2004 Joint International Meeting

October 3-October 8, 2004


K1 - High Purity Silicon VIII


Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Lehua Suite, Level 2, Kalia Executive Conference Center

Crystal Growth and Wafer processing

Co-Chairs: M. Watanabe and R. Russel

10:001048 Application of Electric Current in Growing Silicon Single Crystals - J.H. Wang, J.-I. Im (Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology), and K.-H. Lee (Dept. of Applied Chemistry, Dongyang Tech. College)
10:201049 A Kinetic Model for P-type Doping in Silicon Epitaxy by CVD - B. Mehta and M. Tao (NanoFAB Center and Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington)
10:401050 Polishing of Epitaxially Grown POLY-SOI Substrates by Means of Fixed Abrasive CMP for Bonding Purposes - M. Kulawski, H. Luoto, K. Henttinen (VTT Microelectronics), J. Mkinen, M. Hokkanen (Okmetic Oy), F. Weimar (3M Europe), and F.T. Gobena (3M)
11:001051 A Method for Reducing Surface Roughness During the Thermal Desorption of Silicon - J. Zheng (FAMU-FSU College of Engineering)

Nitrogen in Silicon

Co-Chairs: C. Claeys and R. Falster

14:001052 Impurity Locking of Dislocations in Silicon - A. Giannattasio, J.D. Murphy, S. Senkader (University of Oxford), R.J. Falster (MEMC Electronic Materials SpA), and P.R. Wilshaw (University of Oxford)
14:301053 On the Influence of Nitrogen and Carbon on the Formation of Dislocations in Heavily Doped Silicon Wafers - R. Winkler (Infineon Technologies AG), R. Krautbauer (Siltronic AG), and R. Pech (Wacker-Chemie GmbH)
14:501054 Improvement in the SIMS Measurement of Bulk Nitrogen in Silicon - B.-S. Park, L. Wang, and R. Hockett (Charles Evans & Associates)
15:101055 Standardization of Nitrogen Analysis in CZ-Si by Charged Particle Activation Analysis - K. Masumoto (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization), T. Nozaki (Purex Co.), H. Yagi (Sumitomo Heavy Industry Examination and Inspection), Y. Minai (Musashi University), Y. Saito, S. Futatsugawa (Japan Radioisotope Association), and N. Inoue (Osaka Prefecture University)
15:30 Twenty-Minute Intermission
15:501056 Formation and control of defects in nitrogen doped silicon crystals - A. Huber, U. Lambert, and W. von Ammon (Siltronic AG)
16:201057 Nitrogen in Silicon: Properties and Impact on Grown-in Microdefects - V. Voronkov and R. Falster (MEMC Electronic Materials)
16:501058 Measurement of nitrogen concentration in CZ-Si below 10^14/cm^3 by IR absorption spectroscopy - M. Nakatsu, A. Natsume, A. Hashimoto, N. Inoue (RIAST, Osaka Prefecture University), and H. Ono (Japan Fine Ceramics Cener)
17:101059 Nitrogen in Thin Silicon Wafers Determined by Infrared Spectroscopy - V. Akhmetov (IHP/BTU Joint Lab), O. Lysytskiy (BTU), and H. Richter (IHP,)
17:301060 FTIR Measurement of Nitrogen in Silicon Using Shuttle Type Sample Stage - M. Watanabe and N. Takenawa (Accent Optical Technologies)

Thursday, October 7, 2004

Metallic Contamination and Gettering

Co-Chairs: A. Huber and F. Gonzalez

08:301061 Detection of Iron Contamination in Internally Gettered P-type Silicon Wafer by Lifetime Measurements - A. Haarahiltunen, H. Vinl, M. Yli-Koski, S. Eero, and J. Sinkkonen (Helsinki University of Technology)
08:501062 Pairing Reactions between Substitutional and Interstitial Defects Caused by the Same Transition Metal in Silicon Float Zone Crystals - H. Lemke (Technische Universitaet Berlin) and K. Irmscher (Institut fr Kristallzuechtung)
09:101063 Enhancement of Internal Gettering Efficiency of Iron by Low Temperature Nucleation - H. Savin, A. Haarahiltunen, E. Saarnilehto, M. Yli-Koski, J. Sinkkonen (Helsinki University of Technology), and O. Anttila (Okmetic Inc.)
09:301064 Accurate Modeling of Copper Precipitation Kinetics Including Fermi Level Dependence - H.-W. Guo and S. Dunham (University of Washington)
09:501065 Modeling of Internal Gettering for Metal Impurities by Oxide Precipitates in CZ-Si Wafers - K. Sueoka (Okayama Prefectural University)
10:10 Twenty-Minute Intermission
10:301066 Thresholds for Effective Internal Gettering in Silicon Wafers - R. Falster, V. Voronkov (MEMC SpA), V. Resnik, and M. Milvidskii (Institiute of Rare Metals)
10:501067 He- induced nanocavities for the gettering of metallic impurities in silicon - E. Ntsoenzok, R. Delamare (CERI-CNRS), D. Alquier (LMP), C. Liu (CERI-CNRS), and S. Ashok (Pennsylvania State University)
11:101068 Trapping Mechanisms by Cavities for Metallic Impurities in Monocristalline Silicon - G. Regula, R. El Bouayadi, M. Lancin, B. Pichaud (Paul Czanne), and E. Ntsoenzok (CERI-CNRS)
11:301069 Experimental Study and Simulation of Stress-Induced Cavities in Silicon - K. Loiko, I. Peidous (Dallas Semiconductor), and W. Frensley (University of Texas at Dallas)
11:501070 Defect engineering and control in nanocrystalline silicon - D. Milovzorov (The Institute of Physics & Technology of RAS)

Oxygen Related Defects

Co-Chair: V. Voronkov

14:001071 Formation mechanism of voids and oxide precipitates in silicon crystals - K. Nakamura, T. Saishoji, and J. Tomioka (Komatsu Electric Metals Co. Ltd.)
14:301072 Simplified Two-Dimensional Quantification of the Microdefect Distributions in Silicon Crystals Grown by Czochralski Process - M. Kulkarni and V. Voronkov (MEMC Electronic Materials)
14:501073 Oxygen-related donors in Germanium doped Czochralski Silicon - D. Yang, H. Li, X. Ma, X. Yue, D. Tian, L. Li, and D. Que (Zhejiangm University)
15:101074 Long-Time Relaxation of Silicon Resistivity after Annihilation of Thermal Donors - G. Voronkova, A. Batunina (Institute of Rare Metals), V. Voronkov, R. Falster, and M. Porrini (MEMC Electronic Materials)
15:301075 Oxygen Precipitation and Thermal Donor Formation in Pb and C Doped n-Type Czochralski Silicon. - V. Neimash, M. Kras'ko, A. Kraitchinskii, V. Voytovych (Institute of Physics NANU), O. Kabaldin, V. Tsmots (Laboratoty of Microelectronic Materials), E. Simoen, and C. Claeys (IMEC)
15:50 Twenty-Minute Intermission

Impact of Defects on Devices

Co-Chair: H. Huff

15:50 Twenty-Minute Intermission
16:101076 Impact of Lanthanide Contamination on ULSI CMOS - W. Taylor, Jr., L. Lovejoy, P. Tobin, Z.-X. Jiang, J. Lerma, J.-Y. Nguyen, and R. Garcia (Freescale Semiconductor)
16:301077 Impact of STI width and spacing on the stress generation in deep submicron CMOS - A. Poyai, I. Rittaporn (TMEC), E. Simoen, C. Claeys, and R. Rooyackers (IMEC)
16:501078 Dielectric Degradation of Gate SiO2 Films by Cu Contamination Posterior to MOS Capacitor Fabrication - T. Onizawa, K. Higuchi, N. Tokuda, R. Hasunuma, and K. Yamabe (University of Tsukuba)

Friday, October 8, 2004

Characterization and Lifetime Analysis

Co-Chairs: K. Sueoka and P. Wilshaw

08:201079 Trace Metal Contamination Analysis of the Bevel and Edge Exclusion Area on Starting Silicon - C. Sparks and M. Beebe (International SEMATECH)
08:401080 Effective Lifetime of Minority Carriers in Silicon: the Role of Heat- and Hydrogen Plasma Treatments - A. Ulyashin (University of Oslo, Dept of Physics, Center for Material Science and Nanotechnology), E. Simoen, L. Carnel, S. De Wolf, H. Dekkers, and G. Beaucarne (IMEC)
09:001081 Temperature Influence on the Generation Lifetime Determination Based on Drain Current Transients in Partially Depleted SOI nMOSFETs - J.A. Martino (University of So Paulo and FEI University), J.M. Raf, A. Mercha, E. Simoen, and C. Claeys (IMEC)
09:201082 Nanoscopic Characterization of Silicon Surfaces Using Tunneling AFM - N. Kubo, M. Naka, T. Homma, and T. Osaka (Department of Applied Chemistry. Waseda University)
09:401083 Single Spin Etching Behavior Analysis by Quality Engineering (Taguchi Method) - S. Itoh, M. Takano, Y. Kozuki, M. Watanabe (SEZ Japan Inc.), R. Matsumoto (Oki Electric Industry Co. Ltd.), and H. Kruwinus (SEZ AG)
10:00 Twenty-Minute Intermission

Plasma and Radiation-Induced Defects

Co-Chairs: C. Claeys and J. Lutz

10:201084 Radiation-induced Defects in Silicon - R. Siemieniec (Technical University of Ilmenau), F.-J. Niedernostheide, H.-J. Schulze (Infineon Technologies AG), W. Suedkamp (Aktiv Sensors GmbH), U. Kellner-Werdehausen (eupec GmbH), and J. Lutz (Technical University of Chemnitz)
10:501085 Thermal Evolution of Hydrogen Related Defects in Silicon Investigated by -Raman Spectroscopy - Y. Ma, Y. Huang, R. Job, and W. Fahrner (University of Hagen)
11:101086 Radiation-Induced Deep Levels in Pb- and Sn-Doped n-Type Czochralski Silicon - M.-L. David, E. Simoen, C. Claeys (IMEC), V. Neimash, M. Kras'ko, A. Kraitchinskii, V. Voitovich, V. Tishchenko (Institute if Physics NANU), and J.F. Barbot (Laboratoire de Metallurgie Physique)
11:301087 Morphology and Stress Investigations of Surface and Subsurface Regions of Plasma Hydrogenated and Annealed Czochralski Silicon - R. Job and Y. Ma (University of Hagen)
11:501088 Characterization of hydrogen diffusion by hydrogen enhanced formation of thermal donors in p-type Czochralski silicon at temperatures between 350 and 450 C - Y. Huang, Y. Ma, R. Job, and W. Fahrner (University of Hagen)