201st Meeting - Philadelphia, PA

May 12-17, 2002


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A1 - General Student Poster Session (R.K. Ulrich and J.M. Fenton)
A2 - Nanotechnology (W.A. van Schalkwijk, W. Schindler, and S. Seal)
B1 - Battery/Energy Technology Joint General Session (E.S. Takeuchi and T. F. Fuller)
C1 - Nanophase Materials For Batteries and Fuel Cells (S.R. Narayanan and B.V. Ratnakumar)
D1 - Electrochemical Capacitor and Hybrid Power Sources (R.J. Brodd, D.H. Doughty, K. Naoi, M. Morita, C. Nanjundiah, J.H. Kim, and G. Nagasubramanian)
E1 - Battery Technology and Fuel Cell Technology: A Retrospective (G. Blomgren, E.S. Takeuchi, A.J. Salkind and H.R. Kunz)
F1 - Corrosion Science: A Retrospective and Current Status, In Honor of Robert P. Frankenthal (G.S. Frankel, J.R. Scully, H.S. Isaacs and J.D. Sinclair)
F2 - Corrosion General Poster Session (G.S. Frankel)
G1 - Solid-State General Poster Session (C.L. Claeys and A. Bergendahl)
H1 - Progress Opportunities In Dielectric Science and Technology Over the Last 25 Years: A Retrospective (D.W. Hess, R.K. Ulrich, H. Huff)
I1 - Fifth International Symposium On Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) (R.L. Opila, H. Huff, C. Simpson, K.B. Sundaram, S. Seal and I.I. Suni)
J1 - International Symposium on Plasma Processing XIV (G.S. Mathad, M. Yang, R.E. Sah and M.D. Allendorf)
K1 - Second International Symposium on Cold Cathodes (K.L. Jensen, M.M. Cahay, P.D. Mumford, V.T. Binh, C. Holland and J.D. Lee)
L1 - Electrodeposition: Historical Perspective and Future Directions (A.A. Gewirth, T.P. Moffat, S.S. Djokic and K. Attenborough)
M1 - Electrochemical Processing in ULSI Fabrication and Electrodeposition Of And On Semiconductors (P.C. Andricacos, P.C. Searson, C. Simpson, P. Allongue, J.L. Stickney, G.M. Oleszek and D. Misra)
N1 - Ninth International Symposium On Silicon Materials Science and Technology (H.R. Huff, L. Fabry and S. Kishino)
N2 - State-Of-The-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XXXVI (R.F. Kopf, P.C. Chang, M. Kuzuhara and J.P. Vilcot)
O1 - First International Symposium On Integrated Optoelectronics (D. Misra, M.J. Deen, and J. Ruzyllo)
P1 - Fifth International Symposium On Enviornmental Issues With Materials And Processes For The Electronic And Semiconductors Industries (L. Mendicino, L. Simpson)
Q1 - Rapid Thermal And Other Short-Time Processing Technologies III (P.J. Timans, E. Gusev,A. Toriumi, F. Roozeboom, M.C. Ozturk and D.L. Kwong)
R1 - Wide Bandgap Semiconductors For Photonic And Electronic Devices And Sensors II (E.B. Stokes, S.J. Pearton, J. Han, A.G. Baca, H.M. Ng, J.I. Chyi and T.D. Moustakas)
S2 - Hydrogen Storage Materials And Hydrogen Generators (G. A. Nazri)
T1 - Advanced Materials For Energy Coversion And Storage (K. Zaghib and M. Doyle)
U1 - Tutorials In Energy Conversion (K. Rajeshwar and J.M. Fenton)
V1 - Fullerenes at the Boundary of Education (R.B. Weisman)
V10 - Fullerenes Poster Session (R.B. Weisman)
V2 - Redox Processes (F. D'Souza and S. Fukuzumi)
V3 - Photoinduced Processes (D.M. Guldi, O. Ito and K.P. Dinse)
V4 - Chemistry of Fullerenes (N. Martin and J.F. Nierengarten)
