2002 Proceedings Volumes





Published PVs from the ECS Meeting, Philadelphia, PA (Spring 2002)    



PV 2002-1 <ISBN 1-56677-329-6> Chemical Mechanical Planarization V -- S. Seal, R. L. Opila, C. Reidsema Simpson, K. Sundaram, H. Huff, and I. I. Suni; $60 member, $72 nonmember, 282 pages -- The papers in this volume cover all of the most important aspects of CMP - consumables, primarily focusing on pad conditioning, as well as chemistry and polishing performance in metal and oxide CMP. The next section of the book highlights Cu-CMP, which covers the electrochemistry, effect of oxidizers and inhibitors, and Cu/barrier selectivity. This section is followed by CMP of barriers and CMP characterization. Barriers are under continuing development and cover a wide range of topics such Ta, Ti/TiN, and how their electrochemistry relates to polishing performance. CMP characterization highlights a range of topics including mean residence time analysis, ellipsometric characterization, wafer uniformity, nanotopography, and multiscale modeling of all relating to CMP polishing performance. Finally, the book concludes with a section on CMP slurries and its development.


PV 2002-2 <ISBN 1-56677-374-1> Semiconductor Silicon 2002 (9th International Symposium) -- H. R. Huff, L. Fabry, and S. Kishino; $84 member, $101 nonmember (2 volume set)1,114 pages -- Silicon (and silicon-germanium alloys) continue to be the mainstream materials in the fabrication of integrated circuits, to at least physical channel lengths of approximately 10 nm. New adjunct materials are being utilized in conjunction with the basic silicon wafer to improve transistor performance. These include materials to possibly replace the conventional gate silicon dioxide gate dielectric by a high-k dielectric material utilizing low-k dielectric materials in conjunction with copper technology to enhance device interconnect performance as well as unique electrode materials, channel and, perhaps, contact materials, and contact materials utilizing Si:Ge. These topics and their associated processing during IC fabrication, are major focus arenas for the silicon symposium.


PV 2002-3 <ISBN 1-56677-369-5> State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XXXVI/Wide Bandgap Semiconductors for Photonic and Electronic Devices and Sensors III -- F. Ren, E. B. Stokes, S. J. Pearton, J. Han, A. G. Baca, H. M. Ng, J. I. Chyi, T. D. Moustakas, R. F. Kopf, P. C. Chang, M. Kuzahara, and J. P. Vilcot; $60 member, $72 nonmember, 372 pages -- The combined proceedings comprises papers on the most recent advances in compound semiconductors, including practical issues and fundamental studies, such as novel devices and materials growth, new advances in processing technologies, characterization of materials and devices, and wide bandgap materials for photonics and electronics.


PV 2002-4 <ISBN 1-56677-370-9> Integrated Optoelectronics (First International Symposium) -- M. J. Deen, D. Misra, and J. Ruzyllo; $52 member, $62 nonmember, 444 pages -- This volume contains material related to several areas of integrated optoelectronics: technology and fabrication, component and system manufacturing, testing, performance reliability, etc. Papers span fundamental as well as applied aspects of integrated optoelectronics.


PV 2002-5 <ISBN 1-56677-371-7> High Temperature Materials Symposium in Honor of the 65th Birthday of Professor Wayne L. Worrell -- S. C. Singhal; $58 member,  $70 nonmember, 294 pages -- This proceedings volume includes papers presented at the High Temperature Materials Symposium held in honor of the 65th birthday of Professor Wayne L. Worrell of the University of Pennsylvania. Papers cover the main research topics Professor Worrell has been involved in during his extensive teaching and research career; these include thermodynamics, oxidation and corrosion of high temperature materials, solid oxide fuel cells, and high temperature sensors.


PV 2002-6 <ISBN 1-56677-372-5> Microfabricated Systems and MEMS VI -- P. Hesketh, S. S. Ang, J. L. Davidson, H. G. Hughes, and D. Misra; $52 member, $62 nonmember, 260 pages -- This volume focuses on all aspects of MEMS technology including micromachining, fabrication processes, packaging, and the application of these structures and processes to the miniaturization of chemical sensors, mechanical sensors and actuators, biosensors, miniature chemical analysis systems, and others.


