2004 Joint International Meeting

October 3-October 8, 2004


M2 - SiGe: Materials, Processing, and Devices


Monday, October 4, 2004

Coral 4, Level 6, Mid Pacific Conference Center

Symposium Keynote Session: SiGe HBTs and CMOS

Co-Chair: D. Harame

10:00 Introductory Remarks- D. Harame
10:101282 Using SiGe HBTs for Mixed-Signal Circuits and Systems: Opportunities and Challenges - J. Cressler (Georgia Tech)
11:001283 Enhanced Mobility CMOS - J. Hoyt (MIT)

Advanced SiGe HBT Technologies and Optimization Issues

Co-Chairs: M. Ostling and K. Washio

13:051284 Complementary SiGe BiCMOS - B. Heinemann, J. Drews, D. Knoll, R. Kurps, S. Marschmeyer, H. Rücker, W. Winkler, and Y. Yamamoto (IHP)
13:351285 0.13µm SiGeC BiCMOS Technology - A. Chantre, M. Laurens, P. Chevalier, A. Monroy, F. Deléglise, C. Fellous, L. Rubaldo, and D. Dutartre (ST Microelectronics)
14:051286 Device Performance Considerations of NPN HBTs Due to Elevated Oxygen in Sub-50 nm SiGe and SiGeC Base Layers Grown by LPCVD - D. Enicks (ATMEL Corporation) and G. Oleszek (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs)
14:251287 Emitter-Base Design Tradeoffs in 120GHz SiGe HBTs - A. Joseph, X. Liu, P. Geiss, M. Slusser, W. Hodge, M. Dupuis, R. Wuthrich, J. Nakos, and J. Dunn (IBM Microelectronics Division)
14:451288 Enhanced 5V Complementary SiGe BiCMOS Technology by Separate NPN/PNP Emitter Formation - B. El-Kareh, S. Balster, P. Steinmann, H. Yasuda, W. Nehrer, F. Hou, C. Dirnecker, M. Garbe, A. Haeusler, P. Menz, T. Scharnagl, M. Schiekofer, M. Waitschull, H. Schwekendiek, J.W. Weitjamns, C. Willis (Texas Instruments), J. Cressler, and E. Zhao (Georgia Institute of Technology)
15:05 Fifteen-Minute Intermission


Co-Chairs: J. Hoyt and P. Coronel

15:201289 Strained-Si/SiGe-On-Insulator CMOS Technology as a Platform of Device Performance Boosters - S. Takagi, T. Mizuno, T. Tezuka, N. Sugiyama, T. Numata, K. Usuda, Y. Moriyama, S. Nakaharai, J. Koga, A. Tanabe, N. Hirashita, T. Irisawa, and T. Maeda (MIRAI-AIST)
15:501290 Application of Selective SiGe Epitaxy for Recessed Source/Drain of PMOS Transistor - Y. Kim, A. Samoilov, L. Washington, A. Lam, N. Dalida, M. Kawaguchi, and M. Shen (Applied Materials)
16:201291 Strained Ge MOSFET Technology - M. Lee, A. Ritenour, D. Antoniadis (MIT Microsystem Technology Laboratories), and E. Fitzgerald (MIT)
16:401292 Extraction of Band Offsets in Strained Si/Strained Si_1-yGey on Relaxed Si1-xGex Dual-Channel Enhanced Mobility Structures - C. Ni Chleirigh (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), C. Jungemann (NST, Technical University Braunschweig), J. Jung, O. Olubuyide, and J. Hoyt (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
17:001293 Mobility Enhancement in Compressively Strained SiGe Surface Channel pMOS (FET) with HfO2/TiN Gate Stack - B.-Y. Jin, S. Datta, G. Dewey, M. Doczy, B. Doyle, U. Shah, J. Kavalieros, M. Metz, N. Zelick, R. Chau, and J. Brask (Intel Corporation)
17:201294 Epitaxially Strained SiGe Process to Improve Mobility in the PMOS Transistor - P.R. Chidambaram, B. Smith, L. Hall, H. Bu, S. Chakravarthi, A. Kim, P. Jones, R. Irwin, M. Kim, C. Machala, D. Grider (Texas Instruments), Y. Kim, A. Samoilov (Applied Materials), and M. Kim (University of Texas at Dallas)

