2004 Joint International Meeting

October 3-October 8, 2004


A2 - Nanotechnology

All Divisions

Monday, October 4, 2004

Honolulu 1, Level 2, Tapa Conference Center

Co-Chairs: W. van Schalkwijk and M. Watanabe

10:00183 Electrodeposition Assisted by Organic and Inorganic Polymers: Quasitemplated Nanostructured Electrocatalysts - O. Petrii (Moscow State University, Faculty of Chemistry)
10:20184 Theory of Optical Properties in Semiconductor Quantum Dots - A. Zunger (NREL)
10:40185 Low EOT Capacitors Utilizing ALD High-k Films from Hf- and Si-based, Metal-Organic Precursors - J. Gutt, T. Rhoad (International Sematech, Inc), S. Park, Y. Senzaki, and H. Chatham (Aviza Technology, Inc.)
11:00186 Analysis of the Structure, Optical Properties, and Luminescence of Silicon Nanocrystals Formed in Silicon Oxide Based Thin Films - T. Roschuk, J. Wojcik, and P. Mascher (McMaster University)
11:20187 Low Dimensional Growth: A Novel Method for Fabricating Nanostructures - M. Khoury (Cypress Semiconductor)
11:40188 Deposition Behaviour of Ni-SiC Nano-Composites Under Triangular Waveform - F. Hu (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
12:00189 Thermodynamic, Electronic and Optical Properties of Quantum-Dots and Quantum-Well NanocrystalsFEffects of Interdiffusion - K. Masuda-Jindo (Tokyo Institute of Technology), R. Kikuchi (University of California), and V.V. Hung (Hanoi National Pedagogic University)

Co-Chairs: K. Kamata and A. Zunger

13:40190 C, Ni, and Si Nanoscale Material Formation by C-MEMS/NEMS Technology - C. Wang, R. Zaouk, K. Malladi, L. Taherabadi, and M. Madou (University of California, Irvine)
14:00191 Electrical Properties and Characterization of the Electrodeposited InSb Semiconductor Nanowires - K.H. Lee, J.Y. Lee, and W.Y. Jeung (Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
14:20192 Functionalized Nanostructured Conducting Polymers as Bio-Electronic Interfaces - S. Panero, J. Serra Moreno, and B. Scrosati (University of Rome)
14:40193 An Atomistic Model of Polymer-carbon Composite Behavior to Predict Sensor Response - A. Shevade, A. Ryan, M. Homer, A. Manfreda, H. Zhou, K. Manatt, A. Kisor, and B. Lin (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
15:00194 Deca-nanometer Ordered Structures in Amphiphilic Diblock Copolymer Thin Films as Reliable Nanotemplates - T. Iyoda, K. Kamata, K. Watanabe (Tokyo Institute of Technology), and H. Yoshida (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
15:20 Twenty-Minute Intermission
15:40195 Proton Diffusion in High Temperature Polymer/Inorganic Nano-composite Membranes - P. Choi and R. Datta (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
16:00196 Electrochemical Alignment of Amphiphilic Block Copolymer Domain - K. Kamata and T. Iyoda (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
16:20197 Electrical and Optical Properties of Polypyrrole Films Studied by Current Sensing Atomic Force Microscopy and Spectroelectrochemical Techniques - S.-M. Park and H.J. Lee (Pohang University of Science and Technology)
16:40198 Luminescence Temperature Anti-Quenching for CdSe and CdTe Quantum Dots - S. Wuister, C. de Mello Donega, and A. Meijerink (Utrecht University)

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Co-Chairs: W. Schindler and M. Watanabe

