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Interface Winter 2014

Vol. 23, No. 4 | Winter 2014

Numerical Modeling for CORROSION

Table of Contents (PDF)

From the Editor: Everybody Writes, Nobody Reads p. 3
From the President: ECS in Mexico p. 7
Highlights from the Joint International ECS and SMEQ Meeting in Cancun p. 8
Your article. Online. FAST! p. 17
Society News p. 18
Candidates for Society Office p. 20
Websites of Note p. 28
Why Go Open Access at ECS p. 30
Beyond Open Access | by Mary Yess p. 31
A Case for Open Access: Accelerating Discovery in Climate Science | by Dan Fatton p. 34
People p. 36
ECS Classics: Sherlock Swann, Jr. | Electro-organic Chemist and Master Bibliographer, 1900-1983 | by Richard Alkire p. 38
Future Meetings p. 42
Tech Highlights p. 43
Allen J. Bard Award in Electrochemical Science p. 44
Introduction to the Featured Articles
Numerical Modeling for Corrosion
by Shinji Fujimoto
p. 45
The Use of Finite Element Methods (FEM) in the Modeling of Localized Corrosion
by C. Liu and R. G. Kelly
p. 47
Obtaining Corrosion Rates by Bayesian Estimation: Numerical Simulation Coupled with Data
by Kenji Amaya, Naoki Yoneya, and Yuki Onishi
p. 53
Modeling Corrosion, Atom by Atom
by Christopher D. Taylor
p. 59
Computer Simulation of Pitting Corrosion of Stainless Steels
by N. J. Laycock, D. P. Krouse, S. C. Hendy, and D. E. Williams
p. 65
Section News p. 72
Awards p. 73
New Members p. 75
2014 ECS Summer Fellowship Reports

Electrodeposition of Hybrid Core-Shell Nanowires
by Tuncay Ozel
p. 77
Advanced Microfluidic Pumping at Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)- Modified Electrodes via AC-Magnetohydrodynamics
by Christena K. Nash
p. 79
Thermogalvanic Waste Heat Recovery in Transportation Energy Systems
by Andrey Gunawan
p. 81
Support@Platinum - Nanoparticle Electrocatalytic Nanobowls
by Brandy Kinkead Pilapil
p. 83
How Do Cyclic Carbonate Electrolyte Additives Improve Li-ion Battery Performance?
by Hadi Tavassol
p. 85

Student News

p. 87
227th ECS Meeting p. 95

ECS Institutional Members

p. 96
Call for Papers: 228th ECS Meeting p. 97
ECS Conference on Electrochemical Energy Conversion & Storage with
p. 100
ECS Transactions: Cancun, Mexico
ECS Transactions: Orlando, Florida
Your article. Online. FAST!

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