Short Presentations

Co-Chairs: J.D. Cressler and H. Iwai

19:251295 HRXRD Analysis of BiCMOS SiGeC Layers for BiCMOS Applications - E. Haralson, A. Sibaja-Hernandez, M. Xu, G. Malm, H. Radamson, and M. Ostling (KTH, Royal Institute of Technology)
19:281296 Thickness Dependent Growth Kinetics in Ni-Mediated Crystallization of a-SiGe on Insulator - T. Sadoh, H. Kanno, O. Nakano, A. Kenjo, and M. Miyao (Kyushu University)
19:311297 Multitechnique Characterization of Sandwiched Si/SiGe/Si Heterostructures - Z.C. Feng, T.R. Yang, R.P.G. Karunasiri, W. Lu, and W.E. Collins (National Taiwan University)
19:341298 Diffusion of Ion-Implanted Boron in High Ge Content SiGe Alloys - S. Uppal (Univerisity of Southampton), M. Bollani (INFM), A.F.W. Willoughby (Univerisity of Southampton), J. Bonar (Innos Limited), R.J.H. Morris, and M.G. Dowsett (University of Warwick)
19:371299 Ge-MIS Structures by Direct Nitridation of Ge - T. Maeda, T. Yasuda, M. Nishizawa, N. Miyata, Y. Morita, and S. Takagi (MIRAI-AIST)
19:401300 Analysis of Steam Oxidation of Crystalline Si1-xGex using AFM and CABOOM - K. Fobelets, A. Alaudeen, M. Ahmad, S. Clowes, and J. Zhang (Imperial College London)
19:431301 Calibration for the Monte Carlo Simulation of Ion Implantation in Relaxed SiGe - R. Wittmann, A. Hoessinger, and S. Selberherr (Technical University Vienna)
19:461302 Boron Diffusion and Activation in Polycrystalline Si1-xGes Films for CMOS Gate Electrodes - T. Sulima, J. Schulze, U. Abelein, A. Ludsteck, and I. Eisele (University of the German Federal Armed Forces Munich)
19:491303 Growth of SiGeC Layers by GSMBE and its Characterization by X-Ray Techniques - J. Zhang, J. Neave, X. Li (Imperial College London), P. Fewster (PANAlytical Research Centre), H. Mubarek, P. Ashburn (University of Southampton), I. Mitrovic, O. Buiu, and S. Hall (University of Liverpool)
19:521304 Temperature Control Studies for LPCVD of Complex In-Situ Doped Sub-50 nm SiGe and SiGeC Base Films in NPN HBTs - D. Enicks (ATMEL Corporation) and G. Oleszek (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs)
19:551305 H Getter Structures for Improved Ge Layer Exfoliation Processes - A. Pitera and E. Fitzgerald (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
19:581306 SIMS Depth Profiling of B and As Implants in Si/Si1-xGex and Strained Si/Si1-xGex - J. Bennett (International SEMATECH), P. Kohli, R. Wise, M. Rodder, S. Yu, R. Cleavlin, M. Pas (Texas Instruments), G. Braithwaite, M. Currie, and A. Lochtefeld (AmberWave Systems)
20:011307 Sidewall Protection by Nitrogen in Anisotropic Etching of P-doped Poly-Si_1-xGex - H.-S. Cho, S. Takehiro, M. Sakuraba, and J. Murota (Tohoku University)
20:041308 Silicon Nanowhiskers Grown on <111> Si Substrates by Molecular Beam Epitaxy - P. Werner, L. Schubert, N.D. Zakharov, G. Gerth, F.M. Kolb, and U. Goesele (MPI of Microstructure Physics)
20:071309 Electrical Properties of B-doped Polycrystalline Si_1-x-yGexCy Film Deposited by Ultraclean Low-Pressure CVD - H. Shim, M. Sakuraba, and J. Murota (Tohoku University)
20:101310 Carbon and Boron in Heavily Doped SiGe:C/Si Epilayers Studied by FTIR - V. Akhmetov (IHP/BTU Joint Lab), O. Lysytskiy (BTU), Y. Yamamoto, and H. Richter (IHP)
