2001 Published Proceeding Volumes

PV 2001-01 <ISBN 1-56677-306-5>III-Nitride Based Semiconductor Electronic and Optical Devices and State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XXXIV , F. Ren, D. N. Buckley, S. N. G. Chu, S. J. Pearton, Washington, DC, Spring 2001, $56 member - $67 nonmember, 328 pages.  This volume describes numerous applications that have appeared for III-nitride based semiconductors, including blue/UV light emitters, high temperature/high power electronics, and passivation layers for other semiconductors. The crystal growth, device processing, circuit design, and applications communities are brought together to discuss basic science and technology issues related to the utilization of III-nitride based semiconductors.

PV 2001-02 <ISBN 1-56677-308-3>ULSI Process Integration II , C. L. Claeys, F. Gonzales, J. Murota, K. Saraswat, Washington, DC, Spring 2001, $68 member - $82 nonmember. 628 pages. This proceedings contains the papers from the second international symposium on ULSI Process Integration. The book reviews different process integration aspects, including full process integration, front-end-of-line integration, process integration and defects, novel structures and their CMOS integration, and application technologies. The present status is outlined, on-going research is discussed, and prediction made for further technologies in different fields. The situation compared to the ITRS roadmap, is analyzed in different fields.

PV 2001-03 <ISBN 1-56677-309-1>Silicon-on-Insulator Technology and Devices X , S. Cristoloveanu, P. L. F. Hemment, K. Izumi, G. K. Celler, F. Assaderaghi, Y.-W. Kim,  Washington, DC, Spring 2001, $65 member - $78 nonmember, 474 pages. The highlights of this volume are the novel and significant advances in SOI materials, processing, and components. It is of marked interest to materials and device scientists, as well as to process and applications oriented engineers.

PV 2001-04 <ISBN 1-56677-310-5>Direct Methanol Fuel Cells , S. Narayanan, T. Zawodzinski, S. Gottesfeld,  Washington, DC, Spring 2001, $58 member - $70 nonmember, 350 pages.. This book covers the rapidly emerging technology area of direct methanol fuel cells. The papers span from fundamental electrochemistry to the design of complete systems. The volume also covers a variety of application development efforts that range from fuel cells to automotive fuel cell systems.

PV 2001-05 <ISBN 1-56677-311-3>State-of-the-Art Application of Surface and Interface Analysis Methods to Environmental Material Interactions: In Honor of James E. Castle's 65th Year , D. R. Baer, C. R. Clayton, G. P. Halada, G. D. Davis,  Washington, DC, Spring 2001, $60 member - $72 nonmember, 324 pages. This proceedings presents current or potential applications of state-of-the-art in situ, and ex situ surface or interface sensitive analysis methods to studies of environmental/materials interactions with a focus on both fundamental aspects of the methods and practical applications, especially those involving new areas (such as microbial induced corrosion). It also covers advanced materials such as corrosion of submicron features or nanoscale composites.

PV 2001-06 <ISBN 1-56677-312-1>Environmental Issues with Materials and Processes for the Electronics and Semiconductor Industries IV , L. Mendicino,  Washington, DC, Spring 2001, $52 member, $62 nonmember, 220 pages. Environmental issues, such as climate change, resource conservation, and chemicals, materials, and equipment management have become high profile issues in many industry sectors, government organizations, and the general public. This publication highlights efforts of industry and academia to proactively address these issues.

PV 2001-07 <ISBN 1-56677-313-X>Silicon Nitride and Silicon Dioxide Thin Insulating Films (6th) , K. B. Sundaram, M. J. Deen, D. Landheer, W. D. Brown, D. Misra, M. D. Allendorf, R. E. Sah,  Washington, DC, Spring 2001, $56 member - $67 nonmember, 286 pages. A multitude of topics are discussed in this volume, such as film preparation, film and substrate interface analysis by novel techniques, as well as passivation, charge transport, and trapping. Also covered are tunneling phenomena and dielectric breakdown, defects, and impurities. Included as well are electrical, physical, chemical, and optical properties and multilayer dielectric layers, stacks, and interfaces. In addition, this volume discusses plasma processing, rapid thermal process oxidation, nitridation, isolation techniques, and radiation effects.

