203rd Meeting - Paris, France

April 27-May 2, 2003


O1 - Fuel Cells from Materials to Systems

Energy Technology/Battery/Physical Electrochemistry

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Room 252B, Level 2, Le Palais des Congres

Membranes for Direct Methanol and Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Co-Chairs: S. Mukerjee and J. Leddy

8:001165 Methanol Crossover in Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Systems - B. Pivovar, G. Bender, J. Davey, and P. Zelenay (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
8:201166 A New Polymer Electrolyte Membrane for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Applications - K.M. Gulati, C.A. Cavalca, and C.W. Martin (W. L. Gore and Associates, Inc.)
8:401167 Nafion versus Sulfonated Poly(arylene ether sulfone)s: A Comparison of the Methanol Diffusion Behavior - H. Every (Case Western Reserve University), M. Hickner, J. McGrath (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University), and T. Zawodzinski (Case Western Reserve University)
9:001168 Influence of the Acid-base Properties of Composite Membranes Inorganic Fillers on the High Temperature Performance of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells - A.S. Arico', V. Baglio, A. Di Blasi, P. Creti' (CNR-ITAE Institute), P. Antonucci (University of Reggio Calabria), and V. Antonucci (CNR-ITAE Institute)
9:201169 Chemical Structure and Morphological Considerations for Designing Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Proton Exchange Membranes - M. Hickner and J.E. McGrath (Virginia Tech)
9:40 Twenty-Minute Intermission
10:001170 Methanol and Water Cross-over in Hybrid Polymer Electrolyte and in DMFC Stack - H. Kim, S.J. Lee, K.H. Choi, and H. Chang (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)
10:201171 PVDF Based New Proton Conducting Membrane for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells - J. cho and M. Cho (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)
10:401172 Particle Size and Structural Effects of TiO_2-Filler in a Composite Membrane-based Direct Methanol Fuel Cells - V. Baglio, A. Di Blasi, A.S. Aricò, V. Antonucci (CNR-TAE Institute), P.L. Antonucci (University of Reggio Calabria), F. Serraino Fiory, S. Licoccia, and E. Traversa (University "Tor Vergata" of Rome)
11:001173 Study on Composite Membrane of Three-Dimensionally Ordered Macroporous Ceramic and H+ Conductive Polymer for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell - T. Mitsui and K. Kanamura (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
11:201174 Novel High Temperature Polymer/Molecular Sieve Composite Membranes for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells - J. Ferraris, D. Coutinho, Z. Yang, and K. Balkus (The University of Texas at Dallas)
11:401175 Effect of Recast Temperature on Diffusion and Dissolution of Oxygen and Morphological Properties in Recast Ion-exchange Polymer Membranes - L. Kunchan (Yokohama National University), I. Akimitsu (Japan Science and Technology Corporation), M. Shigenori, K. Nobuyuki, and O. Ken-ichiro (Yokohama National University)

Improved Proton Exchange Membranes

Co-Chairs: J. Leddy and S. Mukerjee

13:401176 Amphiphilic Organic/Inorganic Nano-composites Membranes for High Temperature Proton Conducting Electrolyte - I. Honma, H. Nakajima, and J.-D. Kim (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))
14:001177 Modified Heteropolyacid - Nafion® Composite Membranes for High Temperature PEMFCs - V. Ramani, H. Kunz, and J. Fenton (University of Connecticut)
14:201178 Microcomposite Fuel Cell Membranes for High Temperature (120°C) Operation - B. Nair and D. Ofer (Foster-Miller, Inc.)
14:401179 High Power Density PEMFCs With Thin Composite Membranes Operating Above 100 C - L. Krishnan, C.A. Marozzi, J. Mann, S. Srinivasan, and A.B. Bocarsly (Princeton University)
15:001180 Supported Heteropolyacid / Nafion® Composite Membranes for High Temperature PEMFCs - V. Ramani, A. Smirnova, H. Kunz, and J. Fenton (University of Connecticut)
15:201181 Improvement of High Temperature Performance and Endurance with NTPA Membrane - Y. Song (University of Connecticut), L. Bonville, R. Kunz (Ionomem Corporation), J. Fenton, R. Carley, P. Farris, M. Trahiotis, Y. Wei, and J. Li (University of Connecticut)
15:401182 Sulfonimide Polyphosphazene-Based Hydrogen/Oxygen Fuel Cell - S. Lvov, X. Zhou, E. Chalkova, J. Weston, H. Allcock, M. Hofmann, and C. Ambler (The Pennsylvania State University)
16:001183 Role of Inorganic Additives in Determining Polymer Morphology and Transport Properties in Polymer Proton Exchange Membranes - M. Hickner and J.E. McGrath (Virginia Tech)
16:201184 Non-Hydrous Proton Conducting Membranes Synthesized from Acid-Base Complex - I. Honma and M. Yamada (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
16:401185 The Ionomer Segregation in Composite Membrane Electrode Assemblies and the Effect on the Performance of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells - J. Xie, F. Garzona, T. Zawodzinski, and W. Smith (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
17:001186 Development of the Pore-Filling Electrolyte Membranes for PEMFC or DMFC Application and Their Fuel Cell Performances - T. Yamaguchi, H. Mizuhata, A. Yamauchi, F. Miyata, and H. Nishimura (The University of Tokyo)
17:201187 Phosphoric Acid Doped Poly(2,5-benzimidazole) (ABPBI) and Sulfonated ABPBI Membranes for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells - J.A. Asensio (Materials Science Institute of Barcelona), S. Borros (Universitat Ramon Llull), R. Ruiz, and P. Gomez-Romero (Materials Science Institute of Barcelona)
17:401188 Polymer Membrane Prepared by PECVD - M. Plissonnier and C. Roux (Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique de Grenoble)