20:131311 Growth of Relaxed Si1-xGex by Using Oxidation of Si1-xGex - B. Min, K. Jeon, Y. Pea (Yonsei University), M.-H. Cho (Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science), T.-W. Lee (Ju Sung Engineering Co., Ltd.), and D.-H. Ko (Yonsei University)
20:161312 Enhancement of SiGe Relaxation for Fabrication of SGOI Substrates Using Condensation - M. Sadaka (Motorola)
20:191313 Nanstructure and optical properties of self-assembled Ge quantum dots grown in a hot wall UHV/CVD system - P.S. Chen, Z.W. Pei, S.W. Lee, M.J. Tsai, and C.W. Liu (Electronics Research & Service Organization, Industrial Technology Research Institute)
20:221314 Modification of Optical Properties of Si1-XGeX/p-Si<100> MQWs Grown byLPCVD for Photonic Applications - R. Hashim (Universiti Sains Malaysia)
20:251315 Extended Defect States in Ge Quantum Dots and GeSi Quantum Wells - H. Cho (Dongguk University)
20:281316 Quantification of Ge and B in SiGe using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry - H.-U. Ehrke (FEI Company)
20:311317 Anomalous Behaviour of Buried Strained-Si Channel Heterojunction FETs at Low Temperatures - V. Gaspari, K. Fobelets (Imperial College London), J.-E. Velazquez-Perez (University of Salamanca), T. Hackbarth, and U. Konig (DaimlerChrysler Research Centre)
20:341318 Dispersion in SiGe Devices Revealed by Fast Pulsed Measurements. - P. Ladbrooke, J. Bridge, and N. Goodship (Accent Optical Technologies)
20:371319 Low Frequency Noise Mechanisms in Si and Pseudomorphic SiGe p-Channel Field-Effect Transistors - M. Prest, D. Fulgoni, A. Bacon, R. Crowder, E. Parker, T. Whall (University of Warwick), A. Evans (University of Southampton), and T. Grasby (University of Warwick)
20:401320 Integration Issues of a New Method for Formation of Shallow Junctions in MOSFET Structures Using Recessed and Selectively Regrown Si1-xGex - U. Isheden (KTH (Royal Institute of Technology))
20:431321 Titanium Dioxide Gate Dielectric for Strained-Germanium Heterolayers - S. Chakraborty, S. Das, M.K. Bera, and C.K. Maiti (Indian Institute of Technology)
20:461322 Tri-layer Heterostructure for Improved PMOS Enhancements Preserved Over a Large Processing Temperature Range - S. Gupta, M. Lee, G. Taraschi, A. Pitera, and E. Fitzgerald (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
20:491323 Strained Si_1-xCx Field Effect Transistor on SiGe Substrate - S. Chang (Chung Yuan Christian University), M. Lee, S. Lu, and C. Liu (Industrial Technology Research Institute)
20:521324 Hf Noise Improvement of SiGeC HBTs by Base DSoping Optimization - J. Kraft, B. Löffler, G. Röhrer, G. Meinhardt, W. Pflanzl, H. Enichlmair, W. Niko, Z. Huszka, and E. Wachmann (Austriamicrosystems AG)
20:551325 VBIC Model Application and Model Parameter Optimization for SiGe HBT - S.-H. Lee, J.-Y. Lee, S.-Y. Lee, C.W. Park, H.-C. Bae, and J.-Y. Kang (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
20:581326 Fully Pseudomorphic Si/SiGe/Si Schottky Source-Drain pMOSFET - R. Crowder, M. Prest, T. Grasby, L. Nash, T. Whall, and E. Parker (University of Warwick)