PV 2001-08 <ISBN 1-56677-324-8>Morphological Evolution of Electrodeposits -and- Electrochemical Processing in ULSI Fabrication and Electrodeposition of and on Semiconductors IV , P. C. Allongue, P. C. Andricacos, F. Argoul, D. P Barkey, J. C. Bradley, K. Kondo, P. C Searson, C. Reidsma-Simpson, J. L Stickney, G. M. Oleszek,  Washington, DC, Spring 2001, $66 member - $79 nonmember. Morphology evolution encompasses electrochemical processing in ULSI fabrication, shape evolution, growth habit, and microstructure of electrodeposits. The most prominent example at present is the electrochemical deposition of copper for ULSI interconnects. Many other electrochemical processes at various stages of emergence and development hold promise for the electronics industry and beyond.

PV 2001-09 <ISBN 1-56677-315-6>Rapid Thermal and Other Short-Time Processing Technologies II , D. L. Kwong, K. Reid, M. C. Ozturk, P. J. Timans, F. Roozeboom,  Washington, DC, Spring 2001, $62 member - $74 nonmember, 450 pages. This volume contains the latest developments in rapid thermal, and other short-time processing technologies, with emphasis on CMOS gate stack, source/drain, and channel engineering. Besides conventional RTP technologies such as RTA, RTO, and RTCVD, equipment and modeling issues, this book contains applications such as UV laser and shock wave assisted processing in annealing, and doping. Also included are thin-film deposition techniques such as short-time UHV-CVD, MBE, and sputtering.

PV 2001-10 <ISBN 1-56677-316-4>Photovoltaics for the 21st Century , V. K. Kapur, R. D. McConnell, D. Carlson, G. P. Caesar, A. Rohatgi, J. Smith, Washington, DC, Spring 2001, $52 member - $62 nonmember. 425 pages. This volume focuses on non-conventional technologies that are not being used in the photovoltaics industry today, but could be used in the 21st century. Papers, both fundamental and applied in nature, leading to maximum, cost-effective, utilization of solar energy for electric power generation are included.

PV 2001-11 <ISBN 1-56677-317-2>Fullerenes for the New Millennium, Volume 11 , K. M. Kadish, P. V. Kamat, D. Guldi,  Washington, DC, Spring 2001, $78 member - $94 nonmember. 614 pages. This proceedings volume presents recent advances in the area of fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, and carbon nanoclusters. Topics included are ESR, fullerene functionalization, photophysics, photochemistry, thermodynamics, solid-state physics, endofullerenes, and biomedical applications.

PV 2001-12 <ISBN 1-56677-318-0>High Temperature Corrosion and Materials Chemistry III , E. J. Opila, M. J. McNallan, D. A. Shores, D. A. Shifler, Washington, DC, Spring 2001, $60 member - $72 nonmember, 372 pages. This volume focuses on development of theoretical models for predicting thermodynamic and kinetic aspects of high temperature reactions, fundamental aspects of oxidation and corrosion, and thermodynamic and kinetic studies of vaporization of inorganic materials. Also covered is the response of protective coatings to high temperatures, thermodynamic property measurements of inorganic materials, and fundamental studies of sold-state interdiffusion and reactions.

PV 2001-13 <ISBN 1-56677-319-9>Fundamental Gas-Phase and Surface Chemistry of Vapor Deposition II/Process Control, Diagnostics and Modeling in Semiconductor Manufacturing IV , M. D. Allendorf, M. T. Swihart, M. Meyyappan,  Washington, DC, Spring 2001, $81 member - $97 nonmember, 506 pages. This volume presents state-of-the-art research in vapor-phase synthesis and processing of materials, with emphasis on gas-phase and surface chemistry and their effects on growth/etching rates and material properties. Materials considered include semiconductors, oxides, diamonds, metals, ceramics, and superconductors. Topics also include computation and measurement of fundamental rate parameters of reactions, reactor modeling and optimization, in situ diagnostics, and new precursor development.