PV 2002-7 <ISBN 1-56677-325-3> Advances in Electrochemical Capacitors and Hybrid Power Systems -- R. J. Brodd, D. H. Doughty, K. Naoi, M. Morita, C. Nanjundiah, J. H. Kim, and G. Nagasubramanian; $70 member, $84 nonmember, 430 pages -- This volume covers a wide range of fundamental and applied advances in the field of ultracapacitors, super capacitors, and related technologies. In addition, the volume contains examples of the use of ultracapaitors and supercapacitors to extend the service life and power delivery capabilities in hybrid power applications.


PV 2002-9 <ISBN 1-56677-330-X> Advanced Luminescent Materials and Quantum Confinement II -- M. Cahay, J. P Leburton, D. J. Lockwood, S. Bandyopadhyay, N. Koshida, and M. Zacharias;  $64 member, $77 nonmember, 226 pages -- Topics addressed in this volume cover recent developments in the area of nanoscale semiconductor, metallic, and organic structures. Areas of particular interest include: semiconductor nanoprocessing and self-assembled structures, physics of nanostructures, quantum wires and quantum dots, spintronics, single electron and single spin effects, nanoelectronics and quantum architectures, molecular electronics, nanotubes and organic semiconductors, organic-inorganic semiconductor interfaces, nanophotonics, photonic bandgap materials, non-linear optics, quantum well infrared photodetectors, type-II superlattice IR detectors, and photo switches.


PV 2002-10 <ISBN 1-56677-331-8> Organic Electrochemistry -- Manuel M. Baizer Award (Fifth International Symposium) -- M. Workentin, K. Chiba, and F. Maran; $60 member $72 nonmember, 172 pages -- Contained in this volume is a set of papers of recent original research describing progress in wide ranging areas of mechanistic and synthetic organic electrochemistry. The papers were presented at a symposium honoring the Fifth International Manuel Baizer Awardee, Professor J. M. Saveant.


PV 2002-11 <ISBN 1-56677-334-2> Rapid Thermal and Other Short-Time Processing Technologies III -- P. Timans, E. Gusev, F. Roozeboom, M. Ozturk, and D. L. Kwong; $70 member, $84 nonmember, 492 pages -- This proceedings volume contains recent innovations in RTP and related processing and equipment issues processes and their applications in the fabrication of advanced semiconductor and other devices. Typical subjects are in the following areas: ultra-thin gate dielectrics and MOS gate stacks, ultra-shallow junctions and contacts, epitaxial growth, equipment issues, and new applications of RTP.


PV 2002-12 <ISBN 1-56677-333-4> Fullerenes Volume 12: The Exciting World of Nanocages and Nanotubes -- P. Kamat, D. Guldi, and K. Kadish;  $86 member, $103 nonmember, 840 pages -- This volume is part of an ongoing Fullerenes symposium publication series, which are based on talks presented at the ECS Fullerenes Division symposia, held annually or sometimes biannually at ECS meetings. A major highlight of the spring 2002 meeting was the keynote address delivered by Professor Harold Kroto, 1996 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry. This lecture was followed by a session entitled “Fullerenes at the Boundary of Education and Research.” Most of the research papers presented in the Fullerenes Division sessions at the 201st Meeting of The Electrochemical Society in Philadelphia are included in this Volume 12 of the proceedings series. This proceeding volume is part of Symposia V1-V9, which were listed under the general title “Fullerenes, Nanotubes, and Carbon Nanoclusters.”


PV 2002-13 <ISBN 1-56677-335-0> Corrosion Science: A Retrospective and Current Status, In Honor of Robert P. Frankenthal -- G. Frankel, J. R. Scully, H. S. Isaacs, and J. D. Sinclair;  $74 member, $89 nonmember, 622 pages -- In this unique volume, Robert P. Frankenthal is honored for his considerable contributions in the field of corrosion science and his service to The Electrochemical Society. The progress made in the corrosion field over the past 60 years is reviewed.  Papers include all areas of corrosion, including electrochemical technical surface analysis, corrosion in special environments, stress corrosion cracking, and micro-corrosion.