Thursday, May 1, 2003

Modeling of Proton Exchange Membrand Fuel Cells

Co-Chairs: H.R. Kunz and J.E. McGrath

8:001189 Using Changes in PEM Fuel Cell Performance on Different Oxidants as a Diagnostic Tool - R. Darling and M. Perry (UTC Fuel Cells)
8:201190 Flooding Prediction in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells - U. Pasaogullari and C.-Y. Wang (Pennsylvania State University)
8:401191 Effect of Wetting Characteristics on PEMFC Performance - M. Yamashita, C. Yang, S. Tulyani, S. Srinivasan, and A.B. Bocarsly (Princeton University)
9:001192 Current Distribution Measurement in a Large-Scale PEM Fuel Cell - K. Tajiri, J. Zhang, and K. Shinohara (Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.)
9:201193 One Plus One Dimensional Model of a Technical PE Fuel Cell - S. Freunberger, A. Tsukada, S. Marco (Paul Scherrer Institut), G. Fafilek (Vienna University of Tehcnology), and F. Buchi (Paul Scherrer Institut)
9:40 Twenty-Minute Intermission
10:001194 Predicting Water and Current Distributions of a Commercial-Size PEMFC - S. Greenway, S. Shimpalee, J. Van Zee (University of South Carolina), and D. Spuckler (CD-Adapco Group)
10:201195 Local Current Density Prediction in a 200 cm2 PEMFC Semi-Segmented Electrode System - S. Greenway, S. Shimpalee, J. Van Zee (University of South Carolina), and F. Buechi (Paul Scherrer Institut)
10:401196 In Situ Temperature Distribution Measurement in an Operating Polymer Electrolyte Ful Cell - M. Mench and D. Burford (The Pennsylvania State University)
11:001197 Simultaneous Water and Current Distribution Measurements in a Polymer Fuel Cell - M. Mench and Q. Dong (The Pennsylvania State University)
11:201198 Large-Scale PEM Fuel Cell Modeling by Parallel Computation - H. Meng and C.-Y. Wang (The Pennsylvania State University)
11:401199 System Anlysis as a Guide in Optimizing DMFC Membrane Properties - R. Moore (University of California, Davis)

Catalysts for Proton Exchange Membrand Fuel Cells

Co-Chairs: J.E. McGrath and H.R. Kunz

13:401200 Combinatorial Experimental and Theoretical Search Strategies for New Fuel Cell Catalysts - P. Strasser, S. Gorer, Q. Fan, M. Devenney (Symyx Technologies, Inc), P. Liu, and J. Norskov (Technical University of Denmark)
14:001201 A New Nanostructured Copper-Based Catalyst - M. Gaberscek, M. Bele, J. Batista, and S. Hocevar (National Institute of Chemistry)
14:201202 Synthesis of Surfactant-Stabilized Pt/C and Pt-Ru/C Nanoparticles for H2/CO Electro-oxidation - C.L. Hui, J. Prabhuram, and I.-M. Hsing (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
14:401203 Using CFD to Understand the Effect of CO Poisoning in a PEMFC - S. Shimpalee and J. Van Zee (University of South Carolina)
15:001204 High Throughput Fundamental Studies of Fuel Cell Catalysts - R. Diaz, E. Fachini, A. Martinez, C. Cabrera (University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras), C. Segre (Illinois Institute of Technology), R. Liu (NuVant Systems Inc.), and E. Smotkin (University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras)
15:201205 Mechanism Of Dioxygen and Peroxide Reduction On Metal Monolayer Modified Electrode Surfaces - A. Gewirth, X. Li, and I. Oh (University of Illinois)
15:401206 Templated Electrocatalysts Based on Pyrolyzed Transition Metal Porphyrins - S. Mukherjee, R. Zyla, and P. Atanassov (University of New Mexico)
16:001207 Oxygen Reduction Characteristics of IrO2 Covered Pt Electrode - I. Akimitsu (Japan Science and Technology Corporation), M. Shigenori, K. Nobuyuki, and O. Ken-Ichiro (Yokohama National University)
16:201208 Reducing Overpotential Losses for Oxygen Reduction Reaction with Pt based alloys: a RRDE Investigation - V. Srinivasamurthi, C. Urian, and S. Mukerjee (Northeastern University)
16:401209 Oxygen Transport and Reduction Kinetics at a Platinum Microelectrode Membrane Interface: Studies on some New Proton Conducting Membranes - L. Zhang and S. Mukerjee (Northeastern University)
17:001210 Catalyst Microstructure Examination of MEAs with Time in PEMFCs - X. Cheng, L. Chen, C. Peng, Y. Zhang (Xiamen University), and Q. Fan (Gas Technology Institute)
17:201211 Recoverable Performance Losses in PEM Fuel Cells - T. Jarvi (United Technologies Research Center), T. Patterson (UTC Fuel Cells), N. Cipollini, J. Hertzberg (United Technologies Research Center), and M. Perry (UTC Fuel Cells)
17:401212 Platinum Migration in PEM Fuel Cells - J. Meyers and R. Darling (UTC Fuel Cells)

