2004 Joint International Meeting

October 3-October 8, 2004


L1 - Electronics Packaging


Monday, October 4, 2004

Sea Pearl 1 & 2, Level 6, Mid Pacific Conference Center

Lead Free Solder Bumping

Co-Chairs: Y. Tsukada and P. Kohl

10:001089 Recent Trends in Electrodeposited Lead-Free Solders for Flip-Chip Interconnects - T. Ritzdorf and B. Kim (Semitool, Inc.)
10:401090 Nucleation Kinetics of Tin and Tin-Silver Electrodeposition on Copper and Nickel - D. Barkey and Z. Zhang (University of New Hampshire)
11:001091 Effects of deposition conditions on the feature-scale growths of through-mask deposited metals - B. Kim, T. Ritzdorf, C. Sharbono, and G. Saveskie (Semitool Inc.)
11:201092 Multi-Scale Modeling of Through-Mask, Electrochemical Deposition - G. Wilson and P. McHugh (Semitool, Inc)
11:401093 High Deposition Rate Cu Plating for Pillar Bump Application - B.(Q. Wu, Z. Liu, A. Keigler, and J. Harrell (Nexx Systems, Inc.)

Advanced Packaging

Co-Chairs: H. Honma and M. Datta

14:001094 Advancement Of Technology Elements In Recent Build-up Substrate - Y. Tsukada (Kyocera SLC Technologies Corp.)
14:401095 Surface Modification of Insulation Resin for Build-up Process Using TiO2 as a Photocatalyst and Its Application to the Metallization - H. Honma, T. Fujimura, K. Inoue, K. Watanabe, and K. Tashiro (Kanto Gakuin University Surface Engineering Research Institute)
15:001096 Electrical Conductive Particles for Anisotropic Conductive Films - S. Abe, M. Oyamada, and A. Kawazoe (Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd)
15:201097 SAM Nano/Micro Patterning and Its Application to Site-Selective Metallization - O. Takai (Nagoya University)
16:001098 ACD Co-P for Lead-free Soldering in Microelectronics - L. Magagnin (Politecnico di Milano), V. Sirtori, L. Lombardi (Celestica Italia), and P.L. Cavallotti (Politecnico di Milano)
16:20 Twenty-Minute Intermission
16:401099 CCD Si Packaging Technology with Copper via Hole - M. Bonkohara (ZyCube Co.) and K. Takahashi (ASET)
17:001100 Electrodeposited Platinum Electrode For FeRAM - Y. Abe and K. Kondo (Osaka Prefecture University)
17:201101 Electrochemical Etching of Gold Using a Novel Cyanide- and Thiourea-Free Solution for IC Applications - Z. Hu, E. Young, and T. Ritzdorf (Semitool, Inc.)
17:401102 Electrolyte Effects on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ni Alloy MEMS Devices - J. Kelly, S. Goods, and A. Talin (Sandia National Labs)

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Molecular Structure of the Solid-Liquid Interface and its Relationship to Electrodeposition - IV

Co-Chairs: Y. Tsukada and K. Kondo

10:001103 Ubiquitous Network - A Brave New Communication World - - T. Asami (KDDI R&D Labs., Inc.)
10:401104 Compliant, High-Density Electrical/Optical Input-Output Connections. - M. Bakir, A. He, K. Martin, J. Meindl, S.A. Allen, and P. Kohl (Georgia Institute of Technology)
11:001105 High Density Interconnect Using Transient Liquid Bonding Technology for High Speed Microelectronic Packages - K.-C. Liu and M. Lee (Fujitsu Laboratories of America)
11:201106 Fabrication of Air Channels for Microelectromechanical and Microelectronic Applications - P.J. Joseph, H.A.R. Kelleher, P.A. Kohl, and S.A. Bidstrup Allen (Georgia Tech)
11:401107 Multi-band Integrated RF/Wireless Functions in Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) System-On-Package Technology - E.(M. Tentzeris, J. Papapolymerou, and J. Laskar (School of ECE, Georgia Tech)

Copper Damascene Electrodeposition

Co-Chairs: H. Honma and D. Barkley

14:001108 Electrodeposition Research Award Address: Practical Considerations from Simulation of Damascene Copper Plating - D. Wheeler (National Institute of Standards and Technology), Z. Sun, R. He, and J. Dukovic (Applied Materials)
14:401109 Copper Electrodeposition of High-Aspect-Ratio Vias for Three Dimensional Packaging -Time Shortening of Electrodeposition - K. Kondo, T. Yonezawa (Osaka Prefecture University), and K. Takahashi (Toshiba)
15:001110 Via-filling by Copper Electroplating using Current Waveform Control - K. Oyamada, H. Nagashima, and H. Honma (Kanto-Gakuin University)
15:201111 Copper Electrodeposition onto Ru Substrates: Effect of Additives - M. Zheng, M. Willey, and A. West (Columbia University)
15:40 Twenty-Minute Intermission
16:001112 Role of Chloride Ions in Suppression of Copper Electrodeposition by Polyethylene Glycol - K. Hebert (Iowa State University)
16:201113 Incorporation of Cl- into Copper deposit at Initial Plating Period - M. Hayase, T. Hatsuzawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology), and K. Hayabusa (Ebara Research Co., LTD)
16:401114 Mass-transfer Effect of Janus Green B on Copper Elecrtrodeposition in Submicrometer Trenches - M. Hasegawa, Y. Negishi, T. Nakanishi, and T. Osaka (Waseda University)
17:001115 Superconformal Electrodeposition - T. Moffat, D. Wheeler, and D. Josell (NIST)
17:201116 Wafer-Scale Current and Potential Transients during Copper Metallization of Semiconductor Interconnects - U. Landau and R. Akolkar (Case Western Reserve University)
17:401117 Agitation Effects on Plated Through-hole in a Dual Paddle Electroplating Cell System - A.R. Pascua, T. Yokoshima, I. Matsuda, T. Homma, and T. Osaka (Waseda University)

Coral Lounge, Level 6, Mid Pacific Conference Center

Wednesday Evening Poster Session

Co-Chairs: D. Barkley and K. Kondo

o1118 Acceleration Effect of Copper Damascene Electrodeposition -2.Monitoring by R.R.D.E- - K. Watanabe and K. Kondo (Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka Prefecture University)
o1119 Copper Core Bump Attached with Lead Free Solder for High Density Interconnection - D. Mu, K. Kondo, and J. Maeda (Okayama Univeristy)
o1120 Chip-Bonding for Integrated Circuit by using Micro-spring Probe - C. Kaneshiro and K. Hohkawa (Kanagawa Institute of Technology)