2000 Published Proceeding Volumes

PV 2000-01 <ISBN 1-56677-266-4>Compound Semiconductor Power Transistors II and SOTAPOCS XXXII , A.G. Baca, R. F. Kopf, Toronto, Canada, Spring 2000, $56.00 member - $67.00 nonmember, 364 pages. This combined volume includes papers on the most recent advances in compound semiconductors, as well as practical issues and fundamental studies, such as: novel devices and materials growth; new advances of processing technologies; characterization of materials and devices; wide bandgap materials, wafer-level testing; device degradation mechanisms; and monolithic integration.

PV 2000-02 <ISBN 1-56677-267-2>Physics and Chemistry of SIO2 and the SI-SIO2 Interface (4th) , H.Z. Massoud, I. Baumvol, M. Hirose, E.H. Poindexter, Toronto, Canada, Spring 2000, $68.00 member - $82.00 nonmember 539 pages. The focus of this volume is placed on ultrathin dielectrics: novel technologies, characterization methods, process modeling, fundamental limits, and projections for scaling the gate oxide thickness.

PV 2000-03 <ISBN 1-56677-268-0>Micro-Power Sources ,K. Zaghib and S. Surampudi,  Toronto, Canada, Spring 2000, $48.00 member - $58.00 nonmember, 162 pages. This proceedings volume is related to micro-power sources such as batteries, micro fuel cells and microcapacitors that provide power in the range of microwatt to milliwatt for extended periods. These sources are required for several microelectronic devices and future applications.

PV 2000-04 <ISBN 1-56677-269-9>Oxide Films, K.R. Hebert, R.S. Lillard, B. R. MacDougall, Toronto, Canada, Spring 2000, $62.00 member - $74.00 nonmember, 540 pages. Containing papers detailing oxide films on metals, alloys, and semiconductors, this volume also discusses important technological roles in corrosion and corrosion protection, electronics, and electrocatalysis, among other areas. The papers focus on chemical, electronic, and mechanical properties of these films, as well as transport and growth kinetics.

PV 2000-05 <ISBN 1-56677-270-2>Low and High Dielectric Constant Materials: Materials Science, Processing, and Reliability Issues (5th) , R. Singh, H.S. Rathore, R.P.S. Thakur, C.C. Schuckert, S.C. Sun, Toronto, Canada, Spring 2000, $56.00 member, 384 pages - $67.00 nonmember. Emphasis is placed on all aspects of Low and High Dielectric Materials in Silicon and Compound Semiconductor Integrated Circuits, packaging of integrated circuits and microwave devices. In case of low dielectric constant materials, special attention is given to the issues related to the use of these materials in multilevel inter-connections for ultra large scale integrated circuits.

PV 2000-06 <ISBN 1-56677-271-0>Plasma Processing XIII, G.S. Mathad, D.W. Hess,  Toronto, Canada, Spring 2000, $58.00 member - $70.00 nonmember, 420 pages. This volume places emphasis on both fundamental and applied aspects of plasma processing used in 0.35 and sub-0.35 micron device fabrication. The following topics may be included; new plasma source and reactor designs; process modeling; novel processes for thin film etching; plasma diagnostics and process control; modeling and control of plasma damage; and PE-CVD.

PV 2000-07 <ISBN 1-56677-272-9>Environmental Issues with Materials and Processes for the Electronics and Semiconductors Industries (3rd) , L. Mendicino, L. Simpson,  Toronto, Canada, Spring 2000, $51.00 member, 240 pages - $61.00 nonmember. Environmental issues, such as climate change, hazardous material usage reduction, and water usage reduction have become high profile issues in many industry sectors, government organizations, and the general public. This publication highlights efforts of industry and academia to proactively address these issues.

PV 2000-08 <ISBN 1-56677-268-0>Electrochemical Processing in ULSI Fabrication III, P.C. Andricacos, P.C. Searson, C. Reidsema-Simpson, P. Allongue, J.L. Stickney, G.M. Oleszek. PV 2000-8, Toronto, Canada, Spring 2000, $62.00 member - $74.00 nonmember, 432 pages. This volume contains papers presented at the symposium on Electrochemical Processing in ULSI Fabrication III and emphasizes such areas as metal and alloy electroplating (e.g. copper) for interconnection applications as well as processes/materials developed recently. Focus is both on technological applications as well as fundamental understanding.