Level 3 Hallway, Le Palais des Congres

Thursday Evening Poster Session

o1213 Protonic Conductivity Measurements of CsHSO_4/SiO2 Composite Electrolyte for Intermediate Temperature Fuel Cell - H. Shigeoka, J. Otomo, C.-J. Wen, M. Ogura, and H. Takahashi (The University of Tokyo)
o1214 PVDF Composite Electrolyte Membrane for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Application - H.J. Kim, H.J. Kim, Y.G. Shul, and H.S. Han (Yonsei University)
o1215 Comparison of Pt/Ni Nanoparticles and Thin-Film Electrodes for Methanol Electrooxidation - K.-W. Park, J.-H. Choi, and Y.-E. Sung (Kwangju Institute of Science and Tehcnology)
o1216 Ion-Exchange Nanocomposite Membrane Modified by Layered Double Hydroxide for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell - K. Lee, J. Nam, Y. Lee, Y.-U. Kwon, J.-D. Nam, and Y.-Y. Chang (Sung Kyun Kwan University)
o1217 Nanostructured Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Membranes for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells - M.-K. Song, Y.-T. Kim, J.-S. Hwang (Sogang University), J.M. Fenton, H.R. Kunz (University of Connecticut), and H.-W. Rhee (Sogang University)
o1218 Nafion¢ç/Clay Nanocomposite Membrane for Reducing Methanol Crossover in DMFC - Y.-T. Kim, M.-K. Song, S.-B. Park, and H.-W. Rhee (Sogang University)
o1219 Effect of Electrode Kinetic Parameters on Performances of PEMFCs and DMFCs-Theoretical and Experimental Aspects - C.A. Marozzi, L. Krishnan, S. Srinivasan, and A.B. Bocarsly (Princeton University)
o1220 Stability Study of PEMFC Ionomers Through Model Molecules Mimicking Polymer Repeat Units - M. Marechal, J. Guindet, and J.-Y. Sanchez (Domaine Universitaire)
o1221 Adsorption of Methanol on PtRu/C Nanoparticles at OCP Studied by DEMS - T. Seiler, E. Savinova (Technische Universitat Munchen), A. Friedrich (Center for Solar and Hydrogen Research Baden-Wurttemberg), and U. Stimming (Technische Universitat Munchen)
o1222 Electrochemical Analysis of a Micro Fuel Cell Processed on a Silicon Substrate - A. Martinent and C. Roux (Atomic Energy Commision - DTEN)
o1223 LiCoO2 Coating on Porous Ni Plate by Galvanic Pulse Plating Method - B.H. Ryu (Yonsei University), J. Han, S.P. Yoon, S.W. Nam, T.H. Lim, S.A. Hong (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), and G.B. Kim (Yonsei University)
o1224 Nanoporous, Nanocomposite, Low-Cost Membranes for Low- Power Direct Methanol Fuel Cells - F. Croce (Universita "G.D. Annunzio"), J. Hassoun, C. Tizzani, M.A. Navarra, and B. Scrosati (University of Rome "La Sapienza")

