203rd Meeting - Paris, France

April 27-May 2, 2003


R10 - Porphyrins and Supramolecular Assemblies

Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures/Physical Electrochemistry

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Les Salons Concorde Tuileries/Luxembourg, Level 4, Le Palais des Congres (First Floor, Hotel Concorde La Fayette)

Co-Chairs: N. Solladie and K.M. Kadish

13:301535 CD Sensitive Metalloporphyrins for Chiral Recognition and Supramolecular Assemblies: Chiroptical Studies - N. Berova (Columbia University)
13:501536 Supramolecular Chirogenesis in Bis-Porphyrins - V. Borovkov, G. Hembury, and Y. Inoue (Japan Science and Technology Corporation)
14:101537 Synthesis of Substituted Benzenes from Phenylacetylenes Catalyzed by Iron Meso-Tetraphenylporphyrins - P. Tagliatesta (Universita' di Roma-Tor Vergata)
14:301538 Modulating Charge Transfer Intercations in Strongly Coupled Porphyrin Ensembles - D. Guldi (University of Notre Dame)
14:501539 Mimicking the Active Site of Cytochrome C Oxidase - B. Boitrel, A. Didier (Universite de Rennes1), and M. L'Her (Universite de Bretagne Occidentale)
15:101540 Molecular Tectonics: From Simple Molecules to Complex Molecular Networks - M.W. Hosseini (Universite Louis Pasteur)
15:301541 Recent Advances in the Synthesis of meso-Substituted Corroles - D.T. Gryko (Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences)
15:50 Twenty-Minute Intermission
16:101542 Syntheses and Chemistry of Novel Multiporphyrin Arrays - K. Smith (Louisiana State University)
16:301543 Products from Oxidation Reactions of the Open-Chain Oligopyrrole 2,2'-Bidipyrrin - M. Broring, E. Consul Tejero, C. Hell, and S. Link (Universitat Wurzburg)
16:501544 Epoxidation of Terminal Olefins with Chiral Iron Porphyrins - E. Rose, B. Andrioletti, and Q.-Z. Ren (Universite P.M. Curie)
17:101545 Photoinduced Energy Transfer and Charge Separation in Porphyrin-Based Multi-Component Arrays - L. Flamigni (Instituto per la Sintesi Organica e Fotoreattivita)
17:301546 Synthesis and Photophysics of Rotaxanes and Catenanes Incorporating Fullerenes and Porphyrins - D.I. Schuster, K. Li (New York University), and P.J. Bracher (Harvard University)

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

8:201547 Molecular Engineering of Extended Multiporphyrinic Architectures : Toward the Control of their Physico-Chemical Properties - N. Solladie (Universite Louis Pasteur)
8:401548 Substituent and Asymmetry Effects on Lutetium Bisphthalocyanines : From the Calculation of the Electron and Spin Repartitions to the Physicochemical Studies - M. LíHer, A. Pondaven, and A. Mentec (Universite de Bretagne Occidentale)
9:001549 From Meso-Meso Coupled Diporphyrin to a Molecular Wire - A. Osuka (Kyoto University)
9:201550 Synthesis and Applications of Tetrabenzoporphyrins - M. Vicente (Louisiana State University)
9:401551 Four-Electron Reduction of Dioxygen to Water by Ferrocene Derivatives in the Presence of Perchloric Acid in Benzonitrile, Catalyzed by Cofacial Porphyrins - K. Okamoto (Osaka University), C. Gros, R. Guilard (Universite de Bourgogne), and S. Fukuzumi (Osaka University)
9:55 Twenty-Five Minute Intermission
10:201552 Supramolecular Porphyrin-Fullerene Systems: Synthesis and Physico-Chemical Studies - F. D'Souza, S. Gadde, M.E. Zandler (Wichita State University), M.E. El-Khouly, M. Fujitsuka, and O. Ito (Tohoku University)
10:401553 Phthalocyanines and Related Compounds: Subunits for the Preparation of Molecular Materials - C.G. Claessens, A. Eckert, S. Esperanza, E.M. Garcia-Frutos, M.K. Islyaikin, J.J. Cid, M. Quintiliani, M.S. Rodriguez-Morgade, R. Sebastian, G. de la Torre, P. Vazquez, and T. Torres (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)
11:001554 Vectorial Photoinduced Electron Transfer of Porphyrin-Fullerene Systems in Langmuir-Blodgett Films - N. Tkachenko, V. Vehmanen, and H. Lemmetyinen (Tampere University of Technology)
11:201555 Molecular Photovoltaics, Switches, and Photonic Wires Based on Porphyrins and Fullerenes - D. Gust, T. Moore, and A. Moore (Arizona State University)
11:401556 Using Photochromic Compounds to Regulate Electron Transfer Reactions in Porphyrin Assemblies - N. Branda, A. Myles, and T. Norsten (Simon Fraser University)

Co-Chairs: D. Gust and N. Solladie

14:001557 Porphinoid Platforms for [60]-Fullerene - B. Krautler (University of Innsbruck)
14:201558 Oxidation of Water to Oxygen with a One-Electron Oxidant Catalyzed by Manganese porphyrins - T. Ojiri, K. Okamoto, Y. Endo, and S. Fukuzumi (Osaka Unyversity)
14:351559 Mechanism of Photocurrent Generation by ITO Electrodes Modified with Self-Assembled Monolayers of meso,meso-linked Porphyrins - T. Hasobe, K. Ohkubo, H. Yamada (Osaka University), T. Sato (Kyoto University), Y. Nishimura, I. Yamazaki (Hokkaido University), H. Imahori (Kyoto University), and S. Fukuzumi (Osaka University)
14:501560 Peculiar Behavior of Biscorrole and Porphyrin-Corrole Bismacrocycles Towards the Complexation of Transition Metals - J.-M. Barbe (Universite de Bourgogne)
15:101561 Electronically Coupled Porphyrin Systems for Photoinduced Processes : Synthesis and Properties - F. Odobel, E. Blart, J. Torroba, C. Monnereau, J. Gomez (Sciences et des Techniques de Nantes), and L. Hammarstrom (Uppsala University)
15:301562 Electrochemistry of Quinoxalino- and Bis-Quinoxalino-Porphyrins Containing Metal(II) Ions - K. Kadish, W. E, Z. Ou, J. Shao (University of Houston), and M. Crossley (The University of Sydney)
15:50 Twenty-Minute Intermission
16:101563 Redox Behavior of Open-Chain Polypyrrolic Complexes - J.-P. Gisselbrecht, J. Bley-Escrich (Universite Louis Pasteur), and M. Broring (Universitat Wurzburg)
16:301564 Stereodynamic Coordination Complexes - J. Canary, A. Holmes, and D. Das (New York University)
16:501565 Construction and Applications of Self-Assembled Gigantic Multiporphyrin Arrays - A. Tsuda (The University of Tokyo)
17:101566 Charge and Energy Delocalisation and Migration in Supramolecular Porphyrinic Assemblies: Flash-Photolysis and Pulse-Radiolysis Time-Resolved Microwave Conductivity Studies - J. Warman (Delft University of Technology)
17:301567 Macromolecular Porphyrin Nanostructures - P. de Witte, M. Lensen, D. Vriesema, J. Foekema, R.J.M. Nolte, and A.E. Rowan (University Nijmegen)