PV 2000-09 <ISBN 1-56677-274-5>Rapid Thermal and Other Short-Time Processing Technologies II, F. Roozeboom, J.C. Gelpey, M.C. Ozturk, K. Reid, D.L. Kwong, Toronto, Canada, Spring 2000, $62.00 member - $74.00 nonmember, 480 pages. This proceedings covers the latest developments in rapid thermal and other short-time processing technologies with emphasis on CMOS gate stack, source/drain and channel engineering. Besides conventional RTP technologies such as RTA, RTO and RTCVD, equipment and modeling issues, this book contains information on applications such as UV, laser, and shock wave assisted processing in annealing, doping; and thin-film deposition techniques such as short-time UHV-CVD, MBE, and sputtering.

PV 2000-10 <ISBN 1-56677-275-3>Fullerenes 2000 Volume 8: Electrochemistry and Photochemistry, S. Fukuzumi, F. D'Souza, D. M. Guldi, Toronto, Canada, Spring 2000, $58.00 member - $70.00 nonmember, 336 pages. Recent developments in the area of electro-chemistry and photochemistry of fullerenes, functionalized fullerenes, donor-acceptor type assemblies and fullerene film and composites are covered in this volume. The topics of the research papers include redox processes, ESR, spectroelectrochemistry, excited state characterization, photoinduced processes, charge transfer processes, optical effects, and photoelectrochemistry.

PV 2000-11 <ISBN 1-56677-276-1>Fullerenes 2000 Volume 9: Functionalized Fullerenes, M. Maggini, N. Martin, D. M Guldi, Toronto, Canada, Spring 2000, $58.00 member - $70.00 nonmember, 288 pages. Recent developments in this rapidly growing area of chemical functionalization of fullerenes are presented in this volume. Some specific topics include nucleophyllic and radical additions, cycloadditions, hydrogenations, reactions with electrophiles, multiple additions to fullerenes, ring opening reactions, and heterofullerenes. Applications of functionalized fullerenes in pharmaceutical, biology, and biotechnology are also presented.

PV 2000-12 <ISBN 1-56677-277-X>Fullerenes 2000 Volume 10: Chemistry and Physics of Fullerenes and Carbon Nanomaterials , P.V. Kamat, D. M. Guldi, K.M. Kadish, Toronto, Canada, Spring 2000, $58.00 member - $70.00 nonmember, 436 pages. This volume presents the papers of the symposia, Nanotubes and Nanostructured Materials, Solid-State Physics, Energetics and Structure of Fullerenes, Endofullerenes, and Carbon Nanocapsules. Specific topics include synthesis and characterization, thermodynamics, quantum chemistry and molecular dynamics, chemical reactivity, and surface characterization. The latest developments in these research areas make this volume an excellent desk reference and provide the basic information for the fabrication of nanoscopic materials.

Chemical Vapor Deposition: CVD XV (15th) , M.D. Allendorf, T.M. Besmann. PV 2000-13, Toronto, Canada, Spring 2000, $80.00 member - $96.00 nonmember. This volume provides an overview of the state-of-the-art in CVD research and development. Topics include: fundamental principles and measurements, gas and surface chemistry, thermochemistry, kinetics; modeling, theory and experimental verification; nucleation and renucleation, growth, partial equilibrium; optical materials, semiconductors, superconductors; single crystal growth, polycrystalline microstructure control, MOCVD; and advanced in-situ characterization for diagnostics and control, intelligent process control, unique activation methods, and UHV-CVD.

Electrochemistry in Mineral and Metal Processing (5th) , R. Woods, F.M. Doyle, S. Licht. PV 2000-14, Toronto, Canada, Spring 2000, $50.00 member - $60.00 nonmember. This volume covers fundamental and applied electrochemical aspects of concentrating and extracting base, precious, and light metals from ores. It presents the state-of-the-art and recent advances in flotation and hydrometallurgical treatment of precious metal and base metal sulfidic ores, and in electrowinning and refining of base metals, aluminum, and magnesium.

Organic Electrochemistry: Manuel L. Baizer Award Symposium in Honor of J. Simonet and J. W. P. Utley (4th) , A. Fry, E. Steckhan, and Y. Matsumura. PV 2000-15, Toronto, Canada, Spring 2000, $60.00 member - $72.00 nonmember. All aspects if organic electrochemistry, including synthetic aspects, mechanistic studies, and biochemical applications, are included. Applications discussed range from purely exploratory studies of new reactions all the way to commercial implementations at large scale. This volume presents an outstanding cross-section of the status of organic electrochemistry as practiced around the world in 2000.

