2004 Joint International Meeting

October 3-October 8, 2004


M1 - Nitride and Wide Bandgap Semiconductors for Sensors, Photonics, and Electronics V


Tuesday, October 5, 2004

South Pacific 4, Level 6, Mid Pacific Conference Center

Light Emitters

Co-Chairs: H. Ng and H. Shen

14:001224 Growth, Characterization, and Application of High Power III-Nitride Ultraviolet Emitters - J. Han, S.-R. Jeon, M. Gherasimova (Yale University), Y.-K. Song, A. Nurmikko (Brown University), L. Zhou, W. Goetz, and M. Krames (Lumileds Lighting, LLC)
14:301225 Defect and Stress Control of AlGaN and Fabrication of High Performance UV Light Emitters - H. Amano, K. Iida, T. Kawashima, M. Imura, M. Iwaya, S. Kamiyama, and I. Akasaki (Meijo University)
15:001226 Ultra High Output Power 365 nm Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes - D. Morita, M. Yamamoto, K. Akaishi, K. Matoba, K. Yasumoto, Y. Kasai, M. Sano, S.-I. Nagahama, and T. Mukai (Nichia Corporation)
15:30 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
15:451227 Microstructure and electronic properties of InGaN quantum wells - F. Ponce (Arizona State University)
16:151228 Rare earth-doped III-N p-i-n Light-emitting Diodes - J. Zavada (US Army Research Office), H. Jiang, J. Lin (Kansas State University), and P. Chow (SVT Associates, Inc.)
16:451229 Plasma-assisted MBE Growth of GaN on GaN/sapphire Templates Grown in situ by Ammonia- MBE - H. Tang, S. Rolfe, M. Beaulieu, S. Haffouz, and J. Webb (National Research Council Canada)
17:001230 Photoluminescence and Time-Resolved Luminescence of Quarternary InAlGaN Alloys - K. Fukui, K. Kimura (Fukui University), S. Naoe (Kanazawa University), and H. Hirayama (RIKEN)
17:151231 Highly reflective and low resistance indium oxide/Ag ohmic contacts to p-GaN for flip-chip light emitting diodes - J.-O. Song, S.-K. Kim, D.-S. Leem (Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology), J.S. Kwak, Y. Park (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology), and T.-Y. Seong (Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology)
17:451232 Self-Organized InGaN/GaN Multiple Qunatum Well Nanocolumn Light Emitting Diodes Grown on (111) Si Substrate - A. Kikuchi, M. Kawai, M. Tada, and K. Kishino (Sophia University)

Coral Lounge, Level 6, Mid Pacific Conference Center

Tuesday Evening Poster Session and Technical Exhibit

Co-Chair: H.M. Ng

o1233 Self-Ordering of GaN nanostructures on vicinal SiC surfaces - T. Miyamoto, S. Tanaka, K. Terada, and I. Suemune (Research Institute for Electronic Science, Hokkaido University)
o1234 Si-Doped In0.23Ga0.77N/GaN Short-Period Superlattice Tunneling Contact Layer used on InGaN/GaN Laser Diode - C.J. Tun (National Central University), R.C. Tu (Formosa Epitaxy Incorporation), J.K. Sheu (National Cheng Kung University), C.C. Chuo (Industrial Technology Research Institue, Opto-electronics & Systems Laboratorie), and G.C. Chi (National Central University)
o1235 The relation between stress and photoluminescence of hydrogenated amorphous silicon nitride films - H. Gamo, T. Kurosu (Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.), M. Nishitani-Gamo (Toyo University), and T. Ando (National Institute for Materials Science)
o1236 Characterization of GaN Schottky barrier photodiodes with a low-temperature growth GaN cap layer - M.-L. Lee, J.-K. Sheu, Y.-K. Su, S.-J. Chang, W.-C. Lai (National Cheng Kung University), and G.-C. Chi (National Central University)
o1237 Fabrication of Group III-Nitride Waveguides by Inductively Coupled Plasma Etching - N. Li, I. Waki, M. Sugiyama, Y. Shimogaki, and Y. Nakano (University of Tokyo)

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

South Pacific 4, Level 6, Mid Pacific Conference Center

Sensors and New Applications

Co-Chairs: Y. Nanishi and H.M. Ng

10:001238 Charge and Spin-Based Electronics using ZnO Thin Films - D. Norton, Y.-W. Heo, M. Ivill, Y. Li, Y. Kwon, J.-M. Erie, M. Jones, P. Holloway, S. Pearton, F. Ren, Z. Park, S. Li, A. Hebard, and J. Kelly (University of Florida)
10:301239 Sensors Based on SiC-AlN MEMS - D. Doppalapudi (Boston MicroSystems Inc.)
11:001240 Anomalous Hall Effect in Wide Bandgap Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors - Y.D. Park (CSCMR & School of Physics, Seoul National University)
11:301241 Chemical Sensing with ZnO nanowires - J.G. Lu and Z. Fan (University of California, Irvine)
11:451242 Effective Nitrogen Doping of Zinc Oxide - S.-H. Lee, Y. Yan, S. Yoon, C. Perkins, E. Tracy, and R. Pitts (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Material Characterization I & Indium Nitride

