2004 Joint International Meeting

October 3-October 8, 2004


J2 - TFTT VII Symposium

Dielectric Science and Technology/Electronics/Electrodeposition

Monday, October 4, 2004

Sea Pearl 5 & 6, Level 6, Mid Pacific Conference Center

Co-Chairs: P. Migliorato and Y. Kuo

10:05 Introductory Remarks- Y. Kuo
10:10950 Novel TFTs for Large Area Electronics - R. Reuss (DARPA)
10:40951 CW Laser Lateral Crystallization (CLC) - N. Sasaki (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.)
11:10952 Novel Phase-Modulator for ELA-Based Lateral Growth of Si - Y. Taniguchi, M. Jyumonji, H. Ogawa, M. Hiramatsu, and M. Matsumura (Advanced LCD Technologies Development Center Co., Ltd.)
11:30953 ELA poly-Si TFTs for advanced Flat Panel Imagers - J. Lu, J. Ho, Y. Wang, K. Van Schuylenbergh, C. Shih, and R.A. Street (Palo Alto Research Center)
11:50954 An Advanced Sample Structure for Excimer Laser Crystallization - M. Hiramatsu, H. Ogawa, M. Jyumonji, T. Katou, N. Akita, and M. Matsumura (Advanced LCD Technologies Development Center Co.,Ltd.)

Process 2: Poly-Si TFTs from Metal-and Non-Metal-Induced Crystallization

Co-Chairs: J. Jang and N. Sasaki

14:00955 Effect of Tensile Stress on the Growth Rate of Ni-MILC - C.-Y. Hou, Y.S. Wu, and G.-R. Hu (National Chiao Tung University; Department of Material Science and Engineering)
14:20956 Ni Induced Crystallization of Amorphous Silicon by Using Silicon Wafer as Crystal Growth Seed - G.-R. Hu, Y.S. Wu, Y.-M. Lai, and C.-Y. Hou (National Chiao Tung University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering)
14:40957 Reliability Study of MILC Poly-Si TFTs on Plastic Substrates Using PostFlex Transfer Process - H. Li and S. Fonash (The Pennsylvania State University)
15:00958 New vapor-induced crystallization of amorphous Si using the transport of Al/Ni chlorides - J.H. Eom, K.U. Lee, and B.T. Ahn (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
15:20 Ten-Minute Intermission

Process 3: TFTs Gate Dielectrics, Doping, Structures, etc.

Co-Chairs: O. Bonnaud and K. Azuma

15:30959 Low-Temperature Microwave Plasma Oxidation for Gate Dielectrics of Poly-Si TFTs using High-Density Surface Wave Plasma - K. Azuma (Advanced LCD Technologies Development Center Co., Ltd.)
16:00960 Fabrication and characterization of n- and p-channe poly-Si TFTs by sputtering deposition of ultra thin gate SiO2 films - T. Serikawa (The University of Tokyo), Y. Uraoka, and T. Fuyuki (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
16:20961 Ion Shower Doping of Polysilicon Films on Plastic Substrates for Flexible TFT Arrays - W.-S. Hong, J. Kim, S.H. Lee (Sejong University), D.-Y. Kim, and T. Noguchi (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)
16:40962 Sequential Lateral Solidification of Sputter Deposited Amorphous Silicon Thin Film and Transistor Characteristics - Y.-H. Kim, C.-H. Chung, C.-Y. Sohn, J.W. Lim, S.J. Yun, D.-W. Kim, D.-J. Park, Y.-H. Song, and J.H. Lee (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
17:00963 A Simple CMOS Self-Aligned Double-Gate Poly-Si TFT Technology - Z. Xiong, H. Liu (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), C. Zhu (National University of Singapore), and J.K.O. Sin (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
17:20964 Influence of Channel Position on Characteristics of p-Channel c-Si TFT Inside a Location-Controlled Grain - V. Rana, R. Ishihara, I. Andel (Delft Institute of Microelectronics and Submicrontechnology (DIMES),), Y. Hiroshima, D. Abe, S. Inoue, T. Shimoda (Technology Platform Research Center, Seiko-Epson Corp., Nagano, Japan), W. Metselaar, and K. Beenakker (Delft Institute of Microelectronics and Submicrontechnology (DIMES),)
17:40965 Improvement of Hysteresis Characteristics in p-channel Poly-Si TFTs - B.-K. Kim, O. Kim (Pohang University of Science and Technology), H.-J. Chung, S.-G. Kim, C.-I. Park, H.-S. Choi, and Y.-M. Ha (LG.Philips LCD Co., Ltd.)
18:00966 TFT fabricatios - T. Serikawa (The university of Tokyo) and A. Uraoka (NAIST)