PV 2001-14 <ISBN 1-56677-320-2>Reactive Intermediates in Organic and Biological Electrochemistry In Honor of the Late Professor Eberhard Steckhan , J. Yoshida, D. G. Peters, M. S. Workentin, Washington, DC, Spring 2001, $68 member - $82 nonmember, 188 pages. This proceedings volume contains a set of original papers describing recent progress in the generation and use of reactive intermediates (cations, cation radicals, free radicals, anion radicals, anions, and transition-metal species) for electro-organic synthesis. In addition, mechanistic features of these processes are covered.

PV 2001-15 <ISBN 1-56677-321-0>Artificial Chemical Sensing 8/Olfaction and the Electronic Nose-ISOEN 2001 , J. Stetter, W. R. Penrose, Washington, DC, Spring 2001, $68 member - $82 nonmember, 230 pages. Electronic noses are combinations of sensor arrays and pattern classifiers, which can be used to compare ill-defined volatile samples, such as odors and flavors. These authors are finding new applications and developing systems with improved selectivity, sensitivity, and stability.

PV 2001-16 <ISBN 1-56677-322-9>Solid Oxide Fuel Cells VII , H. Yokokawa and S. C. Singhal, Tsukuba, Japan, June 2001, $82 member - $98 nonmember, 1,120 pages. This is the seventh volume in the continuing biennial series of proceedings of the International Symposia on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. This volume contains papers dealing with the materials for cell components, fabrication methods for components and complete cells. Also contained in this volume are cell electrochemical performance and modeling, stacks and systems, and field testing of SOFC demonstration units.

Semiconductor Technology (ISTC 2001) , M. Yang, PV 2001-17, Shanghai, China, May 2001, Please contact ECS for availability. This volume covers almost all areas of semiconductor fabrication technology and reports most new research results about new devices, SOI, Cu, CMP, low-k material, high-k material, plasma etching, photolithography, thin films, plasma damage, and IC manufacturing.

Chemical and Biological Sensors and Analytical Methods II , M. A. Butler, P. Vanysek, N. Yamazoe, PV 2001-18 San Francisco, California, Fall 2001, $82 member - $98 nonmember. This volume is a collection of papers presented at a five-day symposium covering many aspects of sensors and analytical chemistry and biochemistry, extending past the boundaries of pure electrochemistry. This symposium, occurring approximately every other year, is the flagship symposium of the Sensor Division. It offers a good cross section of current topics in sensing and analysis in chemistry and biology.

Quantum Confinement: Nanostructured Materials and Devices , M. Cahay, J. P Leburton, D. J. Lockwood, S. Bandyopadhyay, J. S. Harris, PV 2001- 19, San Francisco, California, Fall 2001, $64 member - $77 nonmember. This proceedings volume addresses recent developments in the area of nanoscale semiconductor, metallic, and organic structures. Emphasis is placed on quantum effects and single electron storage in small-scale silicon and III-V compound structures and devices. Also covered are fundamental issues in luminescent physics and the chemistry of new classes of phosphor and porous materials, including both atomic and molecular structures.

State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XXXV , P. C. Chang, S. N. G. Chu, D. N. Buckley, PV 2001-20, San Francisco, California, Fall 2001, $52 member - $62 nonmember. The focus of this volume addresses the most recent developments in compound semiconductors encompassing advanced devices, materials, growth, characterization, processing, device fabrication, reliability, and other related topics. Contained in this volume are papers on both practical issues and fundamental studies.

Advanced Batteries and Super Capacitors , G. Nazri, R. Koetz, B. Scrosati, P. A. Moro, E. S. Takeuchi, PV 2001-21, San Francisco, California, Fall 2001, $98 member - $118 nonmember. This book provides the current knowledge about various advanced batteries for medical, consumer electronic, and transportation applications. It includes state-of-the-art advanced lithium batteries, nickel metal hydride, lead-acid, metal-air batteries, and several classes of supercapacitors. Battery components are explored and performance at cell module and pack levels is discussed. The science and technology of electrode materials, and new progress made in the area of liquid and solid electrolytes, are also included.

Corrosion and Corrosion Protection , J. D. Sinclair, R. P. Frankenthal, E. Kalman, and W. Plieth, PV 2001- 22, San Francisco, California, Fall 2001, $90 member - $108 nonmember. This volume covers the fundamental and engineering aspects of corrosion and protection of metals, alloys, semiconductors, components, and structures. Also included are passivity and its breakdown, inhibitors, localized corrosion, noise measurement, and statistical analysis of localized corrosion. Other topics of interest in this book are optical, electronic, mechanical, and chemical properties of passive films, high temperature oxidation, reliability of gate oxides and interlevel dielectrics of semiconductor devices, and of other electronic components.