Friday, May 2, 2003

Room 252B, Level 2, Le Palais des Congres

Topics on Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells

Co-Chairs: M. Perry and J. Fenton

8:001225 A Polymer-Electrolyte Membrane Transport Model - A.Z. Weber and J. Newman (University of California - Berkeley)
8:201226 A Direct-Methanol Fuel Cell Model for Automotive System Simulations - R. Moore (University of California, Davis)
8:401227 Making Method of the Gas-Diffusion Electrode using Electrophoresis - N. Furuya (Yamanashi University)
9:001228 Electrochemical Investigation of Direct Formic Acid Fuel Cell - X. Wang, J.-M. Hu, and I.-M. Hsing (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
9:201229 Electrooxidation of Methanol on Platinum; Reaction Kinetics and Mechanism - F. Seland (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), D.A. Harrington (University of Victoria), and R. Tunold (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
9:40 Twenty-Minute Intermission
10:001230 Nanostructured Hypo-Hyper-d-Interionic Electrocatalysts for PEMFC and Their Characteriazation - S. Neophytides, S. Zafeiratos, and M. Jaksic (Institute of Chemical Engineering and High Temperature Chemical Processes)
10:201231 PtRu Nanophase in WOx for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Electrode Prepared by Nanoparticle Synthesis and Multigun Sputtering System - Y.-E. Sung, K.-W. Park, K.-S. Ahn, and J.-H. Choi (Kwnagju Institute of Science and Technology)
10:401232 Plurimetallic Electrocatalysts for Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells - J.-M. Leger, C. Coutanceau, E.M. Belgsir, F. Vigier, S. Rousseau, and C. Lamy (University of Poitiers)
11:001233 State of the DMFC Cathode During Prolonged Cell Operation - C. Eickes, J. Davey, P. Piela, and P. Zelenay (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
11:201234 Performance of Liquid-feed Direct Methanol Fuel Cell at Room Temperature - K. Okajima, M. Suetake, K. Furukawa, and M. Sudoh (Shizuoka University)
11:401235 Electrode Porosity Considerations for DMFC's - M. Tucker (Uppsala University), M. Odgaard, S. Yde-Andersen (IRD Fuel Cells A/S), and J. Thomas (Uppsala University)

Fuel Cell Applications and Components

Co-Chairs: J. Fenton and M. Perry

13:401236 Electrochemical Research Opportunities in PEM Fuel Cells A Systems Perspective - T. Fuller, J. Meyers, M. Steinbugler, and M. Perry (UTC Fuel Cells)
14:001237 Fuel Cells in Cars and Buses? - L.J.J. Janssen (Eindhoven University of Technology)
14:201238 Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Properties of Proton Conductors in the SiO_2-B2O3-P2O5 System - A. Morin (CEA Grenoble), S. Deabate (Universite Montpellier II), R. Mosdale (CEA Grenoble), L. Gautier (EDF), D. Jones, and J. Roziere (Universite Montpellier II)
14:401239 Analysis of 2-propanol Electrochemical Oxidation Mechanism on Anode in Direct Alcohol Fuel Cell - T. Kobayashi, J. Otomo, C.-J. Wen, and H. Takahashi (The University of Tokyo)
15:001240 SOFCROLL: A Novel Design for Fuel Cell Construction - P. Connor, F. Jones, and J. Irvine (University of St Andrews)
15:201241 Reformed Hydrogen Fuel Cell System for Portable Power - R. Koripella, D. Gervasio, J. Hallmark, S. Rogers, S. Samms, and S. Tasic (Motorola Labs)
15:401242 Microbial Fuel Cells Generating Energy from the Marine Sediment/Water Interface. Kinetic Studies on Anode Materials - L. Tender (Naval Research Laboratory), D. Lowy (Nova Research, Inc.), G. Zeikus (Michigan State University), and D.H. Park (Seokyeong University)
16:001243 Micro-Fabricated Methanol/Water Reformers for Small PEM Fuel Cells - J. Morse, T. Graff, D. Sopchak, H.G. Park, and J. Chung (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
16:201244 In Situ Oxidation/Lithiation and Electrochemical Behavior of NiCo Alloy in Molten Li/K Eutectics - B.H. Ryu (Yonsei University), J. Han, S.P. Yoon, S.W. Nam, T.H. Lim, S.A. hong (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), and G.B. Kim (Yonsei University)
16:401245 Two-Layer Model of Diffusional Resistance in the Non-Reacting Gas Diffusion Layer of Elevated Temperature PEMFCs - E. Begg, M. Williams, A. Peracchio, H.R. Kunz, and J.M. Fenton (University of Connecticut)
17:001246 Convection Considerations in PEMFC Flow Field Design - M. Williams, E. Begg, A. Peracchio, R. Kunz, and J. Fenton (University of Connecticut)
17:201247 Geometric Scale Effect of Micro Flow Channels in Miniature Fuel Cells - S.W. Cha (Stanford University), S.-J. Lee (San Jose State University), Y.-I. Park, Y. Saito, and F. Prinz (Stanford University)
17:401248 Three-Dimensional, Multi-Phase Modelof the Gas Diffusion Electrodes in a PEM Fuel Cell - T. Berning and N. Djilali (University of Victoria)