201st Meeting - Philadelphia, PA

May 12-17, 2002


W1 - Nanostructured Optoelectronic And Photochemical Materials

Fullerenes/Energy Technology/New Technology Subcommittee

Monday, May 13, 2002

Salon H, Level 5

Nanostructured and Inorganic Materials

Co-Chairs: G. Mayer and P. O'Brien

1:401029 Electromagnetic Field Enhancement near 50nm Ag Nanocrystals, and the Raman Spectra of Single Molecules - J. Jiang, K. Bosnick, and L. Brus (Columbia University)
2:201030 The Deposition of Structured Films of TiO2 and Other Oxides and their Interaction with Compound Semiconductors - P. O'Brien (The University of Manchester)
2:501031 Controlled Synthesis of Highly-crystallized Anatase and Rutile TIO_2 Nanocrystallites - Y. Wada, H. Yin, T. Kitamura, and S. Yanagida (Osaka University)
3:101032 The Growth Kinetics of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles - G. Oskam (Unidad Merida), Z. Hu (Georgia Institute of Technology), R.L. Penn (University of Minnesota), and P.C. Searson (The Johns Hopkins University)
3:301033 Quantum Confinement Effects in Electrodeposited Compound Semiconductors Formed Using EC-ALE - J. Stickney, R. Vaidyanathan, and U. Happek (University of Georgia)
3:50 Twenty-Minute Intermission -
4:101034 Light-Patterned Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles - D. Fitzmaurice, D. Ryan, and L. Nagle (University College)
4:401035 Inorganic Nanotubes and Inorganic Fullerene-like Materials from Layered Compounds - R. Tenne (Weizmann Institute of Science)
5:001036 Enhanced Luminescence and Photomagnetic Properties of Surface-modified EuO Nanocrystals - Y. Hasegawa, S. Thongchant, Y. Wada, and S. Yanagida (Osaka University)
5:201037 Electrochemical Fabrication and Optical Properties of Gold Nanocavities - C. Netti, S. Coyle, J. Baumberg, M. Ghanem, P. Birkin, P. Bartlett (Southampton University), and D. Whitaker (Toshiba Research Europe Ltd)
5:401038 Investigations Into The Electronic Properties Of CdS Nanoparticles On Conducting Substrates - E. Tull and J. Riley (University of Bristol)

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

Co-Chairs: J. Durrant and H. Arakawa

8:301039 The Fascinating World of Nanocrystals, from Light-Emitting Diodes to Solar Cells - M. Graetzel (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne)
9:101040 Flexible Dye-sensitized Solar Cells - V. Aranyos, G. Boschloo, E. Figgemeier, A. Hagfeldt, A. Holmberg, H. Lindstrom, E. Magnusson, and L. Malmqvist (Angstrom Solar Center)
9:401041 Quasi-solid Dye Sensitized Solar Cells-Design of Cross-linked Gelators- - S. Hayase (Kyushu Institute of Technololy), S. Murai, S. Mikoshiba, and H. Sumino (Toshiba Corporation)
10:101042 Quasi-Solid-State Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Using Room-Temperature Molten Salts and Low Molecular Weight Gelator - S. Yanagida, W. Kubo, T. Kitamura, Y. Wada (Osaka University), and K. Hanabusa (Shinshu University)

Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

Co-Chairs: J. Durrant and H. Arakawa

1:401043 The Essential Interface: Studies in High Surface Area Solar Cells - B. Gregg, S. Ferrere, and S.-G. Chen (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
2:101044 Improved Performance of Dye-sensitized Solar Cells by Hybridization of Nano-sized Metal Oxides - A. Konno, G.R.A. Kumara (Shizuoka University), and K. Tennakone (Institute of Fundamental Studies)
2:401045 Ligand Localized Trapping of Conduction Band Electrons in Ruthenium(II) and Osmium(II) Sensitized Titanium Dioxide Films - P. Hoertz (Johns Hopkins University), D. Thompson (Memorial University at Newfoundland), and G. Meyer (Johns Hopkins University)
3:001046 Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells using Semiconductor Thin Film Composed of Ceramic Nanotubes - M. Adachi, I. Okada, Y. Murata, and S. Yoshikawa (Kyoto University)
3:20 Twenty-Minute Intermission -
3:401047 Development of New Efficient Ruthenium(II) Polypyridyl Photosensitizers for Nanocrystalline TiO2 Solar Cells - H. Arakawa, A. Islam, and H. Sugihara (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
4:101048 Cation Controlled Energetics of Nanocrystalline and Thin Film Titanium Dioxide for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells - A.M. Stux, G. Oskam, P.C. Searson, and G.J. Meyer (Johns Hopkins University)
4:301049 Solvatochromic Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells - M. Yang, G. Hasselmann (Johns Hopkins University), R. Argazzi, C. Bignozzi (Centro di Studio su Fotoreattivit e Catalisi), and G. Meyer (Johns Hopkins University)
4:501050 Equilibrium Potential and Charge Transport of an I-/I_{3}- Redox Couple in an Ionic Liquid - M. Watanabe and R. Kawano (Yokohama National University)
5:101051 pH Dependent Interfacial Electron Transfer Yields from the Excited States of Ruthenium and Osmium Polypyridyl Compounds to Nanocrystalline TiO2 - B. Bergeron, P. Qu (Johns Hopkins University), E. Galoppini, W. Dong (Rutgers University), and G. Meyer (Johns Hopkins University)

Franklin Hall, Level 4

Co-Chairs: M. Gratzel and G. Meyer

o1052 Optical Properties and Charge Transport in Nanoscale Multiporphyrin Self-assembled Arrays - E. Zenkevich (Institute of Molecular and Atomic Physics), C. von Borczyskowski (University of Technology Chemnitz), and A. Shulga (Institute of Molecular and Atomic Physics)
o1053 Solid-state Dye-sensitized Solar Cell Made from a Nanocrystalline Film of TiO_2 Coated with MgO - G.R.A. Kumara (Shizuoka University), K. Tennakone (Institute of Fundamental Studies), M. Okuya, and S. Kaneko (Shizuoka University)
o1054 Junction Admittance of Dye Sensitized Nanoporous TiO_2 Solar Cells - G. Kron (University of Stuttgart), G. Nelles, T. Miteva, A. Yasuda (Sony International), J. Werner, and U. Rau (University of Stuttgart)
o1055 Exploration of the Effect of TiCl4 Treatment on TiO2 Nanoporous Film Electrode - Y. Ren (Peking University), W. Sun (The University of Texas at Arlington), and S. Cai (Peking University)
o1056 Encapsulation and Magnetic Properties of EuO Nanoclusters in Zeolite X - S. Thongchant, S. Katagiri, Y. Hasegawa, Y. Wada, and S. Yanagida (Osaka University)
o1057 Photochemical Formation of Metal Lead Nanaoparticles in a Polymeric Matrix - I. Prosanov (Far Eastern Transport University)
o1058 Control of Photoactivities of TiO2 - Y.C. Lee, H. Kim, Y.J. Jung, H.Y. Lee, Y.P. Hong, K.H. Ko (Ajou University), H.S. Jung, and K.S. Hong (Seoul National University)
o1059 Remote Electron Injection at Dye-Sensitized TiO2 - F. Liu, P. Qu, and G. Meyer (Johns Hopkins University)
o1060 Surface Functionalization of Metallic Nanowires - L.A. Bauer and G. Meyer (Johns Hopkins University)
o1061 Calibration Method of Solar Simulator for Measuring Performance of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells - S. Ito, T. Kitamura, Y. Wada, and S. Yanagida (Osaka Univ.)
o1062 Fabrication of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells by Spray Pyrolysis Deposition Technique - M. Okuya, D. Osa, and S. Kaneko (Shizuoka University)
o1063 Enhancement of Photocatalytic Activity of Nano-sized Titanium Dioxide Thin Films by Trifluoroacetic Acid Modification - W. Ho (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), J. Yu (Wuhan University of Technology), and J.C. Yu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
o1064 Direct Sonochemical Preparation of Highly Photoactive Mesoporous Titanium Dioxide with a Bicrystalline Framework - L.-Z. Zhang, J. Yu, and J.C. Yu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
o1065 Recombination Dynamics in Dye Sensitised Nanocrystalline Metal Oxide Thin Films - C. Olson, R. Willis, S. Haque (Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine), B. O'Regan (Energy Center Netherlands), J. Nelson, and J. Durrant (Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine)
o1066 Effect of Titania-Silica Colloids on Photoinduced Intramolecular Charge-Transfer Processes of Adsorbed DEA-DMPP - A. Eremenko, N. Smirnova, G. Staruch, V. Ogenko (Ukranaian Academy of Sciences), K. Rotkiewizc (Warsaw and the Pedagogical University), and A. Danel (Agricultural University)