08:30199 Photocatalytic Water Splitting with a Novel Cr-doped Ba_2In2O5/In2O3 Nanocomposite Oxide Semiconductor - D. Wang (National Institute for Materials Science), Z. Zou (Nanjing University), and J. Ye (National Institute for Materials Science)
08:50200 DYE-SENSITIZATION OF NANOCRYSTALLINE TiO2 ELECTRODES WITH NEWLY PREPARED RUTHENIUM (II) COMPLEXES - H. Sugihara, M. Yanagida, T. Yamaguchi, K. Kasuga, N. Onozawa, and H. Arakawa (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))
09:10201 Effect of particle Size and Aggregate on Thermal Conductivity in Nanofluid Using Silica Particle - M.-T. Kim (Korea Electric Power Research Institute), H.-S. Jung (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), J.-M. Oh (Korea Electric Power Research Institute), J.-P. Jae, H. Kim, and J.-K. Park (Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
09:30202 Synthesis of Anatase Titania via Surfactant-assisted Hydrothermal Process:Nanosheet to Nanotube - F. Wang, J. Jiu, L. Pei, and M. Adachi (Kyoto University)
09:50203 Studies on LiNi_0.8Co0.2O2 Nano Materials - N. Kamarulzaman, S.H. Sarijo (University Technology MARA), W.J. Basirun, Z. Osman (University Malaya), N. Othman (University Technology MARA), and I.I. Yaacob (University Malaya)
10:10 Twenty-Minute Intermission
10:30204 Formation of GeO2 Nanosheets by Surfactant-Assisted Mechanism at Liquid-Liquid Interface –In Situ Measurement of SAXS by Synchrotron Radiation- - M. Adachi, K. Nakagawa, K. Sago, and Y. Murata (Kyoto University)
10:50205 Effect of Plasticity-Induced Defects on Optoelectronic Properties of MgO - T. Nazarova (Centre of Advanced Physical Research)
11:10206 Microwave Sinetering of Nano TiO2 for Flexible Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells - S. Uchida, M. Tomiha (Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials (IMRAM), Tohoku University), and H. Takizawa (Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University)
11:30207 Templated Self-assembly of Nanoporous Alumina - Technique and its Applications - R. Krishnan and C. Thompson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
11:50208 Preparation of Highly Ordered TiO2 Nanohole Arrays Using Anodic Porous Alumina - T. Yanagishita (Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology), K. Nishio, and H. Masuda (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Co-Chairs: A. Manivannan and H. Sugihara

13:40209 On the Electronic Structure of Advanced Metal Oxide Nanostructures - L. Vayssieres (National Institute for Materials Science)
14:00210 Impact of the Industrial Manufacturing Processes on Properties of Nanosized Ceramic Materials - J. Prochazka, T. Spitler, B. Sabacky, and D. Verhulst (Altair Nanomaterials, Inc.)
14:20211 Synthesis of a Mesoporous Silica/Titanium Dioxide Nanocomposite and Evaluation of Photoactivity - W. Adams, M. Bakker (The University of Alabama), and A. Jefcoat (Mississippi State University)
14:40212 Novel Procedures for the Synthesis of Transition Metal Doped TiO_2 and ZnO and Their Magnetic Properties - A. Manivannan, G. Glaspell, P. Dutta, and M. Seehra (West Virginia University)
15:00213 Novel Synthesis, Properties and Applications of Nanostructured Zinc Oxide - S.-C. Liao, H.-F. Lin, and S.-W. Hong (Industrial Technology Research Institute)
15:20 Twenty-Minute Intermission
15:40214 Dye-sensitized Photocatalyst for Water Splitting into H_2 and O2 Under Visible Light Irradiation - R. Abe and H. Sugihara (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
16:00215 Effects of Mole Ratio of ACA/TIPT on Morphology of TiO2 Nanostructured Materials by Surfactant-Assisted Mechanism - K. Nakagawa, Y. Murata, and M. Adachi (Kyoto University)
16:20216 Nanocrystalline Anatase TiO2 Prepared from Nanotubes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells - C.-H. Tsai and H. Teng (National Cheng Kung University)
16:40217 Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition of ZnO Nanowires - J. Baxter and E. Aydil (University of California Santa Barbara)
17:00218 \it{In-situ} Observation of Formation of Anodic Porous Alumina Film on a Silicon Using Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy - Y. Kimura, H. Shiraki, R. Yamaguchi, H. Ishii (Tohoku University), S. Ono (Kogakuin University), K. Itaya (Japan Science and Technology Agency), and M. Niwano (Tohoku University)

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Co-Chairs: H. Matsui and W. Schindler

