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Published PVs from the ECS Meeting, Quebec City, Canada (Spring 2005)    




PV 2005-01 - ISBN 1-56677-459-4 - Silicon Nitride and Silicon Dioxide Thin Insulating Films and Other Emerging Dielectrics VIII, R. E. Sah, M. J. Deen, J. Zhang, J. Yota, and Y. Kamakura, $78.00 member price, $101.00 nonmember price--These papers address a very wide range of fabrication and characterization techniques and applications for thin films for microelectronics and optoelectronic devices. More specific topics addressed by the papers include: reliability, interface states, gate oxide studies, passivation, and dielectric breakdown.

PV 2005-02 - ISBN 1-56677-460-8 - Semiconductor Wafer Bonding VIII: Science, Technology, and Applications, K. D. Hobart, C. E. Hunt, H. Baumgart, T. Suga, and S. Bengtsson, $74.00 member price, $96.00 nonmember price--Wafer bonding can be used to create novel composite materials and devices that would otherwise be unattainable. This book covers state-of-the-art R&D results of the last two years in the field of semiconductor wafer bonding technology. Today, wafer bonding is rapidly finding new applications in such diverse fields, such as photonics, sensors, MEMS, X-ray optics, high performance power electronics, non-electric microstructures, and SOI.

PV 2005-03 - ISBN 1-56677-461-6 - Silicon-on-Insulator Technology and Devices XII, G. K. Celler, S. Cristoloveanu, J. G. Fossum, F. Gamiz, K. Izumi, and Y-W. Kim,$77.00  member price, $100.00 nonmember price.-- Recent significant advances in SOI technologies are covered, and will be of interest to materials and device scientists, and to process/application engineers. Topics covered include: synthesis of advanced SOI wafers, including strained layers, materials evaluation, SOI MOSFETs characterization and modeling, high performance devices, memories, sensors and MEMS, advanced processing and design, ultra-thin-body FDSOI MOSFETs and FinFETs, and quantum and tunneling transistors.

PV 2005-04 - ISBN 1-56677-462-4 - State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XLII -and- Processes at the Compound-Semiconductor/Solution Interface, P. C. Chang, K. Shiojima, R. E. Kopf, X. Chen, D. Noel Buckley, A. Etcheberry, and B. Marsan, $78.00 member price, $101.00 nonmember price -- This volume contains the proceedings of both invited and contributed talks at the 42nd State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductor symposium, and of the first Processes at the Compound Semiconductor/Solution Interface symposium. The topics in this volume include some of the latest progress in compound semiconductor development in fabrication processes, materials, characterization, and reliability. The special topic symposium on semiconductor/solution interface focused on etching, oxidation, passivation, film growth, electrochemical, and photoelectrochemical processes.

PV 2005-05 - ISBN 1-56677-463-2 - Advanced Gate Stack, Source/Drain, and Channel Engineering for Si-Based CMOS: New Materials, Processes, and Equipment, E. P. Gusev, L. J. Chen, D.-L. Kwong, P. J. Timans, F. Roozeboom, M. C. Öztürk, and H. Iwai, $80.00 member price, $104.00 nonmember price -- Recent developments are covered in the areas of advanced front-end-of-line processing with emphasis on mainstream CMOS engineering (or integration), in particular on gate stack, source/drain and channel engineering. Typical subjects are: ultra-thin gate high-k dielectrics and MOS gate stacks; ultra shallow junctions and contacts; epitaxial growth; strained silicon, substrate transfer, equipment and modeling issues and RTP, laser annealing, ALD, MOCVD and UHV-CVD, remote plasma and sputtering, and MBE.

PV 2005-06 - ISBN 1-56677-464-0 - ULSI Process Integration IV, C. Claeys, F. Gonzalez, J. O. Borland, S. Zaima, and D. A. Buchanan, $76.00 member price, $99.00 nonmember price--The symposium volume consists of both invited and contributed papers, with an emphasis on process integration aspects rather than on the development of individual process modules. Contributed papers cover the following areas: full process integration, integration of unit processes, front-end-of-line integration (FEOL), back-end-of-line integration (BEOL), and novel structures.

PV 2005-07 - ISBN 1-56677-465-9 (2 Volume Set), Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC IX), S. C. Singhal and J. Mizusaki, $105.00 member price, $137.00 nonmember price--This two volume set is the ninth in the continuing biennial series of proceedings of the International Symposia on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. These volumes contain papers dealing with the materials for cell components and fabrication methods for components and complete cells. Also contained in the volumes are cell electrochemical performance and modeling, stacks and systems, and field testing of SOFC demonstration units for different applications.