Energy and Electrochemical Processes for a Cleaner Environment , E. W. Brooman, C. M. Doyle, C. Cominellis, J. Winnick, PV 2001-23, San Francisco, California, Fall 2001, $70 member- $84 nonmember. For a sustainable economy it is important that resources are used efficiently and with no detrimental effects on the environment. This proceedings volume collects together a wide range of papers that support this goal, with an emphasis on electrochemical approaches and technology. Topics range from process development and cell design, to materials optimization for the production of gases, metals, and industrial chemicals, and include efficient energy conversion and storage devices.

Thin Film Materials, Processes, and Reliability in Microelectronics , G. S. Mathad, M. Yang, M. Engelhardt, H. S. Rathore, B. C. Baker, R. L. Opila, PV 2001-24, San Francisco, California, Fall 2001, $54 member - $65 nonmember. Interests contained in this volume are plasma patterning of low- and high-k films and control of surface and device damage by plasmas in the fabrication of ULSI devices and circuits. Both etching and deposition processes are included, as well as the practice of multi-level metal (MLM) interconnections using copper and low-k dielectric films used in ULSI circuits.

Diamond Materials VII , G. M. Swain, T. Ando, J. C. Angus, W. D. Brown, J. L. Davidson, A. Gicquel, W. P. Kang, B. V. Spitsyn, PV 2001-25, San Francisco, California, Fall 2001, $60 member - $ 72 nonmember. This proceedings volume contains some of the most recent work in the field of diamond and diamond-like carbon thin film technology. Specifically, work in the fields of nucleation, growth mechanisms, structure-junction relationships, doping processes, surface and bulk characterization, and electrochemistry are included.

Cleaning Technology in Semiconductor Device Manufacturing VII , J. Ruzyllo, R. Novak, T. Hattrori, R. Opila, PV 2001-26, San Francisco, California, Fall 2001, $64 member - $77 nonmember. This volume contains a range of topics related to the removal of contaminants from silicon surfaces, as well as topics related to surface conditioning prior to critical deposition steps. Specific cleaning methods used in front-end and back-end cleaning operations are discussed.

Semiconductor Wafer Bonding Science: Technology and Applications , H. Baumgart, C. E. Hunt, PV 2001-27, San Francisco, California, Fall 2001, $60 member - $72 nonmember. This book covers the state-of-the-art R&D results of the last two years in the field of semiconductor wafer bonding technology. Wafer bonding technology can be used to create novel composite materials and devices that would otherwise be unattainable. Wafer bonding today is rapidly finding application in such diverse fields as photonics, sensors, MEMS, X-ray optics, high performance power electronics, non-electronic microstructures, and SOI.

Ionic and Mixed Conducting Ceramics IV , T. A. Ramanarayanan, W. L. Worrell, M. Mogensen, PV 2001-28, San Francisco, California, Fall 2001, $68 member - $82 nonmember. This proceedings volume is a compilation of papers presented at the Fourth International Symposium on Ionic and Mixed Conducting Ceramics. These ceramic materials have attracted researchers worldwide because of their many technological applications. The present symposium volume contains papers that describe forefront research in several topics such as ionic transport in solid electrolytes, mixed conduction in ceramics, hydrocarbon conversion by ceramic electrochemistry, ceramics-based fuel cells, batteries, thin film ceramic membranes, and many others. For the serious researcher and the student active in these areas, this volume is a must.

Crystalline Defects and Contamination, Their Impact and Control in Device Manufacturing III (DECON 2001) , B. Kolbesen, C. Claeys, P. Stallhofer, F. Tardif, PV 2001-29, Nuremberg, Germany, September, 2001, $59 member - $71 nonmember. This book contains the latest developments and evolution related to crystalline defects and contamination with focus on their impact and control in device manufacturing. Papers included in this volume cover growth in progress and radiation-induced defects, characterization and monitoring techniques, impact on device characterization and yield, and strategies and measures for the reduction of defect and contamination levels.

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