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

SiGe HBT Circuit Applications and Device Issues

Co-Chairs: A. Chantre and D. Knoll

08:00 Introductory Remarks
08:101327 RF analog Application for Low Voltage SiGe BiCMOS Technology - M. Thiel and X. Xing (Robert Bosch GmbH)
08:401328 SiGe HBT Circuit Applications - M. Wurzer, T.F. Meister, H. Knapp, J. Böck (Infineon Technologies AG), W. Perndl (Technical University Vienna), H. Schäfer, W. Bakalski, K. Aufinger, M. Rest, R. Stengl, S. Boguth, R. Schreiter, and W. Simbürger (Infineon Technologies AG)
09:101329 Correlation Between SiGe HBT Doping Profile and Operation Configuration - Z. Ma, N. Jiang, and G. Wang (University of Wisconsin)
09:401330 RF Pulse I-V Based Avalanche Measurement in High Speed SiGe HBTs - J. Pan and G. Niu (Auburn University)
10:001331 BiCMOS Devices Under Mechanical Strain - C.W. Liu, S. Maikap, M.H. Liao, F. Yuan (National Taiwan University), C.W. Liu, and M.H. Lee (Industrial Technology Research Institute)
10:20 Fifteen-Minute Intermission

Regular FET

Co-Chairs: K. DeMeyer and T. Ghani

10:351332 SiGe MODFETs: Overview and Issues for Sub-100 nm Gate-Length Scaling - S. Koester, J. Chu, K. Saenger, Q. Ouyang, J. Ott, D. Canaperi, J. Tornello, and C. Jahnes (IBM)
11:051333 Strain Relaxation in Narrow Width Strained Silicon Devices with Poly and Metal Gates - Z. Krivokapic (AMD), V. Moroz, L. Smith (Synopsys), Q. Xiang, and M.-R. Lin (AMD)
11:351334 Schottky Barrier Height Engineering with a Strained-Si Channel for Sub-50nm Gate Schottky Source/Drain MOSFETs. - K. Ikeda, Y. Yamashita, A. Endoh, K. Hikosaka, and T. Mimura (Fujitsu Laboratories, Ltd.)
11:551335 Ge Diffusion Effect on Low Frequency Noise in Ultra-thin Strained-SOI CMOS - A. Tanabe, T. Numata, T. Mizuno (MIRAI-ASET), T. Maeda, and S. Takagi (MIRAI-AIST)
12:151336 Design, Fabrication and Operation of Sub-65nm Strained-Si/Si 1-xGex MOSFETS - A. Thean (Motorola)

Regular Opto "Future Directions in Optoelectronics"

Co-Chairs: D.S. Xu and H. Presting

13:501337 Light generation, amplification, wavelength conversion, and 3-D photonic integration in silicon - B. Jalali, R. Claps, P. Koonath, V. Raghunathan, D. Dimitropoulos, and T. Indukuri (University of California, Los Angeles)
14:201338 Quasi-Monosized Si Quantum Dot Arrays for Optical Applications: Quantum Confinement and Doping - M. Zacharias (Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics)
14:501339 Photonics, Electronics and Silicon-Germanium : a possible convergence ? - O. Kermarrec, Y. Campidelli, D. Bensahel (STMicroelectronics), S. David, M. El kurdi, P. Boucaud (Institu d'Electronique Fondamentale), Y. Chriqui, S. Bouchoule, G. Saint-Girons, and I. Sagnes (Laboratoire de Photonique et de Nanostructures)
15:201340 Optoelectronic Substrates by SiGen NanoTec[TM] - a General Layer-Transfer (LT) Approach - I. Malik, A. Lamm, J. Sullivan, S. Kang, D. Jacy, and H. Kirk (Silicon Genesis Corporation)
15:50 Fifteen-Minute Intermission

Regular Epitaxy "SiGe Epitaxy-Growth"