Hydrogen at Surfaces and Interfaces , G. Jerkiewicz, J.M. Feliu, B.N. Popov. PV 2000-16, Toronto, Canada, Spring 2000, $48.00 member - $58.00 nonmember. This volume covers recent developments in the area of hydrogen electrochemistry and electrochemical materials science. Its contents are of particular value to research-ers, engineers, and graduate students active in the field of hydrogen generation via water electrolysis, fuel cells, metal hydrides, corrosion, and nanostructured materials. The volume sheds light on novel technologies likely to emerge in the 21st century.

High Purity Silicon VI , C. L. Claeys, P. Rai-Chaudhury, M. Watanabe, P. Stalhofer, H. J. Dawson. PV 2000-17, Phoenix, Arizona, Fall 2000, $62.00 member - $74.00 nonmember. This volume contains papers presented at the High Purity Silicon VI Symposium. The latest developments in the growth, characterization, device processing, and applications of high purity silicon in either bulk or epitaxial form are discussed. Attention is given to the control and prevention of impurity incorporation, characterization and detection of defects and impurity states in high purity and high resistivity silicon for superior device performances. Device and circuit aspects related to the large wafer diameter aspects and on SOI materials are also reported.

State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XXXIII/ and High Speed Semiconductor Devices for Wireless Applications II , A. G. Baca, and R. F. Kopf, PV 2000-18, Phoenix, Arizona, Fall 2000, $54 member - $65 nonmember. This proceedings volume comprises papers on the most recent advances in compound semiconductors, including practical issues and fundamental studies such as: novel devices and materials growth; new advances of processing technologies; characterization of materials and devices; wide bandgap materials; wafer-level testing; device degradation mechanisms; and monolithic integration.

Microfabricated Systems and MEMS IV , P.J. Hesketh, S. S. Ang, W. E. Bailey, J. L. Davidson, H. G. Hughes, D. Misra, PV 2000-19, Phoenix, Arizona, Fall 2000, $56 member - $67 nonmember. This book continues the series that focuses on all aspects of MEMS technology including, micromactching, fabrication processes, and the application of these processes to miniaturize chemical sensors, physical sensors, flosensors, miniature chemical analysis systems and others.

The Global Climate Change: A Coordinated Response by Electrochemistry and Solid-State Science and Technology , A. Wieckowski, E. W. Brooman, T. F. Fuller, PV 2000-20, Phoenix, Arizona, Fall 2000, $54 member - $65 nonmember. The current round of the global climate change is most likely caused by the industrial activity of mankind, and as such it should be mitigated by an organized science and technology response by society. Agendas of numerous national and international forums are addressing some credible preventative measures toward this goal. The Global Climate Change symposium will add to this technological strength of electrochemistry and solid-state science, organized with ECS.

Rechargeable Lithium Batteries , K. M. Abraham, E. S. Takeuchi, M. Doyle, PV 2000-21, Phoenix, Arizona, Fall 2000, $92 member - $110 nonmember. This proceedings volume is a compilation of the papers presented at the Rechargeable Lithium Batteries Symposium. Specific topics include anode and cathode materials for Li and Li-ion batteries, electrolytes, separators, cell reaction mechanisms, and performance and safety.

Power Sources for the New Millennium , M. Jain, M. A. Ryan, S. Surampudi, R. A. Marsh, G. Nagarajan, PV 2000-22, Phoenix, Arizona, Fall 2000, $58 member - $70 nonmember. This volume covers new developments in energy conversion and storage. Topics include: micro and hybrid power systems, new topics in energy storage, environmental issues, impact of new battery and fuel cell technologies, novel development in cost effective materials, and direct methanol fuel cells. Papers related to efficient modeling and simulation of electrochemical processes are also included.

Corrosion and Corrosion Prevention of Low Density Metals and Alloys , R. G. Buchheit, B. A. Shaw, J. P. Moran, PV 2000-23, Phoenix, Arizona, Fall 2000, $64 member - $77 nonmember. This volume summarizes recent research in corrosion and environmental fracture of aluminum, titanium, and magnesium alloys. Papers represent research activities in academic, federal and industrial research & development laboratories.

