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Interface Current Issue

New ideas and products are emerging at an overwhelmingly rapid pace — your product or service can stand out in a publication that will be read by over 10,000 targeted readers world-wide.

Interface readers are active readers who will spend time to read this quarterly for the news and technical information it offers. Your advertisement will be read by those hard-to-reach people in the field, actual users and purchasers of: computers - both hardware and software; precision instruments — optics, laser technology, and other equipment; supplies - batteries, cells, chemistry, metals; semiconductor processing equipment; training and travel; outside laboratories; and other publications about computers and related materials.

Interface readership is built from a strong base of ECS members from around the world — chemists, engineers, metallurgists, physicists, solid-state scientists, and others working in a wide array of related fields.

To view a list of our current advertisers, click here.

For more information about multiple print and online advertising opportunities, or to book your ad, contact:

Becca Compton
ECS Advertising Office
65 South Main Street, Building D
Pennington, NJ 08534-2839, USA
tel 609.737.1902, Ext. 102 * fax 609.737.2743