Co-Chairs: Y. Kawakami and S. Pearton

14:001243 Spin-Polarization of Excitons in GaN - A. Takeuchi, T. Kuroda (Waseda University), K. Taniguchi, T. Chinone, and N. Horio (Stanley Electric Company Ltd.)
14:301244 Biexcitons in GaN and AlGaN Epitaxial Layers - Y. Yamada (Yamaguchi University)
15:001245 Study of Long Time-Scale Photoluminescence Dynamics of GaN/InGaN Quantum Wells and Comparison with Samples Grown on ELOG-GaN - R. Micheletto, M. Abiko, A. Kaneta (Kyoto University), Y. Narukawa, T. Mukai (Nichia Corporation), and Y. Kawakami (Kyoto University)
15:151246 Enhanced Spontaneous Emission and Light Extraction from Textured GaN Templates Formed During Growth by the HVPE Method - J. Cabalu, C. Thomidis, T. Moustakas (Boston University), and S. Riyopoulus (Science Applications International Corporation)
15:30 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
15:451247 New Properties for InN Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy - W. Schaff and H. Lu (Cornell University)
16:151248 MBE Growth and Characterization of Thick N-Polarity InN - A. Yoshikawa, Y. Ishitani, S.B. Che, K. Xu, B. Cao, M. Yoshitani, W. Terashima, and N. Hashimoto (Chiba University)
16:451249 Characteristics of InN Grown Directly on Sapphire by Pulsed Laser Deposition - T. Honke, K. Mitamura (The University of Tokyo), J. Ohta, H. Fujioka (Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology), and M. Oshima (The University of Tokyo)
17:001250 Self-Assembled Indium Nitride Nanocolumns Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy - H. Ng (Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies), R. Liu, and F. Ponce (Arizona State University)
17:151251 Epitaxial growth of InN on nearly lattice matched (Mn,Zn)Fe2O4 substrates at low temperatures - J. Ohta (Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology), A. Kobayashi (The University of Tokyo), H. Fujioka (Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology), and M. Oshima (The University of Tokyo)
17:451252 Influences of Themal Oxidation on Properties of Indium Nitride Films - T. Araki, R. Yoneda, K. Yorozu, H. Naoi, A. Suzuki, and Y. Nanishi (Ritsumeikan University)

Thursday, October 7, 2004

Electronic Devices

Co-Chairs: R. Fitch and Y. Nanishi

08:301253 Trapping and Thermal Effects in III-N HEMTs - A.M. Dabiran, A. Osinsky, P.P. Chow, S. Osinsky (SVT Associates, Inc.), J.C.M. Hwang (Lehigh University), and R.C. Fitch (Air Force Research Laboratory)
09:001254 High Voltage AlGaN/GaN Power HEMT for Power Electronics Applications - I. Omura, W. Saito, and K. Tsuda (Toshiba Corp.)
09:30 Thirty-Minute Intermission
10:001255 Recent Development of Nitride Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors - T. Makimoto and K. Kumakura (NTT Corporation)
10:301256 Material, Process, and Device Development of GaN-based HFETs on Silicon Substrates - W. Johnson, J. Gao, K. Lucht, J. Williamson, C. Strautin, J. Riddle, R. Therrien, P. Rajagopal, J. Roberts, A. Vescan, J. Brown, A. Hanson, S. Singhal, R. Borges, E. Piner, and K. Linthicum (Nitronex Corporation)
11:001257 Insulated Gate and Surface Passivation Structures for GaN-Based FETs - T. Hashizume and H. Hasegawa (Hokkaido University)
11:301258 Pulse Testing of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs - A. Baca, Y. Kim, M. Armendariz, P. Marsh, A. Allerman, S. Kurtz, M. Overberg, J. Wendt, and C. Sanchez (Sandia National Laboratories)
11:451259 4H-SiC Planar MESFETs with Fmax of 40 GHz without Trapping Effect - H.J. Na, S.Y. Jung, M.Y. Um, H.K. Song, J.B. Lee, and H.J. Kim (Seoul National University)

