201st Meeting - Philadelphia, PA

May 12-17, 2002


P1 - Fifth International Symposium On Enviornmental Issues With Materials And Processes For The Electronic And Semiconductors Industries

Electronics/Dielectric Science and Technology/Electrodeposition

Monday, May 13, 2002

Conference Room 301, Level 3

Co-Chair: L. Mendicino

1:40674 Electrochemical Removal of Sulfide from Brines - B. Ateya and F. AlKharafi (Kuwait University)
2:00675 Removal of Dissolved Copper from CMP Waste Water by Direct Electroreduction - S. Tamilmani, W. Huang, S. Raghavan, and J. Farrell (University of Arizona)
2:20676 Fluorocarbon Film and Residue Removal Using Supercritical CO2 Mixtures - S. Myneni and D. Hess (Georgia Institute of Technology)
2:40677 A Summary of Recent Water Conservation Efforts - B. Raley and C. Nauert (Motorola Inc.)
3:00678 Emergency Preparedness and Response for Semiconductor Manufacturing - S. Harris, J. Heironimus, C. Nauert, R. Meeker, T. McCay, and H. Williams (Motorola)
3:20 Twenty-Minute Intermission -
3:40679 System Risk Reduction Utilizing the Enterprise Risk Management Approach - P.T. Brown, S. Trammell, J. Heironimus, and L. Mendicino (Motorola)
4:00680 Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Investigation on CVD Exhaust System: Identification and Mitigation of Potential Release of Process Gases and Byproducts - L. Chandna, A. Reynoso, C. Nauert, and K. Hendricksen (Motorola)
4:20681 Partnerships to Address EHS Aspects of Chemical Management in the Semiconductor Industry: Lessons from the PFAS Experience - M.J. Bowden (Arch Chemicals, Microelectronics Materials), L. Beu, P.E. (Motorola), and S. Pawsat (International SEMATECH)
4:40682 PFAS: Treatment Options and Sampling Methods - B. Raley (Motorola)

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Co-Chair: P.T. Brown

8:00683 Post Oxide Etching Cleaning Process Using Integrated Ashing and HF Vapor Process - O. Kwon and H. Sawin (MIT)
8:20684 Point of Use Abatement Unit Bypass for NF3- Based CVD chamber Clean Applications - D.R. Babbitt, P.T. Brown, V. Vartanian, and L. Mendicino (Motorola)
8:40685 Managing Fluorine Emissions at Semiconductor Fabrication Facilities - M. Smylie (ENVIRON International Corporation)
9:00686 Characterization of Plasma-Etched RuO_2 Substrates - V. Vartanian, B. Goolsby, L. Mendicino (Motorola), S. Dakshina-Murthy (Advanced Micro Devices), S. Samavedam, J. Lee (Motorola), and C. Sparks (International Sematech)
9:20 Twenty-Minute Intermission -
9:40687 Potential COO Reduction for a Nitride Furnace POU Abatement Device - B. Goolsby, V. Vartanian, L. Mendicino, B. Davis, and M. Rossow (Motorola SPS)
10:00688 Etch Product Characterization for High-K and Low-K Plasma Etching Processes - M. Radtke and D. Graves (University of California at Berkeley)
10:20689 Emission Characterization of Advanced CVD Processes and Abatement Performance - V. Vartanian, B. Goolsby, C. Reddy, V. Arunachalam, and L. Mendicino (Motorola)
10:40 Thirty-Minute Intermission -
1:40690 Evaluation of Ozone Emissions Destruction Units for Applied Materials' SACVD Chambers - C. Nauert, B. Day, J. Fox, R. Camacho, H.-A. Kwong, and R. Lathrop (Motorola)
2:00691 Thermal Reductive Destruction of Perfluorocarbons into Safe Products through In-situ Generation of Alkali Metals in Heated Solid Mixtures - M.C. Lee and W. Choi (Pohang University of Science and Technology)
2:20692 Development and Evaluation of the ATMI CDO TM 865 for Abatement of Low-K Process Effluents - B. Flippo and R. Vermeulen (ATMI)
2:40693 Post-Pump PFC Abatement by Atmospheric Microwave Plasmas: Completion of Metal Etch Beta Test - J.-C. Rostaing, D. Guerin, C. Larquet, A. El-Krid, C.-H. Ly, M. Moisan (Air Liquide Research and Development), H. Dulphy, P. Moine (Air Liquide Electronics Systems), and J. Wiechers (CS Clean Systems AG)
3:00694 Effective Management of Process Exhaust form Low- CVD Processes - J. Van Gompel, A. Seeley, and S. Carss (BOC Edwards)
3:20 Twenty-Minute Intermission -
3:40695 The Evaluation of Hexafluoro-1,3 Butadiene as an Environmentally Benign Dielectric Etch Chemistry in a Medium-Density Etch Chamber - R. Chatterjee, R. Reif (MIT), T. Sparks, V. Vartanian, B. Goolsby, and L. Mendicino (Motorola)
4:00696 Reduction of PFC Emissions through Process Advances in CVD Chamber Cleaning - S. Hsu, C. Allgood, and M. Mocella (Dupont)
4:20697 Characterization of NF_3 Chamber Cleans on Multiple CVD Platforms - B. Goolsby, V. Vartanian, L. Mendicino, J. Rivers, J. Vires (Motorola), M. Turner, S.-P. Sun, and C. Esber (Advanced Micro Devices)
4:40698 PFC Emissions Reduction and Process Improvements with Remote Plasma CVD Chamber Cleans - L. Mendicino, P.T. Brown, S. Filipiak, C. Nauert, H. Estep, and M. Fletcher (Motorola)