Co-Chairs: B. Tillack and W.B. de Boer

16:051341 Group-IV Semiconductor Materials Engineering for Advanced Device Technology - Y. Yasuda, A. Sakai, O. Nakatsuka, and S. Zaima (Nagoya University)
16:351342 A Hydrogen Pre-Bake Process for Si Epitaxy on SiGe Surface - H. Chen (IBM Microelectronics Division), S. Bedell (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), R. Murphy, D. Mocuta, A. Turansky, A. Domenicucci (IBM Microelectronics Division), and D. Sadana (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)
16:551343 Low Temperature SiGe Process For Defect-free Expitaxy - L.-G. Yao, K.-C. Lee, S.-C. Chen, and M.-S. Liang (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company)
17:151344 A Novel, High Quality SiGe Graded Buffer Growth Process Using GeCl4 - R. Westhoff, J. Carlin, M. Erdtmann, T. Langdo, C. Leitz, V. Yang, K. Petrocelli, M. Bulsara, E. Fitzgerald, and C. Vineis (Amberwave Systems Corporation)
17:351345 Investigation of Facet Formation in RTCVD Si/SiGe Selective Epitaxy - A. Talbot (STMicroelectronics)
17:551346 300 mm SGOI/Strain-Si for High-Performance CMOS - A. Reznicek (IBM)

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Coral 4, Level 6, Mid Pacific Conference Center

Optoelectronic Components

Co-Chairs: B. Jalai and N. Usami

10:00 Introductory Remarks
10:101347 Prospects and Challenges for Microphotonic Waveguide Components Based on Si and SiGe - D.-X. Xu, J.-M. Baribeau, P. Cheben, D. Dalacu, A. Delage, B. Lamontagne, S. Janz, M.-J. Picard, and W. Ye (Institute for Microstructural Sciences, National Research Council Canada)
10:401348 Si-Based Near-Infrared Detection And Emission: Highlights From The (Uncompleted) Trail Towards Monolithic Integration With CMOS - G. Masini, L. Colace, and G. Assanto (INFM - University Roma Tre)
11:101349 Novel Concepts in Thin Film Solar Cells - H. Presting (DaimlerChrysler Research (REM/C)), J. Konle (TRW Occupants Safety systems), G. Palfinger (Paul Scherrer Institute), H. Kibbel, U. König (DaimlerChrysler Research (REM/C)), P. Uebele, and G. Strobl (RWE Solar Space Power GmbH)
11:401350 High Ge Content Si / SiGe Heterostructures for Microelectronics and Optoelectronics Purposes - J.-M. Hartmann, J.-F. Damlencourt (LETI / D2NT / LFE), Y. Bogumilowicz (STMicroelectronics), B. Vandelle, A. Abbadie, and T. Billon (LETI / D2NT / LFE)


Co-Chairs: S. Takagi and S. Koester

13:151351 Uniaxial Strained Silicon CMOS Devices for High Performance Logic Nanotechnology - T. Ghani (Intel)
13:451352 Ge Deep-Submicron PMOS Transistors with Etched TaN Metal Gate on a High-K Dielectric, Fabricated in a 200mm Prototyping Line - M. Meuris, B. De Jaeger, and K. De Meyer (IMEC)
14:151353 3D Integration of Ultimate Devices Thanks to SiGe - C. Philippe (STMicroelectronics), H. Samuel (University of Provence), C. Robin, M. Stephane, and S. Thomas (STMicroelectronics)
14:351354 SiGe-Based Combined MBE and CVD Processing for Vertical Silicon-on-Nothing (SON) Device Technology - J. Schulze, I. Eisele (University of the German Federal Armed Forces Munich), P. Thompson, G. Jernigan (US Naval Research Laboratory), and T. Suligoj (University of Zagreb)
14:55 Fifteen-Minute Intermission

Regular Strain Layer Transfer

Co-Chairs: M. Bulsara and S. Koester

15:101355 Strained Silicon on Relaxed SiGe Made by Ion Implantation and Strain Transfer - S. Mantl, D. Buca, B. Hollaender, M. Mörschbächer, H. Trinkaus, and M. Luysberg (Research Center Juelich)
15:401356 Formation Mechanism of Ge-on-Insulator Layers by Ge-condensation Technique - S. Nakaharai, T. Tezuka, N. Sugiyama (MIRAI(ASET)), and S.-I. Takagi (MIRAI(AIST))
16:001357 Strained Silicon on Silicon by Wafer Bonding and Layer Transfer From Relaxed SiGe Buffer - D. Isaacson, G. Taraschi, A. Pitera, N. Ariel, E. Fitzgerald (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and T. Langdo (AmberWave Systems Corporation)
16:201358 Strained Silicon on Insulator (sSOI) by Wafer Bonding - U. Reiche (Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics)
16:401359 Ge & GeB Infusion Doping and Deposition for Ultra-Shallow Junction and Blanket or Localized SiGe Formation on Cz and SOI Wafers - J. Borland (J.O.B. Technologies) and J. Hautala (Epion Corporation)

