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Interface Summer 2014

Vol. 23, No. 2 | Summer 2014

25 Years of Scanning Electrochemical

Table of Contents (PDF)

From the Editor: Working with Stuff p. 3
Why Go Open Access at ECS p. 7
From the President: The Committee on Free Dissemination of Research p. 8
Allen J. Bard Award in Electrochemical Science p. 10
225th ECS Meeting Highlights: Orlando, FL p. 11
Society News p. 18
Websites of Note p. 33
Lithium Batteries, Edited by: Bruno Scrosati, K.M. Abraham, Walter van Schalkwijk, Jusef Hassoun p. 35
ECS Classics: Hall and Héroult and the Discovery of Aluminum Electrolysis p. 36
Tech Highlights p. 39
ECS Transactions: San Francisco, California p. 40
Introduction to the Featured Articles
25 Years of Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy
by David E. Cliffel and Robert L. Calhoun
p. 41
Studying Electrocatalytic Activity Using Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy
by Carlos M. Sánchez-Sánchez
p. 43
Measuring Ions with Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy
by Lushan Zhou, Yi Zhou, and Lane A. Baker
p. 47
Electrochemistry at the Nanoscale: The Force Dimension
by Jennifer Black, Evgheni Strelcov, Nina Balke, and Sergei V. Kalinin
p. 53
Functional Electron Microscopy for Electrochemistry Research: From the Atomic to the Micro Scale
by Albina Y. Borisevich, Miaofang Chi, and Ray Unocic
p. 61
The 2014 ECS and SMEQ (Sociedad Mexicana de Electroquímica) Joint International Meeting: Cancun, Mexico p. 67
Section News p. 68
Awards p. 72
New Members p. 75

Student News

p. 78

Awarded Student Membership Application

p. 85
Call for Papers: 227th ECS Meeting, Chicago, IL p. 86
ECS Transactions: Cancun, Mexico p. 88
ECS Annual Report 2013: Commitment to Free the Science p. 89
ECS Transactions p. 130
Uhlig's Corrosion Handbook by R. Winston Revie p. 131
ECS Institutional Members p. 132
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