201st Meeting - Philadelphia, PA

May 12-17, 2002


AC1 - Eleventh International Symposium On The Physics And Chemistry Of Luminescent Materials

Luminescence and Display Materials

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Franklin Hall, Level 4

Co-Chairs: A.M. Srivasta and C.R. Ronda

o1161 Spectral Properties and Quantum Efficiency of Optical Emission in PR3+-Doped CaAl4O7 and SrAl4O7 Crystals - X.-J. Wang (Georgia Southern University), S. Huang (Chinese Academy of Sciences), and W. Yen (University of Georgia)
o1162 Photoresponse of p-Fe_2O3 for Water Electrolysis Under Solar Simulated Light Illumination - W.B. Ingler Jr. and S.U.M. Khan (Duquesne University)
o1163 Photoluminescence and Optical Properties of Ga-doped ZnO Thin Film Grown on (0001) Sapphire Substrate by rf Magnetron Sputtering through Rapid Thermal Annealing - J. Cho, K. Yoon (Yonsei University), M. Oh, and W. Choi (Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
o1164 Efficient UV-Emitting x-Ray Phosphors: Potassium Hafnium-Zirconium Phosphates K2Hf1-x(PO4) and KHf2(1-x)Zr2x(PO4)3 - C.C. Torardi, C.R. Miao (DuPont Central Research and Development), and J. Li (Rutgers University)

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Conference Room 307, Level 3

Nanocrystalline Phosphors, Phosphor Synthesis

Co-Chair: L.E. Shea-Rohwer

8:001165 Control of Point Defects and Space Charge in ZnS:Mn with KCl - P. Holloway, J. Lewis, and M. Davidson (University of Florida)
8:201166 Luminescence of Nanocrystalline ZnSe:Mn - J.F. Suyver, J.J. Kelly, and A. Meijerink (Utrecht University)
8:401167 Site Selective Laser Spectroscopy of Eu3+ Doped Nanocrystalline and Bulk Cubic Lu2O3 - J.-C. Boyer, F. Vetrone, J.A. Capobianco (Concordia University), A. Speghini, and M. Bettinelli (Universita degli Studi di Verona)
9:001168 Phosphor Synthesis Techniques of the Last Century - L. Shea-Rohwer (Sandia National Laboratories)
9:201169 A New Combinatorial Chemistry Approach in Luminescent Materials Science: Application to Rare Earth (RE)- Dpoed Laser Crystals (RE- Yb3+, Er3+, Ho3+) - L. Laversenne, C. Goutaudier, M.T. Cohen-Adad, Y. Guyot, and G. Boulon (Lyon One University)
9:401170 Syntheses and Characterization of Sr2CeO4 Blue Emission Phosphor Prepared by Sol-Gel Processes - K. Somaiah, S. Papaiah, D. Satish, and H. Neelima (Osmanai University)

Cathodluminescence, Plasma Display Phosphors, Electrolum...

Co-Chairs: A.M Srivastava and A.A. Setlur

10:001171 A Review of Storage and Loss Processes in Oxysulfide: EU3+ Phosphors - C.W. Struck (Sylvania)
10:201172 Optical Properties of Erbium Ions in Lead-Germanate Based Glasses - J. Fernandez, A. de Oleaga, and R. Balda (University of The Basque Country)
10:40 Thirty-Minute Intermission -

Cathodluminescence, Plasma Dispay Phosphors, Electrolum...

Co-Chairs: A.M. Srivasta and A.A. Setlur

1:401173 Infrared to Visible Upconversion in Praseodymium Doped Potassium Lead Chloride Crystal - R. Balda, J. Fernandez, A. Mendioroz (University of The Basque Country), M. Voda (Donostia International Physics Center), and M. Al-Saleh (University of The Basque Country)
2:001174 Concentration Dependent Near Infrared-to-Visible Upconversion in Nanocrystalline and Bulk Y2O3:Er3+ - F. Vetrone, J.-C. Boyer, J.A. Capobianco (Concordia University), A. Speghini, and M. Bettinelli (Universita degli Studi di Verona)
2:201175 Improved Electroluminescent Powder Systems - A. Vecht and D. Davies (University of Greenwich)
2:401176 Tb(3+) Activated Green Phosphors for PDP Applications - R. Rao (Plasmaco, Inc.)
3:001177 Temperature Effects on the Cathodoluminescent Degradation of Sulfide-Based Powder Phosphors - B. Abrams, L. Williams, J.-S. Bang, and P. Holloway (University of Florida)
3:201178 Persistent Energy Transfer in CaAl2O4:Ce3+,Tb3+ Phosphor - D. Jia (University of Georgia), W. Jia (University of Puerto Rico), R. Meltzer (University of Georgia), X. Wang (Georgia Southern University), and W. Yen (University of Georgia)
3:401179 A Broken Born-Haber Cycle in Ce3+ Doped MgAl2O4 - D. Jia and W. Yen (University of Georgia)
4:001180 Emission Charateristics of a Damage Sensor Material - V. Mathur, J. Barkyoumb, A. Jarrett, and S. Mastro (Naval Surface Warfare Center)
4:201181 Luminescent Centers and dC Conductivity Of LaOCl AND LaOBr - K. Somaiah and H. Neelima (Osmania University)

Photoionization, Photon Cascade Emission

Co-Chair: L. Shea-Rohwer

4:401182 Photoionization of Eu2+ in BAM - U. Happek, J. Fleniken, J. Wang (The University of Georgia), W. Beers, M. Greci, and A. Srivastava (General Electric)
5:001183 On the Efficiency of the Photon Cascade Phosphor SrAl12O19:Pr3+ - J. Grimm, J. Fleniken, U. Happek (The university of Georgia), A. Setlur, H.A. Comanzo, A. Srivastava, and W. Beers (General Electric)
5:201184 Optical Properties of the Quantum Splitting Phosphor YF_3:Pr3+ - J. Grimm, J. Fleniken, U. Happek (The University of Georgia), J. Campbell (University of Canterbury), A. Setlur, H.A. Comanzo, A. Srivastava, and W. Beers (General Electric)
5:401185 Luminescence of Bi3+ in La_1-xSrxGaO3 - V. Manivannan and A.M. Srivastava (GE Corporation Research And Development)

Thursday, May 16, 2002

Crystal Structure and Luminescence

Co-Chair: C.R. Ronda

8:001186 Luminescence and Site Distribution of Divalent Europium Ions in BaMgAl_10O17 (BAM) - M. Raukas, K. Mishra (Osram Sylvania), A. Ellens (Osram), M. Berkowski, J. Fink-Finkowski, P. Byszewski (Polish Academy of Sciences), and P. Boolchand (University of Cincinnati)
8:201187 Luminescence of Ce3+ in the Perovskites ME(Hf,Zr)O3 (ME=Ca2+, Sr2+, or Ba2+) - A. Setlur, A. Srivastava (GE Corporate Research and Development), U. Happek, J. Fleniken, and J. Grimm (University of Georgia)
8:401188 Nature of Luminescent Center in EU2+ Activated BaHfO3 - A. Setlur, A. Srivastava (GE Corporate Research and Development), U. Happek, J. Fleniken, and J. Grimm (University of Georgia)
9:001189 Ce3+ and Bi3+ Luminescence in Ordered CaRE2O4 Structure - V. Manivannan, A.M. Srivastava (GE Corporation Research and Development), and U. Happek (University of Georgia)