201st Meeting - Philadelphia, PA

May 12-17, 2002


V8 - Solid-State Physics


Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Conference Room 415, Level 4

Session III: Solid State Physics

Co-Chairs: O. Gunnarsson and R. Rudolph

8:00959 Field-Induced Superconductivity in Fullerenes - H. Schon (Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies)
9:00960 Lattice Expansion Does Not Explain the Tc in Chloroform and Bromoform Intercalated C60 - A. Huq, P.W. Stephens (State University of New York at Stony Brook), R.E. Dinnebier, O. Gunnarsson, H. Brumm, E. Koch, and M. Jansen (Max-Planck-Institut fur Festkorperfoschung)
9:30961 Enhancing Tc in Field-doped Fullerenes by Applying Uniaxial Stress - E. Koch (Max-Planck-Institut)
10:00962 Electronic Structure and Charge Distribution in the C60-FET - S. Wehrli (Ossische Technische Hochschule)

Session III: Solid State Physics

Co-Chairs: I. Mazin and J.E. Han

2:00963 Superconductivity in Electron-doped Fullerenes - J.E. Han (Pennsylvania State University), O. Gunnarsson (Max-Planck Institut), and V.H. Crespi (Pennsylvania State University)
2:30964 Enhancement of Superconductivity Induced by Electronic Correlation in a Model for Doped Fullerenes - M. Capone (University of Rome "La Sapienza"), M. Fabrizio, and E. Tosatti (International School for Advanced Studies)
3:00965 Conduction Electron Spin Resonance in the Superconducting State of K3C60 - N.M. Nemes (University of Pennsylvania), A. Janossy (Technical University of Budapest), and J.E. Fischer (University of Pennsylvania)
3:30966 Effect of Externally Introduced Carriers on the Electronic Structure of Fullerite and Fullerides - S. Saito and K. Umemoto (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
4:00 Fifteen-Minute Intermission -
4:15967 Nonadiabatic Superconductivity in Electron and Hole Doped Fullerenes - L. Pietronero, E. Cappelluti (Universita La Sapienza), P. Paci (Universita di Pavia), C. Grimaldi, and S. Strassler (IPR-LPM)
4:45968 Unususal Electron-phonon Superconductivity in MgB2 - I. Mazin (Naval Research Laboratory)
5:15969 One-dimensional Superconductivity in 0.4 NM Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes - Z.K. Tang, L.Y. Zhang, N. Wang, G.D. Li, X.X. Zhang, J.N. Wang, G.H. Wen, C.T. Chan, and P. Sheng (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
5:45970 Recent Progress in the Synthesis and Characterization of Nanotubes and Fullerene-like Nanoparticles from 2-D Layered Compounds - R. Tenne (Weizmann Institute of Science)

Thursday, May 16, 2002

Session III: Solid State Physics

Co-Chairs: I. Wasa and I. Mazin

8:00971 Ammonia Content and Superconductivity in the Ammoniated Fullerides (NH_3)xNaA2C60 - S. Margadonna (University of Cambridge), E. Aslanis, and K. Prassides (University of Sussex)
8:30972 Anomalies in (NH_3)xNaK2C60 - M. Ricco, T. Shiroka, G. Fumera, E. Zannoni (Universita di Parma), and F. Bolzoni (Istituto Maspec)
9:00973 Surface Phase Transitions in Fullerene-based Systems - A. Goldoni (Sincrotrone Trieste)
9:30974 Spectroscopic Studies of Different Phases of RbC60 - P. Rudolf, I. Marenne (Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix), T. Pichler (Universitat Wien), L. Kjeldgaard, P. Bruhwiler (Uppsala University), R. Larciprete, and A. Goldoni (Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste)
10:00 Fifteen-Minute Intermission -
10:15975 High Energy Spectroscopical Analysis of the Charge Transfer and the Electronic Structure of Metallofullerenes - T. Pichler (University of Vienna), L. Alvarez, M. Knupfer, M.S. Golden, J. Fink (IFW-Dresden), P. Rudolf (LISE-FUNDP), L. Kjeldgaard, P. Bruhwiler (Uppsala University), R. Follath (BESSY Gmbh.), A. Goldoni (ELETTRA), P. Georgi, L. Dunsch (IFW-Dresden), and H. Shinohara (Nagoya University)
10:45976 Ferromagnetism and Giant Magnetoresistance in Europium C60 Compounds - K. Ishii (Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute)
11:15977 Neutron Diffraction and uSR Study of the Eu6C60 Ferromagnet - I. Margiolaki (University of Sussex), S. Margadonna (University of Cambridge), I. Arvanitidis, K. Papagelis, K. Prassides (University of Sussex), and K. Ishii (University of Tokyo)
11:45978 Structural Sequence and Physical Properties of Rare-earth C60 Fullerides - K. Tanigaki, J. Takeuchi, Y. Hayase, and T. Hirai (Osaka City University)

Session III: Solid State Physics

Co-Chairs: T. Pichler and L. Forro

2:00979 Pressure Effect on the Electronic Properties of Alkali Doped Fullerides - L. Forro (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)
2:30980 Molecular Excitations Detected by NMR in Alkali Fullerides - V. Brouet (Universite Paris-Sud)
3:00981 Magnetism of C60 Induced by Polymerization - T. Makarova (Ioffe PTI), B. Sundqvist (Umea University), P. Esquinazi, R. Hohne (Leipzig University), and Y. Kopelevich (Instituto de Fisica)
3:30982 Monte Carlo Simulations of Fullerite: Surface and Monolayer - C. Laforge (University of Amsterdam)