10:00219 Agglomeration of Nanoscale Particles via Spray Drying for Route to Bulk Nanostructured Materials - K. Rea, P. Georgieva, V. Vishwanathan, and S. Seal (Advanced Materials Process and Analysis Center (AMPAC) and Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering (MMAE))
10:20220 Convenient Procedure for Preparation of Copper-Platinum Surface Alloy - H. Matsui and Y. Matsunaga (The University of Tokushima)
10:40221 Growth of Pt Clusters Electrodeposited onto Boron-Doped Diamond Films - O. Enea (UMR 6503 CNRS - Université de Poitiers), G. Dietler, and B. Riedo (Université de Lausanne)
11:00222 Potential and Particle-Size Dependent Charge Transfer Across Ligand-Protected Au Nanoparticle Thin Layers - G. Lica and Y. Tong (Georgetown University)
11:20223 Novel Synthesis and In-Situ Characterization Of Nano-Metal Electrode by Using f-NSOM Technique for Fuel Cell Application - W.J. Lee, F. Guillaume, and W. Smyrl (Corrosion Research Center at Univ. of Minnesota)
11:40224 Metal Ion Assembly in Phenylazomethine Dendrimers and Their Effect to the Porphyrin Core - T. Imaoka, S. Arimoto, and K. Yamamoto (Keio University)
12:00225 Development of Fabrication Procedure of Ordered Macroporous Metal Electrode - S. Ohya, T. Hyodo, Y. Shimizu, and M. Egashira (Nagasaki University)

Co-Chairs: R. Masel and K. Kaneto

13:40226 Sonochemical Synthesis of Conducting Polymer-Metal Nanoparticles Nanocomposite - J.-E. Park, M. Atobe, and T. Fuchigami (Tokyo Insititute of Technology)
14:00227 Pd Nanoparticles as Activator for Electroless Metal Deposition via an Improved Polyol Method - W.L. Wang, C.C. Wan, Y.Y. Wang (National Tsing-Hua University), and A. Chen (Rockwood Electrochemical Asia Ltd.)
14:20228 Preparation of Nano-metal Particles on Carbon for Electrocatalytic Processing - E.E. Kalu and P.N. Kalu (FAMU-FSU College of Engineering)
14:40229 The Effects of Topography on the Formation of Ordered Arrays of Metallic Nano-particles - A.L. Giermann, C.V. Thompson, and H.I. Smith (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
15:00230 Unexpected Activity Of Palladium Nanoparticle Catalysts For Formic Acid Electrooxidation - R. Masel (University Of Illinois), Y. Zhu (Renew Power), S. Ha, R. Larsen, and J. Zakzeski (University Of Illinois)
15:40231 Synthesis of Gold Nanorods by Surfactant-assisted One-step Chemical Reduction Method - L. Pei, F. Wang, J. Jiu, and M. Adachi (Kyoto University)
16:00232 Synthesis and Characterization of the Lead-Free Solders with Sn-3.5Ag-xCu (x = 0.2, 0.5, 1.0) Alloy Nanoparticles by Chemical Reduction Method - L.-Y. Hsiao and J.-G. Duh (National Tsing Hua University)
16:20233 Morphology controle in electro deposition of polypyrrole films for enchancement of electrochemomechanical deformation, soft actuators - K. Kaneto, S. Hara, and W. Takshima (Kyushu Institite of Technology)
16:40234 Structural Effects on the Oxidation of Formic Acid on the Low and the High Index Planes of Palladium - N. Hoshi and M. Nakada (Chiba University)
17:00235 Nano-Patterning of Biological Molecules using Electron-Beam-Based Lithographic Approaches - T. Djenizian, E. Balaur, and P. Schmuki (University of Erlangen)
17:20236 Formation and Structure of Alkyl Phosphonic Acid Layers on Iron - I. Felhosi, Z. Keresztes, and E. Kálmán (Chemical Research Center)