Epitaxy Workshop

Co-Chairs: D. Houghton and J.M. Hartmann

18:451360 Outlook and Opportunities for Hetero-Epitaxy in Si CMOS Technology and Beyond - S. Koester (IBM)
19:051361 Low-Temperature CVD of Epitaxial Si and SiGe: Room for Improvement - W. de Boer (Philips Semiconductors/Fishkill)
19:251362 Atomic Level Control of SiGe Epitaxy and Doping - B. Tillack (IHP)
19:451363 Selective Epitaxy of Si and SiGe for Advanced Applications: Possibilities and Limitations - M. Caymax and R. Loo (IMEC vzw)
20:051364 Low-Temperature SiGe(C) Epitaxial Growth by Ultraclean Hot-Wall Low-Pressure CVD (Invited Paper) - J. Murota (Tohoku University)
20:351365 Advanced Epitaxy by Rapid Thermal CVD - D. Dutartre, A. Talbot, C. Fellous, F. Deleglise, L. Rubaldo, N. Loubet, P. Chevalier, and A. Chantre (ST Microelectronics)

Thursday, October 7, 2004

Regular Strain Ultra Thin SiGe Buffers

Co-Chairs: M. Lagally and R. Harper

08:00 Introductory Remarks
08:101366 Effect of Growth Temperature on Lattice Relaxation during SiGe Growth on Si Substrates - Y. Moriyama, N. Sugiyama, N. Hirashita, S. Nakaharai, and S. Takagi (MIRAI-ASET)
08:301367 Thin Compliant SiGe for Relaxed SiGe and Strained Si Growth - G. Jernigan, M. Twigg, M. Fatemi, N. Bassim, and P. Thompson (US Naval Research Laboratory)
08:501368 Fabrication of Thin Relaxed SiGe Films for Strained Si Applications - D. Tweet, J.-S. Maa, J.-J. Lee, and S.-T. Hsu (Sharp Labs of America)
09:101369 High-Quality Strain Relieved SiGe Buffer Prepared by Means of Thermally-Driven Relaxation and CMP process - S.-H. Kim, Y.-J. Song, K.-H. Shim, and J.-Y. Kang (ETRI)
09:301370 Formation of High Quality SGOI Structure by Modified Oxidation-Induced Ge Condensation Process - T. Sadoh, R. Matsuura, I. Tsunoda (Kyushu University), M. Ninomiya, M. Nakamae (SUMCO), T. Enokida, H. Hagino (Fukuryo Semicon Engineering), and M. Miyao (Kyushu University)
09:50 Fifteen-Minute Intermission

SiGe Epitaxy-Doping/Diffusion

Co-Chairs: D. Dutartre and C.W. Lui

10:051371 Retardation of Arsenic Diffusion in Silicon-Germanium by Co-Implantation - O. Dokumaci, P. Ronsheim, A. Mocuta, D. Mocuta, P. Kozlowski, J. Li, D. Chidambarrao, P. Saunders, and H. Chen (IBM)
10:251372 Diffusion in SiGe: defect injection studies in Sb, As and B - J.M. Bonar (Innos Ltd), M.S.A. Karunaratne, S. Uppal (University of Southampton), J. Zhang (Imperial College), P. Ashburn, and A.F.W. Willoughby (University of Southampton)
10:451373 C Atomic Order Doping at Si/Si_1-x Gex/Si Heterointerface and Improvement of Thermal Stability - K. Takahashi, T. Kobayashi, M. Sakuraba, and J. Murota (Tohoku University)
11:051374 Modeling of Germanium and Antimony Diffusion in Si1-xGex - H. Zhu (IBM Corporation)
11:251375 Low Temperature LPCVD Epitaxy of In-Situ Boron Doped SiGe and SiGeC Strained Layers with Sub-E17 Oxygen Concentration - D. Enicks (Amtel Corporation) and G. Oleszek (University of Colorado at Colorado Srpings)