Electronic Devices II & Growth

Co-Chairs: K. Kishino and R. Fitch

14:001260 High-Voltage and High-Frequency Operation of AlGaN/GaN Power Heterojunction FET - H. Miyamoto, Y. Ando, Y. Okamoto, T. Nakayama, T. Inoue, K. Hataya, M. Senda, K. Hirata, M. Kosaki, N. Shibata, and M. Kuzuhara (NEC Corporation)
14:301261 High Performance of GaN HEMTs for mm Wave Application - K.S. Boutros (Rockwell Scientific Company)
15:001262 Effect of Silicon Nitride PECVD Growth on AlGaN/GaN HEMT Dispersion and Breakdown Characteristics - R. Fitch, J. Gillespie, D. Via, D. Agresta, T. Jenkins, and G. Jessen (Air Force Research Laboratory)
15:151263 High Breakdown Field (> 15MV/cm) on Crystalline Beta-Ga_2O3/GaN Metal Oxide Semiconductor Devices - L.-H. Peng, H.-M. Wu, and J.-Y. Lin (National Taiwan University)
15:30 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
15:451264 Low-Dislocation-Density GaN and AlGaN Using Epitaxial-Lateral-Overgrowth Method - K. Hiramatsu and H. Miyake (Mie University)
16:151265 Molecular Beam Epitaxy of GaN on Lattice-Matched ZrB2 Substrates Using Low-Temperature GaN and AIN Nucleation Layers - R. Armitage, J. Suda, and T. Kimoto (Kyoto University)
16:301266 Self Oriented Growth of GaN Films on Molten Gallium - H. Li, H. Chandrasekaran, M. Sunkara (University of Louisville), and K. Rajan (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
16:451267 Metalorganic CVD Growth of Cubic P-Type Boron Phosphide (BP) for Formation of Pn-Junction with Hexagonal N-Tyoe GaN - T. Udagawa, M. Odawara, H. Miki, M. Okuyama, and K. Mitani (Showa Denko K.K.)
17:001268 Atmospheric Pressure Electrolytic Growth of GaN in a Molten Salt - K. Waldrip, T. Kerley (Physical and Chemical Sciences Center), F. Delnick, D. Ingersoll (Power Sources Technology Group), and J. Tsao (Physical and Chemical Sciences Center)
17:151269 Simulation Study for rf-MBE of GaN(0001) Using the First Principles Calculation and the Kinetic Monte Carlo Method - A. Ishii, M. Taniguchi, K. Fujiwara, and S. Koyama (Tottori University)
17:301270 Low Temperature Epitaxial Growth of GaN and InGaN on Atomically Flat ZnO Substrates - A. Kobayashi (The University of Tokyo), J. Ohta (Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology), H. Fujioka, and M. Oshima (The University of Tokyo)
17:451271 Epitaxial Growths of GaN on LiNb03 Step Substrates - Y. Tsuchiya, A. Kobayashi (The University of Tokyo), J. Ohta (Kanagawa Aceademy of Science and Technology), H. Fujioka, and M. Oshima (The University of Tokyo)

Friday, October 8, 2004

Material Characterization II & Processing

Co-Chairs: S. Pearton and K. Kishino

08:301272 Studies of Electron Trapping in III-Nitrides - L. Chernyak, W. Burdett, and O. Lopatiuk (University of Central Florida)
09:001273 Planar GaN-based UV Photodetectors formed by Si Implantation - M.C. Chen, J.K. Sheu (National Central University), M.L. Lee (National Cheng Kung University), G.C. Chi, C.J. Gao, and C.J. Tun (National Central University)
09:151274 Direction of Excited Carriers from Low in a Facet on InGaN Microcrystals Observed in the Highly Spatially Resolved Cathodoluminescent Images - H. Kanie and S. Kobayashi (Tokyo University of Science)
09:30 Thirty-Minute Intermission
10:001275 Advances in Characterization of III-Nitrides by SIMS - P. Van Lierde, C. Tian, D.S. Hockett (Charles Evans & Associates), P.C. Alejandro, S. Keller, and S.P. Den Baars (University of California, Santa Barbara)
10:151276 TEM Characterization of MBE-Grown Core/Shell (Zn,Mg)O Nanorods - K. Pruessner (University of New Orleans), Y.-W. Heo (University of Florida), M.J. Kaufman (University of North Texas), M. Chisholm (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), and D.P. Norton (University of Florida)
10:301277 Electrochemical Investigation of the Photoelectrochemical Etching of GaN in H_3PO4 - C. Heffernan, D.N. Buckley (University of Limerick), and C. O'Raifeartaigh (Waterford Institute of Technology)
10:451278 Control of Surface Morphology in Photoelectrochemical Etching of GaN - B. Yang and P. Fay (University of Notre Dame)
11:001279 Enhancement of Ionization Efficiency of Acceptors by Their Excited States in Heavily Doped p-type GaN and Wide Bandgap Semiconductors - H. Matsuura (Osaka Electro-Communication University)
11:151280 Homoepitaxial growth of iron doped 4H-SiC by Bis-Trimethylsilylmethane and Ferrocene precursors for semi-insulating SiC - H.K. Song, J.K. Jeong, S.G. Kim, M.Y. Um, H.J. Na, S.Y. Jung, and H.J. Kim (Seoul National University)
11:301281 Single Crystal Growth of Gallium Nitride by Slow-Cooling of its Congruent Melt Under High Pressure - H. Saitoh, W. Utsumi, H. Kaneko, K. Kiriyama, and K. Aoki (Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute)