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Interface Fall 2015

Vol. 24, No. 3 | Fall 2015

Adam Heller
Celebrating 54 Years
of Innovation

Table of Contents (PDF)

From the Editor: Disingenuous Scientometrics p. 3
Pennington Corner: Changing (Again) p. 7
Society News p. 9
Future Meetings p. 22
Special Meeting Section: 228th ECS Meeting Phoenix, Arizona p. 23
ECS Classics: Fellows of the Electrochemical Society p. 46
People News: In Memoriam | Alvin J. Salkind p. 48
Altmetrics Come to the ECS Digital Library p. 50
Tech Highlights p. 51
229th ECS Meeting, San Diego p. 52
Introduction to the Featured Articles
Bioelectrochemical Energy Conversion Technologies
by Ramaraja P. Ramasamy
p. 53
Microbial Fuel Cells and Microbial Electrolyzers
by Abhijeet P. Borole
p. 55
1D Models for Enzymatic Biological Fuel Cells
by Scott Calabrese Barton
p. 61
Photosynthetic Energy Conversion: Recent Advances and Future Perspective
by Narendran Sekar and Ramaraja P. Ramasamy
p. 67
ECS Transactions: Chicago, Illinois p. 74
Section News p. 75
Awards p. 76
Discover Your Community p. 78
New Members p. 79
Student News p. 82
ECS Institutional Members p. 88
ECS Digital Library: Your article. Online. FAST!
Allen J. Bard Award in Electrochemical Science
Why Go Open Access at ECS
Websites of Note

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