. Stamenkovic, M. Arenz, P. Ross, N. Markovic, and C. Lucas (University of California Berkeley)
11:151251 Hydrogen Adsorption on Pt(111) Electrodes in Basic Media. Surface Order Effects - J. Hernández-Ferrerr, E. Herrero, J.M. Feliu (Univerisidad de Alicante), and J. Clavilier (CNRS)
11:301252 Thermodynamics of Hydrogen Adsorption on Pt(111), Pt(100) and Pt(110) Electrodes - R. Gomez, J.M. Orts, B. Alvarez, and J.M. Feliu (Universitat d'Alacant)
11:451253 Observation of the Potential of Minimum Mass and Its Importance to Hydrogen Electrochemistry - G. Jerkiewicz (Queen's University), J. Lessard (Universite de Sherbrooke), and G. Vatankhah (Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology)

Co-Chairs: G.A. Nazri and S. Al-Hallaj

14:001254 First Principles Investigations of the Thermodynamics of Complex Metal Hydrides - E. Arroyo and G. Ceder (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
14:201255 Theoretical Studies of the Structural, Dynamical, and Electronic Properties of NaAlH4 - J. Alford, A. Peles, and M.-Y. Chou (Georgia Institute of Technology)
14:401256 Complex Hydrides as Hydrogen Storage Media - M. Hampton (Florida Solar Energy Center), D. Slattery, N. Jafifi-Mohajeri (University of Central Florida), M. Franjic, and J.K. Lomness (Florida Solar Energy Center)
15:201257 Mesoporous Titanium Oxide Composites in Hydrogen Storage - D. Antonelli (University of Windsor)
15:40 Twenty-Minute Intermission
16:001258 Cathodic H_2 Evolution from Molten HF, H2O and H3O+ Solvates, and the Nature of the Catalytic Surface for H2 Formation - B. Conway, B. Tilak, and S. Qian (University of Ottawa)
16:201259 Importance of Elasticity in the Transport of Hydrogen in Metals Invited paper - P. Zoltowski (Polish Academy of Sciences)
16:401260 Fast Sorption Kinetics for Mg-Ni/Graphite Composites Coated by Pd Using the Polyol Process - R. Janot, L. Aymard, A. Rougier (Universite de Picardie), G.A. Nazri (General Motors), and J.M. Tarascon (Universite de Picardie)
17:001261 High Capacity Battery Electrode Materials Obtained by the Stabilization of Magnesium Hydride in the Fluorite Structure - M. Ouwerkerk, D. Beelen, H.A.M. van Hal, W.C. Keur, and P.H.L. Notten (Philips Research Laboratories)
17:201262 Electrochemical Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes - I. Lombardi, M. Bestetti, P.L. Cavallotti, U. Ducati, C. Mazzocchia ("Giulio Natta"), and C. Ducati (University of Cambridge)
17:401263 Investigation of Hydrogen Storage of Carbon Materials by Physiosorption. - O. Aluko, S. Al-Hallaj, and H. Arastoopour (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Co-Chairs: B.N. Popov and J.M. Feliu

8:001264 Generation of Hydrogen from Concentrated Solar Energy - R. McConnell, J. Turner (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), J. Lasich, and D. Holland (Solar Systems)
8:201265 Active Control of a Hybrid Fuel Cell – Battery System - S. Rimmalapudi Venkata, B. Wilson, D. Chmielewski, and S. Al-Hallaj (Illinois Institute of Technology)
8:401266 Thin Pd/Pt Membranes Supported in a Porous Silicon Foil for H2 Separation in Automotive Reforming Units - H. Presting, V. Starkov (DaimlerChrysler Research), A. Gruhle (Russian Academy of Sciences), M. Bader, L. Gehrke, J. Konle (DaimlerChrysler Research), A. Vyatkin (Russian Academy of Sciences), and U. Konig (DaimlerChrysler Research)
9:001267 Simulation of Hydrogen - RE Systems Using Hybrid2 - A. Mills and S. Al-Hallaj (Illinois Institute of Technology)
9:201268 Fabrication and Characterization of Mono-dispersed Catalytic Metal Films Using Electrostatic Spray Deposition - F. Griffin (Illinois Institute of Technology), A. Shawaqfeh (Mutah University-Faculty of Engineering), and S. Al-Hallaj (Illinois Institute of Technology)
9:401269 The Mechanism of the H/Pt(111) Fuel Cell - L. Blum (University of Puerto Rico), D. Huckaby (Texas Christian University), N. Marzari (MIT), and R. Car (Princeton University)
10:00 Twenty-Minute Intermission
10:201270 Determination of the Langmuir Adsorption Isotherm of the Over-Potentially Deposited Hydrogen (OPD H) at the Poly-Re/H_2SO4 Aqueous Electrolyte Interface Using the Phase-Shift Method - J. Chun, K. Ra, and N. Kim (Kwangwoon University)
10:401271 A Model of Hydrogen Interaction with Palladium Tested by EIS - C. Gabrielli, P.P. Grand (Universite Paris 6), A. Lasia (Universite de Sherbrooke), and H. Perrot (Universite Paris 6)
11:001272 Evaluation of the Diffusible Hydrogen Concentration with the Electrochemical Permeation Technique - A.-M. Brass and J. Chene (CNRS)
11:201273 Study of Hydrogen Permeation through the Stainless Steels - M. Tezuka, T. Mizuno, and S. Sato (Hokkaido University)
11:401274 Comparison of Hydrogen Permeation Properties of Zn-Ni, Zn-Ni-Cd and Cd Coatings - H. Kim and B. Popov (University of South Carolina)