PV 2002-15 <ISBN 1-56677-337-7> Environmental Issues in the Electronics and Semiconductor Industries V -- L. Mendicino; $54 member $65 nonmember, 270 pages -- Environmental issues, such as climate change, hazardous material usage reduction, resource conservation, and worker protection have become high profile issues in many industry sectors, government organizations, and with the general public. This publication will highlight efforts of the electronics and semiconductor industries and academia to proactively address these issues.


PV 2002-17 <ISBN 1-56677-341-5> Plasma Processing XIV -- G. S. Mathad, M. Yang, R. E. Sah, and M. D. Allendorf; $60 member, $72.00 nonmember, 334 pages -- Some topics included in this proceedings volume are plasma and plasma processing, new plasma diagnostics techniques and process control in manufacturing, new reactor technologies and plasma source processes for patterning thin films including high and low-k film, metals, silicon, other dielectric films, stripping, and high aspect ratio/high selectivity etching. Other interests are high temperature plasma etching, high-density plasma deposition, plasma surface modification, plasma damage and control, correlation of device characteristics with plasma processes, and reactor and wafer contamination.


PV 2002-18 <ISBN 1-56677-342-3> Cold Cathodes II -- Cahay, K. L. Jensen, P. D. Mumford, V. T. Binh, C. Holland, and J. D. Lee; $58.00 member; $70.00 nonmember, 424 pages -- This proceedings covers fundamental aspects of science and engineering in the area of cold cathodes, with emphasis on characterization of electron emission in vacuum, new proposals for electron-emissive materials with low work function, device fabrication and reliability issues, thermal effects and emission noise, new solid-state emitters, and device applications.


PV 2002-19 <ISBN 1-56677-343-1> Molten Salts XIII -- H. C. Delong, R. W. Bradshaw, M. Matsunaga, G. R. Stafford, and P. C. Trulove; $84 member, $101 nonmember, 1,090 pages -- This publication covers the latest research in molten salts and ionic liquids. The topics include electrochemical power, homogenous and heterogeneous reactions, electrodeposition, separation science, corrosion phenomena, solute and solvent structural investigations, new innovative molten salts and molten salt mixtures, and applications of molten salts and ionic liquids to “green” chemical reactions and processes. This proceedings is the definitive source for molten salt and ionic liquid research.


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Published SV (Special Volume) from the ECS Meeting, Philadelphia, PA (Spring 2002)


SV2002-29  <ISBN 1-56677-383-0> Historical Perspectives on the Evolution of Electrochemical Tools
J. Leddy, V. Birss, and P. Vanysek -$78.00 member, $94.00 nonmember, 302 pages -- Scientists who were instrumental in driving the evolution of electrochemistry over the last fifty years present its history.   This volume compiles the thoughts of 21 scientists. Five articles are derived from presentations on the history of electrochemistry given at the centennial meeting of the Society (B. Conway, A. T. Hubbard, W. R. Heineman, D. M. Kolb, and R. W. Murray); 16 articles are generally shorter commentaries on specific areas of electrochemistry.  Chapters vary in content and perspective, but remain both entertaining and informative.



Published PVs from the ECS Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT (Fall 2002)


PV 2002-14 <ISBN 1-56677-336-9> State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XXXVII (SOTAPOCS XXXVII) / Narrow Bandgap Optoelectronic Materials and Devices -- P. C. Chang, W.K. Chan, D. N. Buckley and A. G. Baca;  $60 member, $72 nonmember, 336 pages -- This book consists of papers on the most recent advances in narrow bandgap compound semiconductors.  Topics of special interest are: long wavelength emitters and materials, long wavelength detectors and materials, low power or high speed electronics and materials, narrow bandgap photovoltaic devices and materials, new materials, device or process technology to extend wavelength or lower bandgap of conventional devices, characterization  and testing of materials and devices and device degradation mechanisms.


PV 2002-20 <ISBN 1-56677-344-X> High Purity Silicon VII -- C. L. Claeys, M. Watanabe, P. Rai-Choudhury, and P. Stallhofer; $62 member, $74 nonmember, 420 pages -- This proceedings includes papers that were presented at the Seventh Symposium on High Purity Silicon held in Salt Lake City, Utah, October 2002. This volume contains 34 papers, including 10 invited papers, providing reviews and recent advances related to silicon crystal growth aspects, material properties, device performance and applications, and novel or improved characterization techniques for high purity silicon.


