2004 Joint International Meeting

October 3-October 8, 2004


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A1 - General Student Poster Session (S. Seal, H. Nishihara)
A2 - Nanotechnology (W.A. van Schalkwijk, P. Kamat, M. Watanabe, W. Schindler)
B1 - Rechargeable Lithium and Lithium Ion Batteries (Z. Ogumi, K. Striebell, K. Zaghib, J. Yamaki)
C1 - Battery and Energy Technology Joint General Session (D. Scherson, J. Prakash, Z. Ogumi)
C2 - Hydrogen Storage and Production, Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries (C. Iwakura, C.A. Linkous, N. Kuriyama)
D1 - Intercalation Compounds for Battery Materials (M.S. Whittingham, R. Kanno,G. Sandi, J. Prakash)
E1 - Electrochemical Capacitor and Hybrid Power Sources (R.J. Brodd, D.H. Doughty, K. Naoi, M. Morita, C. Nanjundiah, J.H. Kim, G. Nagasubramanian, S.G. Park)
F1 - Corrosion General Poster Session (R.G. Kelly)
F2 - Corrosion in Marine and Saltwater Environments II (D.A. Shifler, P.M. Natishan, T. Tsuru, S. Ito)
G1 - Third International Sympsoium on Pits and Pores: Formation, Properties, and Significance for Advanced Materials (P. Schmuki, D.J. Lockwood, Y.H. Ogata, M. Seo, H. Isaacs)
H1 - Solid-State Joint General Poster Session (C.L. Claeys, M.J. Deen, M. Kubota)
I1 - First International Symposium on Dielectrics for Nanosystems: Materials Science, Processing, Reliability and Manufacturing (R. Singh, H. Iwai, R.R. Tummala, S.C. Sun)
J1 - Thin Film Materials, Processes, and Reliability (G.S. Mathad, M. Engelhardt, K. Kondo, H. S. Rathore)
J2 - TFTT VII Symposium (Y. Kuo, m. Matsumara, M. Hatano, P. Migliorato, J. Jang, O. Bonnaud)
J3 - International Symposium on Nanoscale Devices and Materials (S. Bandyophdhyay, M. Cahay, H. Hasegawa, N. Kohsida, J. Leburton, D.J. Lockwood, A. Stella)
K1 - High Purity Silicon VIII (C.L. Claeys, R. Falster, P. Stallhofer, M. Watanabe)
L1 - Electronics Packaging (K. Kondo, M. Datta, H. Honma, P.A. Kohl, Y. Tsukada)
L2 - Eighth International Symposium on Magnetic, Materials, Processes, and Devices (C. Bonhote, S.R. Brankovic, W. Schwarzacher, G. Zangari, T. Osaka, Y. Kitamoto)
L3 - Molecular Structure of the Solid-Liquid Interface and Its Relationship to Electrodeposition IV (R.C. Alkire, T. Homma, Y. Ito, D.M. Kolb)
M1 - Nitride and Wide Bandgap Semiconductors for Sensors, Photonics, and Electronics V (H.M. Ng, T.D. Moustakas, R.C. Fitch, H.S. Shen, S.J. Pearton, K. Kishino, Y. Nanishi, Y. Kawakami)
M2 - SiGe: Materials, Processing, and Devices (D. Harame, J. Murota, H. Iwai, G.M. Oleszek, M.R. Caymax)
M3 - State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XLI (A.G. Baca, W.K. Chan, K. Shiojima, R.F. Kopf)
N1 - Second International Symposium on Integrated Optoelectronics (M.J. Deen, C. Jagadish, T. Mizumoto)
O1 - Electrochemistry in New Forms of Carbon (K. Zaghib, Z. Ogumi, J. Prakash)
P1 - Advances in Energy Conversion and Storage (M.A. Ryan, E.S. Takeuchi, D. Scherson)
Q1 - Applications of Nanomaterials in High Performance Batteries and Fuel Cells (T. Abe, J. Prakash)
Q2 - Fundamental Science and Technology of Photofunctional Interfaces (Y. Nakato, H. Inoue, B.A. Parkinson, M.T. Spitler, J. Prakash, P.V. Kamat, G. Rumbles)
R1 - Nanostructure and Function of Fullerenes, Carbon Nanotubes, and Related Materials (F. D'Souza, N. Nakashima, T. Akasaka, S. Fukuzumi, D. Guldi, O. Ito, J.F. Nierengarten, K. Komatsu, Y. Rubin)
S1 - Fifth International Symposium on Ionic and Mixed Conducting Ceramics (M. Mogensen, T. Ramanarayanan, H. Yokokawa)
T1 - High Temperature Corrosion and Materials Chemistry V (E. Opila, J. Fergus, P. Hou, T. Mauyama, T. Narita, E. Wuchina, D. Shifler)
U1 - Ninth International Symposium on Diamond Materials (G.M. Swain, T. Ando, W.D. Brown, W.P. Kang, H.B. Martin)
V1 - Chlor-Alkali Chemical Synthesis (P.C. Foller, N. Furuya)
W1 - Fourth International Symposium on Proton Conducting Membrane Fuel Cells (J.W. Van Zee, M. Murthy, S.R. Narayan, E.S. Takeuchi, T.F. Fuller, K. Ota)
X1 - Computational Chemistry and Electrochemistry (P.B. Balbuena, J.M. Seminario, T. Osaka)
X2 - Membranes and Separators for Fuel Cells and Batteries (P. Arora, S. Creager, N. Kamiya)
Y1 - Thirteenth International Symposium on the Physics and Chemistry of Luminescent Materials (A.M. Srivastava, C.R. Ronda, D.J. Lockwood, H. Yamamoto)
AB1 - New Developments in Synthetic and Mechanistic Organic Electrochemistry (A. Fry, T. Fuchigami, K. Moeller, Y. Matsumura)
AC1 - Bioelectrochemistry, Biosensor, and Biodevice Technology (H. Matsuoka, T. Matsue, I. Taniguchi, J.F. Rusling, F.M. Hawkridge, C. Bruckner-Lea)
AD1 - Physical Electrochemistry General Session (G. Brisard, M. Osawa)
AD2 - Liquid-Liquid Interfaces and Phase Transfer Catalysis (M.R. Philpott, P. Vanysek, T. Kakiuchi, I. Benjamin)
AD3 - Seventh International Symposium on Electrode Processes (V.I. Birss, M. Josowicz, D. Evans, M. Osawa)
AE1 - Fourteenth International Symposium on Molten Salts (D. Costa, H.C. De Long, R. Hagiwara, R.A. Mantz, G.R. Stafford, P.C. Trulove)
AE2 - Electrophoresis and Microfluidics (P. Vanysek, I. Fritsch, A.J. Ricco, J.R. Stetter, Y. Baba, T. Kitamori)
AF1 - Chemical Sensors VI: Chemical and Biological Sensors and Analytical Systems (C. Bruckner-Lea, P. Vanysek, G. Hunter, M. Egashira, N. Miura, F. Mizutani)
AG1 - Microfabricated Systems and MEMS VII (P.J. Hesketh, J.L. Davidson, H.G. Hughes, D.Misra, S. Shoji)
AH1 - Biological Nanostructures, Materials, and Applications (M. Urquidi-Macdonald, S. Seal, I. Taniguchi, P. Guo)