Thursday, October 7, 2004

Co-Chairs: M.A. Ryan and A. Manivannan

08:30237 Solid State Electrochemical Nanopatterning on Ionically Conducting RbAg_4I5 Electrolyte Using AFM Probe - M. Lee, R. O’Hayre (Stanford University), T. Gür (H2onsite, Inc), and F. Prinz (Stanford University)
08:50238 Single Bath Electrochemical Deposition of Bi2Te3/Sb2Te3 Superlattices - M.A. Ryan, J.A. Herman, and J.-P. Fleurial (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
09:10239 Size Controlled Fabrication of Prussian Blue Nano Pillars - S. Sunkari, S. Nagashima, M. Murata, H. Nishihara (The University of Tokyo), Y. Matsui (Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology), K. Nishio (Tokyo Metropolitan University), and H. Masuda (Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology)
09:30240 Effects of NH3 Pre-deposition Anneal on ALD High-k Gate Stacks - N. Moumen, J. Peterson, J. Barnett, B.H. Lee, G. Bersuker, and H. Huff (International SEMATECH)
09:50241 C/Nanorod-LiFePO4 Nanocomposite. A High-rate Cathode far Advanced Li-ion Batteries - F. Croce (Università 'G.D'Annunzio'), B. Scrosati (Università 'La Sapienza'), R.C. Sides, and C.R. Martin (University of Florida)
10:10 Twenty-Minute Intermission
10:30242 Nanostructured Electrochemical Reactor for NOx Decomposition - K. Hamamoto, Y. Fujishiro, M. Awano (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), S. Katayama (Fine Ceramics Reserach Association), and S. Bredikhin (Russian Academy of Sciences)
10:50243 Quantitative Nano-Scale AFM Impedance Imaging: Application to ORR Kinetics - R. O'Hayre, M. Lee, G. Feng, W. Nix, and F. Prinz (Stanford University)
11:10244 Withdrawn
11:20245 Silsesquioxanes as Nanomaterials for Lithium Battery Applications - H. Zhang, S. Kulkarni, and S. Wunder (Temple University)
11:40246 The Fabrication of Nanometer Silicon Pillar Channel for Buried Gate Type Surrounding Gate Transistor by Silicon Isotropic Etching - T. Kitagawa, H. Amikawa, T. Izumida, S. Ohtsu, H. Nakamura, H. Sakuraba, and F. Masuoka (Tohoku University)
12:00247 Self Assembling Molecules for Corrosion Protection of Magnesium - R. Feser and C. Reiß (University of applied sciences Iserlohn)

Co-Chairs: M. Homer and W. van Schalkwijk

13:40248 Carbon Nanotube Electrodes for Electrochemical Gas Sensors - S. Roh, W. Buttner, and J. Stetter (Illinois Institute of Technology)
14:00249 Polymer-Carbon Composite Films: Reproducibility of Responses in Sensors and Sensing Arrays - M. Homer, M. Ryan, A. Manfreda, S.-P. Yen, A. Shevade, A. Kisor, and H. Zhou (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Calif. Inst. of Tech.)
14:20250 Synthesis of Three-Dimensionally Macroporous Hard Carbon Materials as Electrode and Characterization of Their Electrochemical Properties - S.-I. Tabata and M. Watanabe (Yokohama National University)
14:40251 Nanotube-Based Ultrafast Electrochromic Display - S.B. Lee, S.I. Cho (University of Maryland), W.J. Kwon, S.-J. Choi, P. Kim, S.-A. Park, J. Kim (LG Chem), S.J. Son, R. Xiao (University of Maryland), and S.-H. Kim (LG Chem)
15:00252 Electrochemical Synthesis of GdB6 Nanotubes - B. Galina and K. Sergej (Kola Science Center)