PV 2002-22 <ISBN 1-56677-379-2> Copper Interconnects, New Contact Metallurgies/Structures, and Low-k Interlevel  Dielectrics, 356 pages -- G. S. Mathad, B. C. Baker, C. Reidsema-Simpson, H. S. Rathore, and T. L. Ritzdorf; $60 member, $72 nonmember -- This volume contains the papers presented at the Symposium on Copper Interconnects, New Contact Metallurgies/Structures, and Low-k Dielectrics. Papers on high-k gate structures, copper plating, dual damascene structures in low-k materials, and integration and reliability issues relating to copper and low-k structures are included.


PV 2002-23 <ISBN 1-56677-385-7> Thin Film Transistor Technolgies (6th) --Y. Kuo; $64 member, $77 nonmember, 316 pages -- The TFTT VI symposium proceedings volume is aimed at providing state-of-the-art papers for those working in TFTs, those working in other high tech fields,a nd those applying TFTs to products or research areas. It includes papers with all aspects of fabrication processes, materials, device physics, characterization, structures and applications.


PV 2002-24 <ISBN 1-56677-386-5> Critical Factors in Localized Corrosion IV -- A Symposium in Honor of the 65th Birthday of Hans Bohni -- S. Virtanen, P. Schmuki, and G. S. Frankel; $78 member price - $94 nonmember, 708 pages -- This proceedings volume presents recent developments in the field of localized corrosion: fundamental and practical aspects critical to the initiation , propagation, stabilization, and repassivation of pits, crevices, and other related forms of localized attack including the effects of various critical environmental and metallurgical factors.


PV 2002-25 <ISBN 1-56677-387-3> Micropower and Microdevices -- E. J. Brandon, A. Ryan, J. Harb, and R. Ulrich; $58 member - $70 nonmember, 236 pages -- With the growth in wireless electronics and with the increasing trend toward distributed electronic architectures, the need for miniaturized power sources has increased. Recent work has focused on the integration of the power generation, power storage, and power distribution and regulation functions in a single, highly compact package or module, which can be integrated with the miniature or microdevice to be powered.


PV 2002-26 <ISBN 1-56677-388-1>Solid State Ionic Devices III -- E. D. Wachsman, K. Swider-Lyons, M. F. Carolan, F. H. Garzon, M. Liu, and J. R. Stetter, $72 member, $86 nonmember, 546 pages -- This proceedings, is the third in the series of international symposia. Emphasis is on ceramic membrane science and technology. A number of unique high temperature materials systems are emerging as potentially revolutionary technologies in gas separation systems. Ionic/mixed conducting ceramic membranes are technology-enabling materials for these applications. Chemical separation of gases such as oxygen and hydrogen are of vital importance to primary industries such as steel making, petroleum refining, coal gasification, polymer synthesis, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.


PV 2002-27 <ISBN 1-56677-394-6> Magnetic Materials, Processes and Devices VII and Electrodeposition of Alloys -- S. Krongelb, L. T. Romankiw, J.-W. Chang, Y. Kitamoto, and J. W. Judy, C. Bonhote, G. Zangari, and W. Schwarzacher, $78 member, $94 nonmember, 720 pages -- Magnetic thin films play a key role in data storage, sensor technology, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and other applications. This Proceedings volume brings together recent advances by electrochemists, materials scientists, physicists, engineers and device designers working in the area of magnetic thin film technology. Also included are reviews by leaders in the field summarizing the present and projected state of the technology and suggesting new areas for research. Of special interest to electrochemists studying the electrodeposition of alloys is the inclusion of papers on non-magnetic materials from the symposium on Electrodeposition of Alloys to create a comprehensive collection of leading edge work on the electroplating of both magnetic and non-magnetic alloys in a single volume.