PV 2005-11 - ISBN 1-56677-436-5, Electrocatalysis, G. M. Brisard, R. Adzic, V. Birss, and A. Wieckowski , $84.00 member price, $109.00 nonmember price, 368 pages -- The volume focuses on the application of high-level theoretical tools and computational methods aimed at increasing the understanding of surface reactions involved in electrocatalysis, and on the development of new in situ techniques with atomic-level specificity. The primary objective of these approaches is to provide insight into the synthesis of new catalytic materials, as well as to enhance the significance of electrocatalysis in applications such as fuel cell science and technology.


PV 2005-13 - ISBN 1-56677-511-6, Dielectrics in Emerging Technologies –and– Persistent Phosphors, K. Wörhoff, D. Misra, P. Mascher, K. Sundaram, W. M. Yen, J. Capobianco, $56.00 member price, $70.00 nonmember price, 290 pages -- This proceedings volume is a joint publication of symposia in the field of dielectrics for emerging applications and persistent phosphors. Part I addresses recent developments in science and technologies of various dielectrics for devices based on low- and high-k materials, integrated optics, and magnetic applications. Part II deals with phosphor materials which show persistent phosphorescence, up to several tens of hours, or an afterglow following light illumination of excitation, normally in the blue or UV, Issues of long persistence and related trapping mechanisms are addressed and the status on the synthesis and development of new phosphors which extend the color range of phosphors is surveyed.


 Published PV from the Fourth International Conference on
Semiconductor Technology (ISTC 2005)   

(March 15-17, 2005), Shanghai, China

PV 2005-12 <ISBN 1-56677-468-3> Fourth International Conference on Semiconductor Technology (ISTC 2005) , M. Yang, editor
Please note that this title was originally published with a volume number of PV 2005-08. The current number is PV 2005-12. It is currently unavailable
from ECS.


Published PV from the 20th Symposium

on Microelectronics and Devices (SBMICRO 2005)  

(September 4-7, 2005), Florianopolis, Brazil


PV 2005-08 <ISBN 1-56677-426-8> Microelectronics Technology and Devices, SBMICRO 2005, C. Claeys, J. W. Swart, N. I. Morimoto, and P. Verdonck, $72.00 member price, $94.00 nonmember price - The conference covers several areas related to integrated cir cuit and micromach ining devices and technology. This includes processing steps (deposition, etching, etc.), physical and chemical analysis of resulting structures, process integration and resulting devices, electrical, optical , and mechanical analyses, process and device modelling, etc. Emphasis is on Si technology, but contributions on other materials ( e.g. III-IV) and devices are also presented .


Published PV from the Fifteenth European Conference on 

Chemical Vapor Deposition (EUROCVD-15)  

(September 5-9, 2005), Bochum, Germany


PV 2005-09 <ISBN 1-56677-427-6> Fifteenth European Conference on Chemical Vapor Deposition, EUROCVD-15, A. Devi, R. Fischer, H. Parala, M. D. Allendorf , and M. Hitchman, $96.00 member price, $125.00 nonmember price - This volume wi ll provide an overview of the state-of-the-art in CVD research and development. Topics include: Fundamental principles and measurements, ga s, and surf ace chemistry, modelling, theory, and experimental verification; process control and diagnostics, materials types (ceramics, compo sites, dielectrics, ferroelectrics, semiconductors, opti cal coatings, magnetic materials, superconductors), novel materials (pa rticles, biomaterials, polymers, transparent conducting oxides, electrochromics, MEMS), nanostructured materials, MOCVD and assisted methods, new processing tools and equipment.


Published PV from DECON 2005  

(September 15-16, 2005), Grenoble, France


PV 2005-10 <ISBN 1-56677-428-4> Cyrstalline Defects and Contamination: Their Impact and Control in Device Manufacturing IV - DECON 2005, B. O. Kolbesen, C. Claeys, L. Farby, and F. Tardif, $65.00 member price, $85.00 nonmember price - The symposium was intended to provide a forum for discussion of the latest developments and evolution related to crystalline defects and contamination in silicon, SiGe, and germanium with focus on their impact and control in device manufacturing. The papers cover: grown in process- and radi ation-induced defects; characteristics and y ield; strategies and mea sures for the reduction of def ect and contamination levels.


Published PVs from the ECS Meeting, Los Angeles, CA (Fall 2005)



Papers from the Los Angeles meeting have been published in ECS Transactions.


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