V5 - Nanotubes, Nanoscale Materials and Devices (S. Subramoney, S.V. Rotkin and W.A. van Schalkwijk)
V6 - Energetics and Structures (Z. Slanina, O.V. Boltalina and G. Gigle)
V7 - Endofullerenes And Carbon Nanocapsules (H. Shinohara and T. Akasaka)
V8 - Solid-State Physics (Y. Iwasa, P. Rudolph and O. Gunnarsson)
V9 - Fullerene Based Materials For Medicine (L. Wilson)
W1 - Nanostructured Optoelectronic And Photochemical Materials (J.R. Durrant, G. Meyer, S. Yanagida and W.A. van Schalkwijk)
X1 - High Temperature Materials Symposium In Honor Of The 65th Birthday Of Professor Wayne L. Worrell (S.C. Singhal)
Y1 - Industrial Electrolysis And Electrochemical Engineering General Session (G. Pillay and E. E. Kalu)
Z1 - Design And Mathematical Modeling Of Electrochemical Systems (J.W. Van Zee, M.E. Orazem, T. Fuller and C.M. Doyle)
AB1 - Role Of Electrochemistry In Biomedical Applications (M. Jain, W.A. van Schalkwijk and R.A. Leising)
AC1 - Eleventh International Symposium On The Physics And Chemistry Of Luminescent Materials (A. Srivastava, K.C. Misra, C. Ronda, M. Raukas, A. Setlur and A. Meyerink)
AC2 - Inorganic And Organic Luminescent Materials For Light Emitting Diodes (D. Doxsee, A. Ellens and T. Juestel)
AD1 - International Symposium On Advanced Luminescent Material And Quantum Confinement (J.P. Leburton, M. Cahay, D.J. Lockwood, S. Bandyopadhyay, N. Koshida, M. Zacharias and S.S. Li)
AE1 - Fifth International Manuel M. Baizer Award Symposium On Organic Electrochemistry (K. Chiba, F. Maran and M.S. Workentin)
AE2 - Mechanistic Aspects Of Biological Electron Transfer (F. Armstrong, G.L. McLendon, M. Hill and K. Niki)
AE3 - Organic And Biological Electrochemistry General Session (D.G. Peters)
AF1 - Inorganic Templates As Design Elements In Nanocomposites At Electrode Surfaces (M.M. Collinson and A. Fitch)
AF2 - Progress In Methods Used To Solve Electrochemical Problems: Part 1 - Historical Perspectives (V. Birss, J. Leddy and A. Wieckowski)
AF3 - Progress In Methods Used To Solve Electrochemical Problems: Part 2 - New Developments In Electrochemical Methods (D.A. Buttry)
AF4 - Progress In Methods Used To Solve Electrochemical Problems: Part 3 - New Developments In Optical Methods (T. Kuwana, W. Heineman and N.R. Armstrong)
AF5 - Progress In Methods Used To Solve Electrochemical Problems: Part 4 - New Developments In UHV And Synchrotron X-Ray Methods (J. McBreen and A. Wieckowski)
AF6 - Progress In Methods Used To Solve Electrochemical Problems: Part 5 - New Developments In In-Situ Surface Imaging Methods (M.D. Porter, N.J. Tao)
AF7 - Physical Electrochemistry General Session (V. Birss)
AG1 - Thirteenth International Symposium On Molten Salts (H.C. De Long, R.W. Bradshaw. M. Matsunaga, G.R. Stafford and P.C. Trulove)
AH1 - Reductive Electrocatalysis (A. Wieckowski and D.A. Scherson)
AI1 - Chemically Modified Electrodes (P.N. Bartlett, I. Taniguchi, R.B. Lennox and B. Marsan)
AJ1 - Microanalytical Devices And Instrumentation (R.L. McCarley and M.A. Ryan)
AK1 - Microfabricated Systems And MEMS VI (P.J. Hesketh, S.S. Ang, J.L. Davidson, H.G. Hughes, D. Misra)
AL1 - Sensing In Industrial And Extreme Applications (R.W. Cernosek, J. Stetter, J. Weidner)