New Trends in Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and Electrochemical Noise Analysis , F. Mansfeld, F. Huet, O. Mattos, PV 2000-24, Phoenix, Arizona, Fall 2000, $56 member - $67 nonmember. The papers contained in this Proceedings Volume deal with new experimental techniques for the collection and analysis of impedance spectra. Various models and approaches for the interpretation of impedance spectra and correlation between fit and parameters and physical properties of the system under investigation are discussed. New developments in instrumentation for the collection of electrochemical noise data (ECN) are presented. Also included are examples for the analysis of ECN data in the time and the frequency domains.

Pits and Pores II: Formation Properties and Significance for Advanced Materials , P. Schumki, D. J. Lockwood, Y. H. Ogata, H. S. Isaacs, PV 2000-25, Phoenix, Arizona, Fall 2000, $74 member - $89 nonmember. This volume is aimed at a detailed understanding of growth mechanisms and the physical and chemical properties of single pits and porous structures. It addresses diverse research in different fields such as localized metal corrosion, semiconductor electrochemistry, deposition into pores, matrix materials and optical spectroscopy in order to provide a highly transdisciplinary approach to advanced materials such as, porous silicon, matrix composites and nanoclusters.

Chemical Mechanical Planarization IV , R. L. Opila, C. Reidsema-Simpson, K. B. Sundaram, S. Seal, PV 2000-26, Phoenix, Arizona, Fall 2000, $56 member- $67 nonmember. Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) is an increasingly important process in integrated circuit fabrication. This volume addresses the fundamentals of polishing science and technology, process modeling, process optimization and control, consumables characterization, process integration issues, surface and electrochemical aspects of CMP and post CMP cleaning, defect detection and characterization, electrical characterization of post-CMP surfaces, and environmental aspects of CMP.

Copper Interconnects, New Contact Metallurgies and Low-k Interlevel Dielectrics , G.S. Mathad, H. S. Rathore, PV 2000-27, Phoenix, Arizona, Fall 2000, $58 member - $70 nonmember. This volume covers aspects of multi-level-metal (MLM) interconnections using copper and low-k dielectric films used in sub-0.25 micron devices and circuits. Topics include, copper interconnections, new contact metallurgies and structures, and low-k materials for interlevel dielectrics (ILD).

Cold Cathodes , M. M. Cahay, K. L. Jensen, V. Kapoor, P. D. Mumford, R. A. Murphy, A. A. Talin, D. Temple, J. E. Yater, PV 2000-28, Phoenix, Arizona, Fall 2000, $50 member - $60 nonmember. This proceedings volume covers the most recent advances in the field of cold cathodes with topics ranging from; characterization of electron emissions in vacuum (theory and experiment); proposals for electron emission materials with low work functions; device fabrication and reliability issues; thermal effects and emission noise; emitters; and device applications.

Magnetic Materials, Processes, and Devices VI , S. Krongelb, L. T. Romankiw, C. H. Ahn, J.- W. Chang, W. Schwarzacher, PV 2000-29 Phoenix, Arizona, Fall 2000, $65 member - $78 nonmember. This volume brings together the work of electrochemists, physicists, engineers, and device designers working in the area of magnetic thin-film technology. Topics include: electrochemical and electroless plating systems, etching, process chemistry, tool design, process control, film nucleation and growth, structure or deposits, stress, physics and micromagnetics of films, thermal and magnetic annealing, etc. Other subjects include the fabrication of thin-film heads, microelectromechanical systems, micromotors, and other magnetic devices.

Electrochemical Science and Technology of Copper, P. Vanysek, M. Alodan, J. Lipkowski, O. M. Magnussen, PV 2000-30, Phoenix, Arizona, Fall 2000, $54 member -$65 nonmember. This proceedings volume contains papers on the science and technology of copper electrochemistry and the recent development in microtechnology, surface, electrodeposition and corrosion.

Thin Film Transistor Technologies V , Y. Kuo, PV 2000-31, Phoenix, Arizona, Fall 2000, $65 member - $78 nonmember. This proceedings volume contains, the updated technology development on thin film transistors. Subjects included are: thin film materials, manufacturing processes (simplified processes, large-area low temperature TFTs, etc.), device physics and models, new applications, and system design.