Coral Lounge, Level 6, Mid Pacific Conference Center

Thursday Evening Poster Session 18:00 - 19:30

Co-Chairs: W. van Schalkwijk, P. Kamat, and M. Watanabe

o253 Electrochemical Pocesses in Utra-Fne AgBr Eulsion Paced Into Rdox System. - V. Zakharov, I. Kudryavtsev, N. Alekhin, and L. Aslanov (Moscow State University)
o254 Nanocrystalline Silicon Surface for Sensor Applications - D. Milovzorov (The Institute of Physics & Technology of Russian Academy of Science), D. Eremin, and A. Kazanski (Moscow State University)
o255 Electroless Nickel Plating onto Minute Patterns of Copper Using Ti(III)/Ti(IV) Redox Pair - S. Yagi, K. Murase, T. Hirato, and Y. Awakura (Kyoto University)
o256 Fabrication of Nanosized Elements with Specified Properties on Bulk Materials and Powder-Like Particles - T. Khoperia, T. Zedginidze, L. Maisuradze, and N. Khoperia (Institute of Physics, Georgian Academy of Sciences)
o257 Synthesis of Size-Controlled Gold Nanoparticles by Sonoelectrochemical Methods - Y.-C. Liu and L.-H. Lin (Vanung University)
o258 Preparation of Composite Nanofibers Array via a Plasma Sputtering Process - C.-T. Hsieh, J.-M. Chen, and R.R. Kuo (MRL/ITRI)
o259 Synthesis and Characterization of PEDOT/Au Nanocomposites - B.Y. Kim, C. Chung, J.-D. Nam, Y. Lee, S. Cho, and H. Choi (Sungkyunkwan University)
o260 Effect of Dielectric Layers on Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance of Sputtered Silver Nanoparticles - G. Xu, M. Tazawa, and P. Jin (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))
o261 Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Using Titania Nanowire - Y. Sanehira and S. Uchida (Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials (IMRAM), Tohoku University)
o262 Formation of Nano-Scale Aluminium Carbide Whiskers on Aluminum Foil - Z. Ashitaka, H. Tada, C. Lu (TOYO ALUMINUM K.K.), H. Saka, and S. Arai (Nagoya University)
o263 Electrodeposition and Electrochemical Properties of Nanostructured Palladium Films - J. Marwan (Université du Québec à Montréal) and P.N. Bartlett (University of Southampton)
o264 Sensitization of Nanocrystalline Solar Cells with Phthalocyanine-Fullerene Composites - O. Shevaleevskiy (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), L. Larina (Institute of Biochemical Physics RAS), and K.S. Lim (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
o265 Study of the Photocatalytic Properties of NiO Nanoparticles - H.-J. Ahn, Y.-S. Kim, H.-S. Shim, and T.-Y. Seong (Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology (GIST))
o266 Electrochromic Properties of Tungsten Oxide Combined with Metal Nanophases - H.-S. Shim, H.-J. Ahn (Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology (GIST)), K.-W. Park (Pennsylvania State University), and T.-Y. Seong (Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology (GIST))
o267 Synthesis and Characterization of Nanotubes TiO2 and the Utilization as the Electrode of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells - M. Wei, Y. Konishi, H. Sugihara, and H. Arakawa (National institute of advanced industrial science and technology(AIST))
o268 Two-dimensionally Chiral Monolayer of Atropisomeric Compounds on Gold - M. Murakami, T. Torimoto, and B. Ohtani (Hokkaido University)
o269 Fabrication of Crystalline-Oriented Titania by Electrophoretic Deposition under a High Magnetic Field - T. Uchikoshi, F. Tang, T. Suzuki (National Institute for Materials Science), S. Iimura (Ibaraki Industrial Technology Institute), and Y. Sakka (National Institute for Materials Science)
o270 The Size Effect of Nano Au Particles Electrodeposited on Polycrystal Au Microelectrode on Kinetics of Co(bpy)32+/3+ and MV1+/2+ Redox Reactions - P. Liu and Z. Tao (College of Chemistry and Molecular Science)
o271 Molecular Dynamics Study on the Field Effect Ion Transport Device based on Carbon Nanotube - H.J. Hwang, K.R. Byun, W.Y. Choi, and J.W. Kang (Department of Electronic Engineering, Chung-Ang University)
o272 Preparation of Carbon Nanofilaments Using Porous Anodic Alumina Templates and Polymer Precursors - H. Habazaki, M. Hayashi, S. Sato, and H. Konno (Hokkaido University)
o273 Synthesis of Nanowires by Electrodeposition into Mesoporous Silica Films - M. Bakker, R. Sekhon, R. Campbell, and J. King (The University of Alabama)
o274 Manufacturing of Nanosized Ceramic Materials Using The Altair Thin Film Industrial Process - J. Prochazka, T. Spitler, B. Sabacky, and D. Verhulst (Altair Nanomaterials, Inc.)
o275 Novel All-Carbon Nanotube Battery - R. Morris, B. Dixon (Phoenix Innovation, Inc.), and T. Gennett (Rochester Institute of Technology)
o276 Capacitive Deionization of NaCl Solution using Four-Series Cells with Carbon Aerogel Composite Electrodes - C.-M. Yang, G.-T. Lee (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), B.-K. Na (CHEONGBUK University), D.-J. Suh, B.W. Cho, and W.I. Cho (Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
o277 Nanotechnology for Fabrication of Elements and Nanosized Particles - T. Khoperia, V. Chikhradze, N. Khoperia, T. Petriashvili, and S. Esaiashvili (Institute of Physics, Georgian Academy of Sciences)