203rd Meeting - Paris, France

April 27-May 2, 2003


R8 - Solid-State Physics

Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures

Friday, May 2, 2003

Espace Arn-en-Ciel, Level 4, Le Palais des Congres (First Floor, Hotel Concorde La Fayette)

Co-Chairs: O. Gunnarsson and T. Palstra

8:201513 Local Magnetism of Rare-Earth Metals Encapsulated in Fullerenes - C. De Nadai, S. Dhesi, P. Bencok, N.B. Brookes (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility), I. Marenne, and P. Rudolf (Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix)
8:401514 Physical Properties of Metallofullerenes in Solid, Thin film and Nanometer Scale - Y. Kubozono, S. Fujiki (Institute for Molecular Science), K. Shibata, Y. Takabayashi, T. Kanbara, T. Hosokawa, Y. Rikiishi, Y. Haruyama, S. Kashino (Okayama University), A. Fujiwara (JAIST), and T. Urisu (Institute for Molecular Science)
9:001515 Symmetry of Superconductivity in the Vicinity of the SC-AF Transition in NH3A3C60 - Y. Asai (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
9:201516 Impurity and Doping Effect on the Single Layer of C60 Molecules Adsorbed on Ag(100) - C. Cepek (TASC-INFM), A. Goldoni (Sincrotrone Trieste), T. Greber, J. Osterwalder (Universitat Zurich), I. Vobornik, G. Panaccione, G. Rossi, and M. Sancrotti (TASC-INFM)
9:401517 Electronic Structure of Doped C60 Monolayers - Z.-X. Shen (Stanford University)
10:00 Twenty-Minute Intermission
10:201518 Sensitivity of the Mott Transition to Noncubic Splitting of the Orbital Degeneracy: Application to NH3 K3C60 - N. Manini (Universita di Milano and Istituto Nazionale di fisica della Materia), G. Santoro, A. Dal Corso (International School for Advanced Studies and INFM/Democritos), and E. Tosatti (International Centre for Theoretical Physics)
10:401519 Bonding Nature and Structural Phase Transition in Rare Earth Doped Fullerides - H.C. Dam (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), T. Takenobu, Y. Iwasa (Tohoku University), E. Nishibori, M. Takata, and M. Sakata (Nagoya University)
11:001520 Electronic Transport Through Tetracene Single Crystals - A. Morpurgo (Delft University)
11:201521 Charge Injection, Conduction, and Polymorphism in Pentacene - T. Palstra (University of Groningen)
11:401522 Microwave Conductivity of Fullerene Intercalation Compounds: Mott Transition Driven by the Orthorhombic Distortion - H. Kitano, A. Maeda (University of Tokyo), T. Takenobu, and Y. Iwasa (Tohoku University)

Co-Chairs: P. Rudolf and Y. Iwasa

13:301523 Surface Electronic Structure of K_3C60 - J. Schiessling (Uppsala University), L. Kjeldgaard (University of Lund), T. Kaambre (Uppsala University), I. Marenne (Univeritaires Notre Dame de la Paix), L. Qian, J.N. O'Shea, J. Schnadt (Uppsala University), M.G. Garnier, D. Nordlund, M. Nagasono, C. Glover (University of Lund), P. Rudolf (Univeritaires Notre Dame de la Paix), J.E. Rubensson (Uppsala University), N. Martensson (University of Lund), J. Nordgren, and P.A. Bruhwiler (Uppsala University)
13:501524 Dispersion and Thermal Broadening of the Valence Band Photoemission Features of C60 Compounds - A. Goldoni (Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A.)
14:101525 Surface Bands and Electron-Phonon Interactions in Field-Effect-Doped Fullerenes - R.M. Martin (University of Illionois at Urbana-Champaign), J.L. Mozos, P. Ordejon (ICMAB-CSIC), N. Romero, and J.N. Kim (University of Illionois at Urbana-Champaign)
14:301526 Structural and Electronic Properties of Lithium-doped Fullerides - M. Ricco, T. Shiroka, O. Ligabue (University of Parma and INFM), G. Ruani, D. Palles (ISMN Institute of CNR), and S. Margadonna (University of Cambridge)
14:501527 Electron-Phonon Couplings at C60 Interfaces Studied by Doubly Resonant Infrared-Visible Sum-Frequency Generation Spectroscopy - Y. Caudano, C. Silien, C. Humbert, L. Dreesen, A.A. Mani, A. Peremans, and P.A. Thiry (University of Namur)
15:101528 Structural Response of Fullerenes on Reduction - M. Jansen (Max-Planck Institut for Solid State Research)
15:301529 Electronic and Structural Properties of Pristine and Intercalated C60 Peapods - T. Pichler, X. Liu (IFW-Dresden), A. Kukovecz, H. Kuzmany (University of Vienna), M. Knupfer, J. Fink (IFW-Dresden), and H. Kataura (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
15:501530 Magnetic Behavior of Carbon Nanostructures - D. Tomanek (Michigan State University)
16:10 Twenty-Minute Intermission
16:301531 Single-Crystal Synthesis and Structures of C_60 Polymers - X. Chen and S. Yamanaka (Hiroshima University)
16:501532 A Soft X-ray Study of K_3C60: Bulk Electronic Structure - T. Kaambre (Tartu University), J. Schiessling (Uppsala University), L. Kjeldgaard (Lund University), L. Qian (Uppsala University), I. Marenne (Notre Dame de la Paix), J.N. O'Shea, J. Schnadt, D. Nordlund (Uppsala University), C. Glover (Lund University), J.-E. Rubensson (Uppsala University), P. Rudolf (Notre Dame de la Paix), N. Martensson (Lund University), J. Nordgren, and P.A. Bruhwiler (Uppsala University)
17:101533 NMR Studies of Insulating, Metallic, and Superconducting Fulleride Compounds: Importance of Correlations and Jahn-Teller Distortions - H. Alloul, V. Brouet (Universite Paris-Sud), and L. Forro (Ecole Polytechinque Federale de Lausanne)
17:301534 Structure and Physical Properties of Organic Semiconductors Based on Field Effect Transistor - K. Tanigaki (Osaka City University), R. Kumashiro (CREST), H. Ohashi (Osaka City University), K. Kato, S. Aoyagi, and S. Kimura (Spring-8)