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Devices and Modeling

Co-Chairs: M. Shur and H. Abe

08:00967 Hot-Carrier Instability in N- and P-Channel Poly-Si TFTs - H. Tango (Tokyo Polytechnic University)
08:30968 Undershoot Current in Thin Film Transistors - F. Yan, P. Migliorato (Department of Engineering, Cambridge University), and R. Ishihara (Delft University of Technology, DIMES-ECTM)
08:50969 Modelling of Source Gated Transistors in Amorphous Silicon - F. Balon and J.M. Shannon (Advanced Technology Institute)
09:10970 Two-Dimensional Analytical Modeling of Fully Depleted Poly-crystalline Silicon Thin Film Transistor - A. Sehgal, T. Mangla, M. Gupta, and R.S. Gupta (University of Delhi South Campus)
09:30971 An Investigation of the Electrically Active Defects in poly-Si Thin Film Transistors - M. Exarchos, G. Papaioannou (University of Athens), D. Kouvatsos (NSCR "Demokritos"), and A. Voutsas (SHARP Laboratories of America)
09:50972 Simulation of Twin Boundary Effect on TFT Characteristics - Y. Mo, F. Yan, P. Migliorato (Department of Engineering, Cambridge University), and R. Ishihara (Delft University of Technology, DIMES-ECTM)
10:10 Ten-Minute Intermission

Circuits and Systems

Co-Chair: S. Inoue

10:20973 Thin Film Transistor Models for Circuit Simulation - M.S. Shur (RPI), B. Iniguez (, Universitat Rovira i Virgili), T.A. Fjeldly (U of Norway), and T. Ytterdal (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
10:50974 TFT Mobility Requirement for AMOLED HDTVs - O.-K. Kwon (Hanyang University)
11:20975 System Displays and TFT Process and Device Technologies - H. Abe (Advanced LCD Technologies Development Centert Co., Ltd.)
11:50976 High Performance TFT Circuits for all-Integrated Systems on Stainless Steel Foils - M. Troccoli (Lehigh University)

Sea Pearl 5&6, Level 6, Mid Pacific Conference Center

Materials and Substrates

Co-Chairs: O.K. Kwon and T. Serikawa

14:00977 Oxide Semiconductors for Flexible Electronics - P. Carcia and R. McLean (DuPont Research and Development)
14:30978 Thin-Film Transistors Based on Spin-Coated Chalcogenide Semiconductor Channels - D. Mitzi, M. Copel, C. Murray, L. Kosbar, and A. Afzali (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)
15:00979 Hydrogen-Induced Defects in Poly-Si Thin Films Observed by Raman Spectroscopy - K. Kitahara, Y. Ohashi, T. Yamada, and A. Moritani (Shimane University)
15:20980 Hydrogen Effect in Surface Free Technology by Laser Annealing / Ablation (SUFTLA) - S. Inoue, S. Utsunomiya, and T. Shimoda (Seiko Epson Corporation)
15:50 Ten-Minute Intermission
16:00981 AMLCD Substrates - P. Bocko (Corning Incorporated)
16:30982 Highly Mobility Top-Gate Micro-Crystalline Silicon TFTs Processed at Low Temperature (<200°C) - S. Amar, C. Nathalie, S. Claude, M.-B. Tayeb, and B. Olivier (University of Rennes 1)
16:50983 Amorphous Silicon Backplane for Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diodes - K.M. Kim, D.S. Kim, J.H. Hur, Y.K. Lee, K.C. Park, and J. Jang (Kyung Hee University)
17:10984 Ultra Low-Temperature Polysilicon TFTs on Plastic Substrate - J.Y. Chen (FlexICs, Inc.)

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Sea Pearl 5 & 6, Level 6, Mid Pacific Conference Center

Organic TFTs

Co-Chairs: M. Hatano and M.K. Han

10:00985 Semiconducting Properties of Pentacene Thin Films Studied by Complex Impedance Analysis and Photo-induced Effects. - A. Toriumi, T. Nishimura, T. Yamada, K. Kita, and K. Kyuno (The University of Tokyo)
10:30986 Bottom Contact Organic Thin-Film Transistors with Thiol-based SAM Treatment - M. Kawasaki, S. Imazeki (OITDA), M. Ohe (Yokoyama Nano-structured Liquid Crystal Project), and M. Ando (OITDA)
10:50987 The effect of gate dielectric surface treatment on the device performance of a pentacene thin film transistor - I. Yagi (RIKEN, Low Temperature Physics Laboratory), K. Tsukagoshi (PRESTO, JST), and Y. Aoyagi (RIKEN, Nanoscience Joint Laboratory)
11:10988 AMOLED TFT VGA Display on Flexible Metal Foils with Integrated Row Drivers - M. Troccoli (Lehigh University)
11:30989 Flexible QVGA Active Matrix Displays based on Organic Electronics - F. Touwslager, E. Huitema, G. Gelinck, E. van Veenendaal, and P. van Lieshout (Philips Research Laboratories)

