2004 Joint International Meeting

October 3-October 8, 2004


C1 - Battery and Energy Technology Joint General Session

Battery/Energy Technology

Sunday, October 3, 2004

Coral 1, Level 6, Mid Pacific Conference Center

Co-Chair: J. Dai

10:00462 Transport Analysis of an Aluminum/Air Battery Cell - S.H. Yang and H. Knickle (University of Rhode Island)
10:15463 Electrochemical Properties of Iron-Coated Carbon Materials for Iron-Air Battery Anode - H. Bui Thi (Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences, Kyushu University), M. Egashira, I. Watanabe, S. Okada, and J.-I. Yamaki (Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering, Kyushu University)
10:30464 Corrosion of Lead Plated Titanium in Sulfuric Acid - J. Dai, Z. Zhang, D. Xiao, and D. Reisner (US Nanocorp, Inc)
10:45465 Characterisation of the effect of pulsed recharge current on lead acid batteries using radioelement detection - F. Mattera, D. Benchetrite, O. Bach, M. Le Gall, and G. Gousseau (CEA)
11:00466 Behavior of Sb on Negative Electrodes of Lead-Acid Batteries - S. Ikeda, H. Oka, Y. Mori, M. Maeda (Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology), and A. Kozawa (ITE Battery Research Institute, Japan)
11:15467 Effects of Additives on Positive and Negative Electrodes of Lead-Acid Batteries - S. Ikeda, H. Oka, Y. Mori, M. Maeda (Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology), M. Ohta, S. Ono (Shion Co., Ltd.), and A. Kozawa (ITE Battery Research Institute, Japan)
11:30468 In Situ Observation of Mass Change of Active Material for Positive Electrode in Lead-acid Buttery using Electrochemical QCM Technique - M. Taguchi (Akita University)
11:45469 The Effect of Additives on Negative Active Materials of Lead-Acid Battery -An Approach with In-Situ EC-AFM observation- - N. Hirai (Osaka University), M. Shiota (Yuasa Corporation), and T. Tanaka (Osaka University)

Co-Chairs: R. Rocheleau and T. Kobayashi

14:00470 Dye-sensitized Solar Cell Structure Suitable for High Power Module - I. Gonda, Y. Okuyama, J. Takashima, K. Furusaki (NGK SPARK PLUG CO.,LTD), and S. Uchida (Tohoku University)
14:15471 Dye-sensitized solar cell using tungsten electrode on ceramic substrate - Y. Okuyama, I. Gonda, J. Takashima, K. Furusaki (NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD), and S. Uchida (Tohoku University)
14:30472 The Impedance Analysis of Internal Resistances of Dye-Sensitized Solar cells and Influence of The Resistances on The Photoelectrochemical Performances - T. Hoshikawa, T. Matsui, R. Kikuchi, and K. Eguchi (Kyoto University)
14:45473 Four-Terminal Solar Cell Based on High-Efficiency Cu(In,Ga)Se_2 Device on Metal Foil - R.E. Rocheleau, S. Dorn, S. Marsillac (University of Hawaii at Manoa), A. Madan (MV Systems), and B. Marsen (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
15:00474 High Voltage with Si Series Photovoltaics - R. Nasby, D. Stein, R. Patel, A. Hsia, and R. Bennett (Sandia National Laboratories)
15:15475 Low-Temperature Cu(In,Ga)Se_2 Photoconductor for CMOS Imaging - R.E. Rocheleau, S. Dorn, S. Marsillac, and B. Marsen (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
15:30 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
15:45476 In-situ Measurement of Ni Valence in Nickel Hydroxide during Discharge - T. Kobayashi, Y. Kondo, H. Matsuo, S. Kawauchi, C. Okuda, T. Nonaka, Y. Seno, and Y. Ukyo (Toyota Central R&D Laboratories Inc.)
16:00477 Iron (VI) Battery Performance and Stability of Ferrate Cathodes - K. Walz, A. Suyama, W. Suyama, W. Zeltner, J. Sene (University of Wisconsin - Madison), E. Armacanqui, A. Roszkowski (Rayovac Corporation), and M. Anderson (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
16:15478 Aqueous Fe (VI) Batteries: Correlation of Electrochemistry with In situ Mossbauer and Synchrotron X-ray Spectroscopic Investigation - W. Wen, B. Kumarasamy, W. Reiff, S. Mukerjee (Northeastern University), and S. Licht (University of Massachusetts, Boston)
16:30479 Determination of AgICuIIIO2 Discharge Mechanism - F. Wang, C. Eylem, K. Nanjundaswamy, N. Itchev, and F. Zhang (Gillette Advanced Technology Center)
16:45480 Fabrication and Characterization of Ce0.9Gd0.1O2 Ceramics Based Micro Tube-Type Reactor for Low Temperature SOFC - Y. Fujishiro, K. Hamamoto, and M. Awano (Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute)
17:00481 Preparation of SOFCs by Microwave Induced Co-Firing - S. Suda (Japan Fine Ceramics Center), A. Doi (Daido Institute of Technology), and S. Takahashi (Japan Fine Ceramics Center)
17:15482 Electrode Reaction Characteristics with Inert Gas Step Addition (ISA) Method in Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell - C.-G. Lee and H.-C. Lim (KEPRI)

Monday, October 4, 2004

Co-Chairs: S. Dec and T. Navessin

10:00483 Phisico-Chemical Investigation on Novel Materials for DMFC - M.A. Navarra, S. Panero, B. Scrosati (University of Rome "La Sapienza"), A. Martinelli, and A. Matic (Chalmers University of Technology)
10:20484 A New Proton-conductive Electrolyte of NH_4PO3/TiP2O7 Composite for Use in Intermediate Temperature Fuel Cells - T. Matsui, S. Takeshita, Y. Iriyama, T. Abe, and Z. Ogumi (Kyoto University)
10:40485 CsH2PO4-based Solid Acid Fuel Cells - T. Uda, D.A. Boysen, C.R.I. Chisholm, K. Sasaki, and S.M. Haile (Materials Science, California Institute of Technology)
11:00486 Hydrogen Structure and Diffusivity in Groups I and II Salts of 12-Tungstophosphoric Acid - G. Jacobsen, A. Herring, and S. Dec (Colorado School of Mines)
11:20487 Study on Zeolite/Poly(tetrafluoroethylene) Composite Membranes for Application to Fuel Cell - H. Yahiro, Y. Konda, H. Yamaura, and G. Okada (Ehime University)
11:40488 The Effect of Membrane Ion Exchange Capacity on the Performance of PEM Fuel Cell - T. Navessin (Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation), M. Eikerling (Simon Fraser University), Q. Wang, D. Song, Z. Liu (Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation), and S. Holdcroft (Simon Fraser University)

Co-Chairs: E. Shembel and K. Amine

14:00489 PVDF-based polymeric gel electrolyte films for electrochemical devices - J. Tanimoto, M. Minami, T. Toya, S. Oshima, T. Shinada, T. Kubo, and Y. Nishikitani (NIPPON OIL CORPORATION)
14:20490 New Polymer Electrolytes and Binders for Lithium Power Sources - E. Shembel, O. Chervakov (Ener1, Inc.), P. Novak (Ener1 Group, Inc.), L. Neduzhko, and V. Ryabenko (Ukrainian State Chemical Technology University)
14:40491 Effect of Salt on Electrochemical Performance of LiMn2O4 Cathode - M.-H. Yang, H.-C. Wu, and Z.-Z. Guo (Materials Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute)
15:00492 Layered Oxide Li_1+x (Ni1/3Co&1/3&Mn1/3)O2 as Cathode for High energy and High power Li-ion Batteries - J. Liu, I. Belharouak, K. Amine (Argonne National Laboratory), X. Pan, and H. Sun (University of Michigan)
15:20 Twenty-Minute Intermission
15:40493 Degradation Mechanism of LiMn_2O4/graphite Li-ion cells - K. Amine, J. Liu, S.-H. Kang, A. Kahaian, I. Belharouak, D.R. Vissers, and G.L. Henriksen (Argonne National Laboratory)
16:00494 Phase Transformation of LiNi0.75Co0.25O2 - H. He, X. Cheng, Y. Zhang, and Y. Yang (Xiamen University)
16:20495 Development of a Novel Layered Cathode Material for Li-ion Batteries - C.W. Lee (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute) and J. Prakash (Illinois Institute of Technology)
16:40496 High Capacity Cathodes for Lithium-Air Batteries - A. Dobley, R. Rodriguez, and K.M. Abraham (Yardney Technical Products, Inc. / Lithion Inc.)
17:00497 Organic Radical Battery: Nitroxide Radical Polymers as a Cathode Active Material - S. Iwasa, M. Suguro (NEC Corporation), N. Natori (Wasada University), K. Nakahara, J. Iriyama, M. Satoh (NEC Corporation), and H. Nishide (Wasada University)
17:20498 Structure and Properties Diffusion Coatings on the Basis of Silicium and Chrome - C. Iantsevitch and I. Pogrebova (National Technical University of Ukraine)

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Co-Chair: D. Scherson

09:00499 Performance of PEMFC based on Sulfonated Polyimides - O. Yamada, Y. Yin (Yamaguchi University Venture Business Laboratory), K. Tanaka, H. Kita, and K.-I. Okamoto (Yamaguchi University, Faculty of Engineering)
09:15500 Determination of Hydrogen Peroxide Generation/Decomposition Kinetics Using RRDE on Ketjen Black, Vulcan, 20% and 50% Vulcan-Supported Pt Electrodes - H. Yehia (University of Texas at Dallas), D.A. Condit, S.F. Burlatsky, and T.H. Madden (United Technologies Research Center)
09:30501 A Novel Air Electrode Based on a Combined Use of Cobalt Phthalocyanines and Manganese Oxide - T. Ohsaka, K. Arihara, L. Mao (Tokyo Institute of Technology), P.A. Liddell, E. Marino-Ochoa, A.L. Moore (Arizona State University), T. Imase, D. Zhang (Tokyo Institute of Technology), and T. Sotomura (Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd.)
09:45502 A Novel Air Electrode with Charcoal-like Catalysts - D. Zhang, T. Imase, M.S. El-Deab (Tokyo Institute of Technology), M. Hashimoto, T. Sotomura (Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.), and T. Ohsaka (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
10:00503 Analysis of carbon substrates used in non-precious metal catalysts for fuel cell applications - N. Subramanian, H. Kim, and B. Popov (University of South Carolina)
10:15504 Formation of Pt-free Fuel Cell Catalyst with Highly Developed Nano-space by Carbonizing Catalase - J. Maruyama and I. Abe (Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute)
10:30505 Preparation of Carbon-Supported LaMnO_3 Electrocatalyst by Modified Reverse Homogeneous Precipitation Method - S. Imaizumi (Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences, Kyushu University), K. Shimanoe, Y. Teraoka, and N. Yamazoe (Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Kyushu University)
10:45 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
11:00506 Stability of Carbon-Supported Perovskite-Type Oxide under Cathodic Polarization in Strong Alkaline Media - M. Yuasa, K. Shimanoe, Y. Teraoka, and N. Yamazoe (Kyushu university)
11:15507 The Effect of Internal Air Bleed in a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell - W. Wang, W.-K. Lee, and J. Van Zee (University of South Carolina-Columbia)
11:30508 Effects of Ionomer Loading on the Performance of Unsupported Catalyst in Direct Methanol Fuel Cell - S.J. Lee, J. Kim, and H. Chang (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)
11:45509 Electrocatalytic oxidation reaction kinetics of ethanol on Pt electrode - Z.-F. Ma (Department of Chemical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University,), D.-Y. Zhang, X. Yuan (Department of Chemical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University), and H. Baltruschat (Institut für Physikalische und Theoretische Chemie, Universität Bonn)

Co-Chairs: A. Wieckowski and A. Kannan

14:00510 Formic Acid Fuel Cells: New Possibilities For Portable Power - R. Masel (University Of Illinois), Y. Zhu (Renew Power), S. Ha (University Of Illinois), B. Adams (Renew Power), A. Wieckowski, M. Shannon, and R. Larsen (University Of Illinois)
14:15511 Development of High Performance MEAs for PEM Fuel Cells - A. Kannan, T. Thampan, Y. Song, V. Dupra, and K. Taft (Hoku Scientific Inc)
14:30512 A PEM Fuel Cell Stack Operated at Higher Temperatures - Y. Song (University of Connecticut), L. Bonville, R. Kunz (Ionomem Corp.), and J. Fenton (University of Connecticut)
14:45513 Membraneless Fuel Cells: their Pros and Cons - P. Kenis, E. Choban, M. Royer, P. Waszczuk, L. Markoski, and A. Wieckowski (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
15:00514 Rechargeable PEM Fuel Cells using Organic Hydrogen Reservoirs(OHR). Electric Power Generation by Electrooxidation of Cyclohexane or 2-Propanol and Power Storage with Water Electrolysis. - N. Kariya, A. Fukuoka, and M. Ichikawa (Catalyst research center, Hokkaido University)
15:15515 Development of a 300 W Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Based Power Source - T.I. Valdez and S.R. Narayanan (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
15:30516 Full Scale PEM Fuel Cell Research at the Hawaii Fuel Cell Test Facility: Recent Progress - R. Rocheleau, E. Miller, K. Bethune (University of Hawaii at Manoa), and D. Wheeler (DJW Technology)
15:45 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
16:00517 Electro-oxidation of Ammonia by Raney Nickel and Platinum - M. Cooper and G. Botte (Ohio University)
16:15518 Hydrothermal Manganese Dioxide: Synthesis, Structure, Morphology and Electrochemical Performance - D. Walanda, G. Lawrance, and S. Donne (University of Newcastle)
16:30519 Plurion Battery - R.L. Clarke, B. Dougherty, S. Harrison, and S. Mohanta (EDA)
16:45520 Cerium-Zinc Regenerative Fuel Cell - S. Harrison, R.L. Clarke, B. Dougherty, and S. Mohanta (EDA)
17:00521 In Situ Chemical Techniques to Adjust the State-of-Charge of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Electrolytes - A.H. Whitehead, M. Harrer (Funktionswerkstoffe F & E GmbH), and M. Schreiber (EN-o-DE, Energy on Demand Production and Sales GmbH)
17:15522 A Versatile Simulator for the Analysis and Design of Thermal Batteries - N. Haimovich (Technion), D. Dekel (RAFAEL), and S. Brandon (Technion)
17:30523 Standard Contact Porosimeter - Y. Volfkovich, I. Blinov, and A. Sakar (POROTECH Ltd.)

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Coral Lounge, Level 6, Mid Pacific Conference Center

Wednesday Evening Poster Session

o524 Analysis of Hybrid Power Sources on Direct Methanol Fuel Cell and Batteries for Portable Applications - B. Lee, D. Jung, D. Peck, and B. Lee (Korea Institute of Energy Research)
o525 Improvement of Mass Activity by Sputter-deposited Platinum Cathodes for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells - K. Makino, K. Furukawa, K. Okajima, and M. Sudoh (Department of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, Shizuoka University)
o526 The effect of CuxMo6Sy Chevrel-phase sulfides for the electrochemical O2 reduction on Platinum - Y. Moriguchi, Y. Utimoto, and M. Wakiharu (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
o527 An Investigation of Ionic Conductivity of the PEMFC by AC impedance Spectroscopy - H. Deng (De Nora North America Inc. E-TEK division), Q. Quo (University of South Carolina), M. Cayetano, Y.-M. Tsou, and E. De Castro (De Nora North America Inc. E-TEK division)
o528 A numerical analysis of mass transport in a fuel cell - H. Minakuchi, Y. Yamashita, Y. Okano, M. Sudoh (Shizuoka University), and S. Dost (University of Victoria)
o529 Synthesis and ionic conduction of a novel lithium salt of gallate anion with high lithium ion conductivity. - M. Noji, N. Iwata, Y. Uchimoto, M. Wakihara, and K. Tomooka (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
o530 Improvements of Li-ion Cell Safety and Gas Evolution through Formation of Good Solid Electrolyte Interface - C. Jung, H. Chung, I. Jung, E. Song, and H.S. Lim (SAMSUNG SDI CO., LTD.)
o531 Solid Polymer-in-Salt Electrolytes - A. Tomaszewska, E. Zygadlo-Monikowska, and Z. Florjanczyk (Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry)
o532 Silver and Vanadium Dissolution in Li/SVO Primary Batteries - H. Yumoto, T. Tan, T. Piao, H. Tsukamoto (Quallion LLC), and B. Koel (University of Southern California)
o533 Construction and Testing of a Lithium-Uranium Dioxide Battery - P. Dunbar, R. Lee (University of Kentucky), and W. Tracinski (Applied Power International)
o534 Homophase model composite polymer electrolytes with triphenylborane additive - M. Marcinek, G. Zukowska, and W. Wieczorek (Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry)
o535 Proton Conductivity of (NH4)2SO4/TiO2 Composite for Intermediate Temperature Fuel Cells - H. Muroyama, T. Kukino, T. Matsui, R. Kikuchi, and K. Eguchi (Kyoto University)
o536 A New Proton-Conductive Electrolyte of CsH2PO4/SiP2O7 Composite for Use in Intermediate Temperature Fuel Cells - T. Kukino, T. Matsui, R. Kikuchi, and K. Eguchi (Kyoto University)
o537 A New Ionic Liquid for Redox Electrolyte of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells - M.G. Kang, K.S. Ryu, S.H. Chang, and N.G. Park (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
o538 Photovoltaic properties of AZO/Cu2O heterojunction devices using AZO films deposited by magnetron sputtering - T. Minami, T. Miyata, K. Ihara, and T. Shimakawa (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)
o539 Galvanic Contact Deposition of CdTe Layers using Ammoniacal Basic Aqueous Solution - K. Arai, S. Hagiwara, K. Murase, T. Hirato, and Y. Awakura (Kyoto University)
o540 Electrochemical Properties of High-Temperature SOFCs - M. Futamura, N. Koashi, A. Ozaki, T. Matsui, R. Kikuchi, and K. Eguchi (Kyoto University)