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Salon H, Level 5

Organic Materials for Photoconversion

Co-Chairs: S. Yanagida and B. Gregg

8:301067 (Supra)molecular stuctures for bulk heterojunctions - J.C. Hummelen, M.T. Rispens, L. Sanchez (University of Groningen), J.K.J. van Duren, A. El-ghayoury, A.P.H.J. Schenning, R.A.J. Janssen, and E.W. Meijer (Eindhoven University of Technology)
9:001068 Concentration Threshold for Electron Percolation in a Fullerene/Poly(phenylenevinylene) Blend - T. Savenije, J. kroeze (Delft University of Technology), M. Wienk, and J. Kroon (ECN Solar Energy)
9:201069 Transient Optical Studies of Charge Recombination Dynamics in PPV/C60 Blends: The Influence of Laser Intensity - A.F. Nogueira, I. Montanari, J. Nelson (Imperial College), M. Loi, S. Sariciftci (Johannes Kepler University), and J. Durrant (Imperial College)
9:401070 Electrochemical Investigation of MEH-PPV/C60 Nanocomposite Prepared by Langmuir-Schaefer Technique - P. Bertoncello (University of Genoa), H. Ding, M.K. Ram (El.B.A. Foundation), and C. Nicolini (University of Genoa)
10:001071 Photo-Induced Charge Separation in TiO2/Porphyrin Bilayers Studied by Time-Resolved Microwave Conductivity - J. Kroeze, T. Savenije, and J. Warman (Delft University of Technology)
10:201072 Conjugated Fluorene Copolymers as Whole Transport Materials in Polymer-metal Oxide Photovoltaic Devices - J. Nelson, M. Biswas, D. Poplavskyy, P. Ravirajan, D. Bradley, and J. Durrant (Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine)
10:40 Thirty-Minute Intermission -

Nanostructured Electron Transfer Materials

Co-Chairs: S. Yanagida and B. Gregg

1:401073 Nanostructural Design Towards the Improvement of the Photoelectrochemical Devices - K. Honda (Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics)
2:201074 Fabrication and Characterizations of Nano-Structured ZnO/Eosin Y Hybrid Films by One-Step Electrodeposition - H. Minoura, T. Yoshida (Gifu University), and D. Lincot (Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Paris)
2:501075 Photoconversion Using Molecularly Engineered Semiconductor-Metal Superstructures - P. Kamat, S. Barazzouk, S. Hotchandani, and K. George Thomas (University of Notre Dame)
3:101076 Excitation Energy Dependence of Efficiency of Charge Carrier Relaxation and Photoluminescence in Colloidal InP Quantum Dots - G. Rumbles, R.J. Ellingson, J.L. Blackburn, P. Yu, O.I. Micic, and A.J. Nozik (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
3:30 Twenty-Minute Intermission -
3:501077 Nanostructured Light-Harvesting and Photocurrent Generation Systems - H. Imahori, H. Yamada, Y. Kashiwagi, Y. Endo, S. Fukuzumi, and T. Hanada (Osaka University)
4:201078 Molecular Flask for Solid State Electrochemistry and Photochemistry - M. Kaneko (Ibaraki University)
4:501079 Electron Transfer Dynamics through Nanometer Thick Insulating Barriers on Electrode Surfaces - D. Waldeck (University of Pittsburgh)
5:101080 Doped TIO2 for the Photo-oxidation of Water by Visible Light - C. Faherty, J. Hamilton, T. Byrne, and E. McAdams (University of Ulster at Jordanstown)
5:301081 The Effect of Nano-Sized Metal Deposits on TiO_2 on the Photocatalytic Activity and Mechanism - W. Choi, E.Y. Bae, J.S. Lee, and S. Kim (Pohang University of Science and Technology)