New and Novel Applications

Co-Chairs: O. Bonnaud and S. Uchikoga

14:00990 A Novel TFT-Driven Microchannel Electrophoresis Device for Protein Separation and Identification - Y. Kuo and H.H. Lee (Texas A&M University)
14:20991 TFT addressed high-resolution real-time flat panel X-ray detector - A. Kinno, M. Ikeda, M. Atsuta, and S. Uchikoga (Toshiba Corp., Corporate Research & Development Center)
14:40992 Hydrogenated amorphous silicon bipolar junction thin-film transistors (a-Si:H B-TFTs) - Y. Lei, Y. Kuo, and H. Nominanda (Texas A&M University)
15:00 Ten-Minute Intermission
15:10993 Highly pH Sensitive Suspended-Gate Silicon Thin Film Transistor (ISTFT) - F. Bendriaa, F. Le Bihan, A.-C. Salaun, T. Mohammed-Brahim, and O. Bonnaud (University of Rennes 1)
15:30994 MICC Poly-Si TFTs on Stainless Foil for Flexible Display - J.H. Choi, S.S. Kim, J.H. Cheon, S.K. Kim, Y.D. Son, and J. Jang (Kyung Hee University)
15:50995 High Dynamic Range Pixel Amplifier in Amorphous Silicon Technology for Diagnostic X-ray Imaging Applications - G. Sanaie and K. Karim (Simon Fraser University)
16:10996 New Pixel Circuit to Recover Vth Shift in a-Si TFT for Active Matrix OLEDs - B.-H. You, H.-J. Lee, and M.-K. Han (Seoul National University)

Coral Lounge, Level 6, Mid Pacific Conference Center

Wednesday Evening Poster Session

Co-Chairs: Y. Kuo and S. Uchikoga

o997 High Performance P-Channel Schottky Barrier Thin-Film Transistors with PtSi Source/Drain - M.-H. Lee, T.-Y. Huang, K.-L. Yeh (Institute of Electronics, National Chiao Tung University), and H.-C. Lin (National Nano Device Laboratories)
o998 The Effects of Defocus on the Pulsed-Laser-Induced Crystallization of Si Film in Optics-Based C-SLG Method with Numerical Analysis - E.S. Kim, H.N. Lee, M.-K. Ryu, J.-C. Park, K.S. Son, J.H. Lee, S.Y. Kwon, and J.Y. Lee (BOE HYDIS TECHNOLOGY)
o999 Organic Thin Film Transistors Of Polymer Gate Insulators Using Downward Low-Pressure Organic Vapor Deposition - S.D. Ahn, S.Y. Kang, C.A. Kim, K.H. Baek, I.K. You, G.H. Kim, and K.S. Suh (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
o1000 Reduction of the Leakage Current of Thin-Film Transistor on Metal-Induced Laterally Crystallized Polycrystalline Silicon - Z. Meng, C. Wu, S. Xiong (Nankai University), X. Shi, H.S. Kwok, and M. Wong (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
o1001 The Electrical Characteristics of the Poly-Si TFTs fabricated by 2-Dimensional Grain Growing ELA method - I.-H. Song, H.-S. Shin, and M.-K. Han (Seoul National University)
o1002 A New Dual L-Gate Structure of Poly-Si TFT for Suppressing the Kink Effect in SLS/CW Laser Method - S.-H. Jung, H.-S. Shin, and M.-K. Han (Seoul National University)
o1003 Study of Organic Field-Effect Transistors from Poly-3-octylthiophene Solutions on Different Gate Dielectrics - M. Ploetner, S. Richter, P.-T. Ngyen, H. Heuer, and W.-J. Fischer (Dresden University of Technology)
o1004 VHF PECVD Micro-crystalline Silicon Bottom Gate TFT With Thin Incubation Layer - J. Li, C. Wu, Z. Meng, J. Liu, S. Zhao, S. Xiong (Institute of Photo-electronic Thin Film Devices and Technology, School of Information,Nankai University), and L. Zhang (Tianjin Institute of Mechanic and Electric Professional Technology)
o1005 TEOS Silicon Oxides Deposition to Low Temperature Applications - C.E. Viana, O.F. Rocha, L.C.D. Gonçalves, and N.I. Morimoto (Laboratório de Sistemas Integráveis - Universidade de São Paulo)
o1006 Effects of Dopants on Field-Applied Metal Induced Lateral Crystallization Rate - J.-S. Ahn (Samsung SDI Co., LTD) and S.-K. Joo (Seoul National Univ.)