Strain Characterization of SiGe Strained Layers

Co-Chairs: I. Eisele and D. Gruetzmacher

13:001376 Novel Device Concepts for SiGe Nanoelectronics - D. Grützmacher, L. Zhang (Paul Scherrer Institut), S. Golod, and V. Prinz (Russian Academy of Science, Sibirian branch)
13:301377 Characterization of Ge Outdiffusion and Si Cap Thickness in Strained Si/SiGe Structures Using SIMS - R.S. Hockett, G. Goodman, S.P. Smith (Charles Evans & Associates), and P.B. Merrill (Evans Northeast)
13:501378 Impact of Strained-Si/SiGe Heterostructure Dislocations on Electrical Activity of Defects - A. Czerwinski (North Carolina State University)
14:101379 Effect of Thermal Processing on Dopant Layer Abruptness in Si1-xGe_x Heterostructures - N. Rowell (National Research Council of Canada) and D. Houghton (Aixtron Inc.)
14:301380 Dissecting a Compositionally Graded SiGe Virtual Substrate by X-Ray Reciprocal Space Mapping - J. Zhang, X. Li (Imperial College London), and P. Fewster (PANAlytical Research Centre)
14:50 Fifteen-Minute Intermission


Co-Chairs: T.J. King and S. Sedky

15:051381 Direct Deposition of Poly-crystalline Silicon Germanium on a Glass Substrate at 450oC and Their TFT Application - K. Shimizu (Imaging Science and Engineering Laboratory)
15:351382 Industrial Applications of Poly-Silicon-Germanium as Functional MEMS Material. - W. Frey (Robert Bosch Corporation RTC), C. Leinenbach, S. Kronmueller, F. Laermer, T. Fuchs (Robert Bosch GmbH), H. Seidel (Saarland University), T. Thomas, and K. Robb (STS plc)
16:051383 Fast Recovery and Low Vf Characteristics on SiGe/Si/Si Pin Diodes - F. Hirose (Yamagata University)
16:251384 In-situ Doped Poly-SiGe LPCVD Process using BCl3 for Post-CMOS Integration of MEMS Devices - C. Low, M. Wasilik, H. Takeuchi, T.-J. King, and R. Howe (University of California at Berkeley)

Coral Lounge, Level 6, Mid Pacific Conference Center

Posters from Session 4 on Display

18:00 Posters from Session 4

Friday, October 8, 2004

Optoelectronic Components 2

Co-Chairs: M. Zacharias and O. Kermarrec

08:00 Introductory Remarks
08:101385 RP-CVD Grown Ge Islands for 1.3-1.6 µm Photodetection - J.-F. Damlencourt, B. Vandelle (CEA-DRT/LETI), B. Cluzel, V. Calvo, S. David (CEA-DSM/DRFMC), J.-M. Hartmann, J.-M. Fedeli, and T. Billon (CEA-DRT/LETI)
08:301386 Photoresponse and Dark Current Study of Ge QDIPs for Mid-Infrared Wavelength - S. Tong, J.-Y. Lee, F. Liu, H.-J. Kim, and K. Wang (University of California at Los Angeles)
08:501387 Infrared Photo-Detectors Based on a Ge-DOT/SiGe-Well Field Effect Transistor Structure - A. Elfving (Linköping University)
09:101388 Improvement of Device Performance of Multicrystalline Si-Based Solar Cells Using Multicrystalline SiGe With Microscopic Compositional Distribution - K. Nakajima, K. Fujiwara, W. Pan, N. Usami, T. Ujihara, and T. Shishido (Tohoku University)
09:301389 Improved Photovoltaic Cell Performance Based on Ge Islands Embedded into the Intrinsic Layer - A. Alguno, N. Usami, W. Pan (Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University), K. Sawano (Dept. of Appl. Phys., The University of Tokyo), K. Fujiwara, T. Ujihara (Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University), Y. Shiraki (Dept. of Appl. Phys., The University of Tokyo), T. Yokoyama (AirWater), and K. Nakajima (Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University)
09:50 Fifteen-Minute Intermission

SiGe Processing 1

Co-Chairs: M. Caymax and A. Samoilov

10:051390 SiGe material used as DRAM capacitor electrodes - E.-X. Ping and E. Blomiley (Micron Technology, Inc)
10:351391 Ultraclean Hot-Wall LPCVD System Application for Blanket B-Doped SiGe(C) and Selective Si Epi - Y. Kunii, Y. Inokuchi, A. Moriya, H. Kurokawa (Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.), and J. Murota (RIEC, Tohoku University)
10:551392 Growth and Morphological Stability of Nickel Germanosilicide on Strained Si1-xGex (x=0.1 to 0.25) Under Rapid Thermal Annealing - V. Carron, J.-M. Hartmann, T. Farjot, P. Holliger, F. Laugier, and G. Rolland (Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique - LETI)
11:151393 Preparation and Evaluation of NiGe Gate Electrodes for Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Devices - Y. Kaneko, H. Kondo, A. Sakai (Graduate School of Engineering Nagoya University), S. Zaima (CCRAST Nagoya Univ.), and Y. Yasuda (Graduate School of Engineering Nagoya University)
11:351394 Ultra-Shallow Junction Formation in Strained Si/Si1-xGex using Flash-Assist RTA - P. Kohli (Sematech)

SiGe Epitaxy-Processing 2

Co-Chairs: J. Murota and Y. Kunii

13:101395 SiGe Wet Oxidation at Low Temperature : Application to SiGeOI Thinning - N. Daval, E. Guiot, S. Bisson, I. Cayrefourcq, and K.K. Bourdelle (SOITEC)
13:301396 Maximization of Active As Doping in (Selective) Epitaxial Si and SiGe Layers - R. Loo (IMEC), P. Bajolet, J.-W. Maes (ASM-Belgium), M. Bauer (ASM-America), M. Caymax (IMEC), and C. Arena (ASM-America)
13:501397 Understanding and Improvement of the SiGe Wet Selective Etch for the sSOI Manufacturing by the Smart Cut_TM Process - O. Rayssac (SOITEC), P. Besson (ST Microelectronics), V. Loup (CEA-DRT-LETI/DTS-CEA/GRE), C. Aulnette (SOITEC), S. Favier (ST Microelectronics), B. Osternaud, L. Portigliatti, and I. Cayrefourcq (SOITEC)
14:101398 Low Temperature SiGe Layer Deposition with high Ge content using Reduced-Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition from SiCl_2H2/GeH4 Precursors - M. Bauer, P. Tomasini, and C. Arena (ASM America, Inc.)
14:30 Fifteen-Minute Intermission

Regular Strain Strained Si/SiGe Surfaces

Co-Chairs: R. Loo and R. Wise

14:451399 Directed Assembly and Strain Engineering of SiGe Films and Nanostruc-tures - M. Lagally (Univ. of WI - Madison)
15:051400 Chemical and Structural Characterization of Defects on Strained-Si/SiGe Heterostructures - W. Zhao (North Carolina State University)
15:351401 Minimizing Micro-Roughness of Strained Silicon Surfaces Without CMP - R. Harper (IQE Silicon Compounds)
15:551402 A Comparative Study of Strain Field in Strained-Si on SiGe-On-Insulator and SiGe Virtual Substrates - K. Kutsukake, N. Usami, T. Ujihara, K. Fujiwara, and K. Nakajima (Tohoku University)
16:151403 Effects of Hydrogen Annealing on Heteroepitaxial-Ge@Layers on Si : Surface Roughness and Electrical Quality - A. Nayfeh, C.O. Chui, K. Saraswat (Stanford University), and T. Yonehara (Canon Inc)