PV 2002-28 <ISBN 1-56677-395-4> Physics and Technology of High k Gate Dielectrics I -- S. Kar, D.. Misra, R. Singh, and F. Gonzalez, $64 member, $77 nonmember, 322 pages-- Papers in this combined proceedings volume address recent developments in the area of nanoelectronics with an emphasis on electronic properties of thick and thin films for application in future nanometer-scale devices such as nanotube transistors or scaled existing devices. Also emphasized are all aspects of high dielectric constant (k) materials in silicon integrated circuits and other semiconductor devices.


PV 2002-30<ISBN <1-56677-453-5> Power Source Modeling--R. J. Jungst, J. W Weidner, B. Liaw, K. Nechev, $72 member, $94 nonmember, 260 pages--Power source modeling has been an area of growing interest for several years.  This volume has resulted from papers presented at the Power Source Modeling symposium held during the Fall 2002 ECS meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The one and a half day symposium was well attended and encompassed a broad range of modeling topics on several different battery chemistries, battery electrolyte and electrodes, capacitors, fuel cells, and hybrid system control strategies.  Power source designers are increasingly using models to understand performance margins, predict failure modes, and optimize components for specific applications.


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PV 2002-31< ISBN <1-56677-455-1> Proton Conducting Membrane Fuel Cells III-- M. Murthy, T. F. Fuller, J.W.Van Zee, S. Gottesfeld $82 member, $107 nonmember, 560 pages--This volume contains papers presented at the 3rd  Symposium on Proton Conducting Membrane Fuel Cells, that took place at  the  Salt Lake City ECS meeting in the fall of 2002. The field of polymer electrolyte fuel cells continues to be a major area of activity in electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering. And with recent declared plans to make hydrogen a future fuel for transportation, attention to polymer electrolyte fuel cells has further increased for more reasons than one.   With the ultimate goal of the research activity in this area being a power source of superior efficiency, ultra-low emissions and, last but not least, effective cost, burdens of technical viability and overall techno-economic relevance have to be considered  in any chapter of work devoted to fuel cell science and engineering. This  in addition to  the fundamental criteria of high scientific quality.  These combined demands of scientific value and technical  relevance, have been well reflected by the series of these Electrochemical Society PEFC symposia , and maintaining this quality, now and in the future, becomes  more and more important as the number of fuel cell meetings of all kinds has  increased exponentially. Members of The Electrochemical Society should not only recognize “ownership” of the PEFC and DMFC fields, but should secure such ownership by continuously maintaining the highest scientific quality in papers published under the auspices of the ECS, while serving, at the same time, as a central forum for meshing the key science and technology disciplines required to achieve technical success and, ultimately, market entry.


Published PV from the Electrophoretic Deposition Conference (August 2002)


PV 2002-21 <ISBN 1-56677-345-8> Electrophoretic Deposition: Fundamentals and Applications  -- A. R. Boccaccini, O. Vanderbiest, P. S. Nicolson, and J. Talbot;  $58 member, $70 nonmember, 320 pages -- This book contains papers presented at the First International Conference on Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD): Fundamentals and Applications, held from 18 to 22 August 2002 in Banff, Canada. The conference was sponsored by the United Engineering Foundation (UEF) and endorsed by The Electrochemical Society, the American Ceramic Society, the German Materials Society, and the Institute of Materials (London, UK). Most papers deal with innovative applications of the EPD process as a materials processing method, including the use of EPD to prepare coatings, composite materials, nanomaterials, advanced ceramics, laminate and functionally gradient materials. The volume also includes a few papers reporting on the latest advances in the theoretical modelling and fundamentals of the EPD process  and on new experimental techniques. The book will be of general interest for materials scientists and engineers and specifically for those technologists and researchers with interest in processing of materials using electrochemistry methods, both in industry and academia.



Published PV from the SBMICRO 2002 Conference (September 2002)


PV 2002-8 <ISBN 1-56677-328-8> Microelectronics Technology and Devices (17th) SBMICRO 2002 -- N. Morimoto, R.P. Ribas, and P. Verdonck;  $64 member, $77 nonmember, 498 pages -- Papers from this conference cover several areas related to integrated circuit and micromachining devices and technology. This includes processing steps (deposition, etching, etc.), physical and chemical analysis of resulting structures, process integration and resulting devices, electrical, optical and mechanical analyses, process and devices modeling, etc. The emphasis is on Si technology, but other materials and devices are also covered.


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