Solid State Ionic Devices II Ceramic Sensors , E. D. Wachsman, W. Weppner, E. Traversa, P. Vanysek, N. Yamazoe, M. L. Liu, PV 2000-32, Phoenix, Arizona, Fall 2000, $68 member - $82 nonmember. The intent of this proceedings is to provide a forum for current advances in solid-state ion conducting materials and the design, fabrication, and performance or devices that utilize them. Certain emphasis will be on sensor applications. Topics include: modeling and characterization of defect equilibria, ionic and electronic transport, interfacial and electrocatalytic properties of ion conducting ceramics, novel synthesis and processing of thin films, membranes, and nanostructured materials or devices; the effect of nanostructures on ionic transport and catalytic activity; recent advances in ionic and mixed electronic-ionic conducting materials. Theoretical treatments of mixed conduction, electrode kinetics, interfacial phenomena, and electrode microstruture are also covered.

Physics and Chemistry of Luminescent Materials IX , A. Srivastava, K. C. Mishra, C. Ronda PV 2000-33, Phoenix, Arizona, Fall 2000, $58 member - $70 nonmember. Aspects of luminescence and the current and emerging technical and scientific issues in luminescence are covered in this proceedings volume. Topics include: photo-luminescent materials for lamp and laser application, cathodo-luminescent materials, X-ray phosphors, scintillators, electro-luminescent materials, and phosphors for plasma panel displays and other optical devices. Chemical aspects of luminescence such as synthesis of luminescent materials and optimization properties are also included. The publication of this volume has been cancelled.

Electrochemistry of Carbon Materials , K. Zaghib, D. Belanger, M. T. McDermott, PV 2000-34, Phoenix, Arizona, Fall 2000, $54 member - $65 nonmember. Carbons and graphites are available in many different physical structures, and they exhibit a wide variation in their surface properties. Because of this wide range of options, a better understanding of their physical and chemical properties would be helpful in selecting carbonaceous materials for electrochemical applications.

Scanning Probe Microscopy for Electrode Characterization and Nanometer Scale Modification , D. C. Hansen, H. S. Isaacs, K. Sieradzki, M. D. Porter, PV 2000-35, Phoenix, Arizona, Fall 2000, $52 member - $62 nonmember. This volume covers topics regarding the application of various scanning probe techniques for the characterization of surfaces, electrochemical interfaces and electrochemical processes that are controlled by the physics and chemistry of small length scales.

Interfaces, Phenomena, and Nanostructures in Lithium Batteries Workshop , A. Landgrebe, R. J. Klingler, PV 2000-36, Argonne, Illinois, December 2000, $56 member - $67 nonmember. Research efforts presented at the workshop are summarized in this proceedings volume. Presentations were given by leading scientists that covered a wide variety of topics related to the chemistry and technology requirements of lithium-ion and lithium polymer battery systems. Some of the important research and technology issues addressed were nanostructured materials, nanocomposites, interfacial phenomena, electrode characterization, mechanisms, and modeling. The papers contained in this book cover a wide variety of topics related to the chemical and physical requirements of the materials and components of lithium battery systems under development. Some of the important research and technology issues addressed include cathode materials, electrolytes, anode materials, cell chemistry, safety, and applications. These papers present the most recent findings and thinking of the scientists working in this important and challenging field. It is hoped that these papers aid the reader in gaining a better understanding of some of the complex issues involved in the science that underlies the development of new battery technology.

Polymers for Microelectronics (9th) , C. Schuckert, SV 2000-37, Winterthur, Delaware, May 2000, $80 member - $100 nonmember. This book is a compilation of 38 presentations that focus on the integration and the processing of polyimides and new polymeric thin films in an advanced semiconductor fabrication, microelectronic packaging and assembly applications. Presentation charts or full manuscripts are included in the book. Other subjects included are new circuit constructions, process integration techniques, photodefinable polyimides, low-k and new polymeric materials, and materials characterization. The symposium is held biannually in Winterthur, Delaware. Out of Print.

IMLB-10, Special Issue of the Journal of Power Sources , B. Scrosati, SV 2000-38, Como, Italy, $60 member - $72 nonmember. The lithium battery field has expanded tremendously since 1982, when the first edition of IMLB (IMLB 1) was held in Rome. The rapidly expanding commercialization of rechargeable lithium batteries in the consumer electronics market, and the extension of their use for electric vehicle applications has dramatically increased the academic and industrial interest in this exciting field. This publication celebrates the 20th anniversary of IMLBs and the turn of the millennium, and is a must-read for anyone in the field. Out of Print.

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