Hall Maillot, Level 2, Le Palais Des Congres

Technical Exhibit and Tuesday Evening Poster Session

Co-Chairs: R.D. McConnell and A.M. Brass

o1275 The Kinetics of Hydrogen Transport through Amorphous Pd82-yNiySi18 Alloys (y = 0 to 32) by Analysis of Anodic Current Transient - J.-W. Lee and S.-I. Pyun (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
o1276 Transfer Function Analysis of Hydrogen Permeation through an Iron Membrane in a Devanathan Cell - C. Gabrielli, G. Maurin, L. Mirkova, H. Perrot, and B. Tribollet (Universite Paris 6)
o1277 Influence of Gas Bubbling on the Properties of Ruthenium Oxy-hydroxide Coating - C. Hitz, L. Roue, and D. Guay (INRS-Energie)
o1278 Study of Hydrogen/Adsorption on Iron Electrode by Electrochemical Impedance Technique - C. Gabrielli, E. Ostermann, H. Perrot, and B. Tribollet (Universite Paris 6)
o1279 Modeling the Impedance Response of Porous Metal Hydride Electrodes - A.M. Svensson, L.O. Valoen, and R. Tunold (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
o1280 Effect of Inhibitors on the Kinetics of Electrochemical Hydrogen Absorption in Metals - H. Pickering, F. Al-Faqeer, and K. Weil (The Pennsylvania State University)
o1281 Effect of Spontaneous Embrittlement on the Reactivity of Hydrogen-Evolving Metal Cathodes - L.D. Burke, B.M. Ahern, D.P. Casey, and L.M. Kinsella (University College Cork)
o1282 Cracking of Zirconium Alloys in Neutral and Acidic Environments - A. Roy, S. Pothana, and H. Aquino (University of Nevada)
o1283 Effects of Environmental Variables and Stress Concentration on Cracking of Spallation Target Materials - A. Roy, R. Prabhakaran, and M. Hossain (University of Nevada)
o1284 Effect of KCNS and Na2HAsO4 Additions on Kinetics of Hydrogen Evolution Reaction on Iron and Hydrogen Diffusion through the Steel Membrane in C2H4(OH)2-H2O-HCl System - L. Tsygankova, V. Vigdorovitch (Derzhavin State University), and M. Vigdorovich (A.N. Frumkin Institute of Electrochemistry)
o1285 An Electrochemical Study of New Overstoichiometric La1-xCexNi5.25-yMny Hydrogen Storage Alloys - R. Baddour-Hadjean, J.-P. Pereira-Ramos (CNRS), M. Latroche, and A. Percheron-Guegan (LCMTR)
o1286 Kinetics of the Thin Yttrium Film Hydrogenation in the 1M NAOH Solution with and Without Protectionof the Yttrium by the Overlayed Aplladium Film - E. Matveeva and V. Parkhutik (Technical University of Valencia)
o1287 Characteristics of Pt-Nafion Composite Prepared by Sputtering-Chemical Reduction - J.Y. Kim, H.S. Cha, and Y.I. Joe (Yonsei University)
o1288 Rare-Earth Intermetallic Such As LaNi_5 As Catalyst In Electrohydrogenation Reaction Of Organic Compounds - B. Laďk (CNRS-Paris 12), A. Percheron-Guegan (CNRS), and J. Perichon (CNRS-Paris 12)
o1289 The Effect of the Temperature on Hydrogen Adsorption on Pt4Mo Alloy in Acid Solution - J. Jaksic, L. Vracar, and N. Krstajic (University of Belgrade)
o1290 Characterization of Hydrogen Permeation for Novel Non-Anomalous Ni-Zn-X (X=P, Cu) Coatings - V. Basker, H. Kim, S.P. Kumaraguru, B.S. Haran, and B.N. Popov (University of South Carolina)
o1291 Improvement of Electrochemical Properties of a MH Electrode for Advanced NI/MH Properties - F. Feng, M.H. Atwan, and D.O. Northwood (University of Windsor)


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