202nd Meeting - Salt Lake City, UT

October 20-24, 2002


Click on the symposium titles below to retrieve the complete technical program for that symposium. The icons include links to descriptions of the particular division or group it represents.

A1 - General Society Student Poster Session (J.M. Fenton, R.K. Ulrich)
A3 - Nanotechnology (W.A. vanSchalkwijk, P. Kamat, W. Schindler, S. Seal and D.M. Guldi)
C1 - Battery/Energy Technology Joint General Session (R.D. McConnell)
C2 - Rechargeable Lithium Batteries (Z. Ogumi, E.S. Takeuchi, S. Vucson, A. Manthiram and A.R. Landgrebe)
F1 - Power Source Modeling (R.G. Jungst, J.W. Weidner, B.Y. Liaw and K. Nechev)
G1 - Critical Factors in Localized Corrosion IV A Symposium in Honor of the 65th Birthday of Hans Bohni (S. Virtanen, P. Schmuki and G.S. Frankel)
G2 - Corrosion Inhibitors (D.C. Hansen and R.D. Granata)
G3 - Corrosion General Poster Session (G.S. Frankel)
H1 - First International Symposium on High Dielectric Constant Materials: Material Science, Processing, Manufacturing and Reliability Issues (D. Misra, R. Singh, R. Ulrich, S. Kar, F. Gonzales and S. Ang)
H2 - Emerging Technologies in Nanoelectronics (D. Misra, K.B. Sundaram and S. Seal)
I1 - Copper Interconnects, New Contact Metallurgies and Low-K Interlevel Dielectrics (G.S. Mathad, H.S. Rathore, C. Reidsema-Simpson, T.L. Ritzdorf and B. Baker)
J1 - Cold Atmospheric Plasma Technologies (H. Barankova, L. Bardos, D.W. Hess and M.A. Ryan)
K1 - Electrodeposition of Alloys (G. Zangari and W. Schwarzacher)
K2 - Seventh International Symposium on Magnetic Materials, Processes and Devices (L.T. Romankiw, S. Krongelb, J.W. Chang, Y. Kitamoto, J.W. Judy and C. Bonhote)
L1 - Lead-Free Solders for Microelectronics Packages (B.N. Agarwala, H.S. Rathore, C.M. Reidsema-Simpson, G.R. Stafford and R.A. Susko)
M1 - State-Of-The-Art Program on Semiconductors XXXVII (P.C. Chang, N. Buckley, F. Ren, C. Monier, M. Kuzuhara, and Y. Koide)
M2 - Narrow Bandgap Optoelectronic Materials and Devices (W.K. Chan, A.G. Baca, R.F. Kopf and R.E. Sah)
M3 - High Purity Silicon (C.L. Claeys, P. Rai-Choudhury, M. Watanabe and P. Stallhofer)
N1 - Solid-State Poster Session (A. Bergandahl and C.L. Claeys)
N2 - Sixth International Symposium on Thin Film Transistor Technologies VI (TFTTVI) (Y. Kuo, D. Ast, O. Bonnaud, S. Brotherton, S. Fonash, J. Jang, E. Lueder, M. Matsumura, Y. Kanemori, M. Shur, S. Uchikoga and J.M. Deen)
N3 - Second International Symposium on Optoelectronic Materials and Devices (D.N. Buckley, R. L. Opila and S.N.G. Chu)
O1 - Diagnostic Techniques for Semiconductor Materials and Devices (J.L. Benton, P. Rai-Choudhury, D.K. Schroder, T.J. Shaffner and M. Tajima)
P1 - Micropower and Microdevices (E. Brandon, R. Ulrich, M.A. Ryan and J.N. Harb)
Q1 - Combinatorial Chemical Electrode Arrays in Electrochemical Systems (D. Gervasio, E. Smotkin, B. Speiser, P. Vanysek and D.A. Buttry)
R1 - Solid-State Ionic Devices III (E.D. Wachsman, M.L. Liu, M.F. Carolan, F.H. Garzon, S. Mukerjee, K. Swider-Lyons, J.R. Setter, J. Schoonman)
S1 - Third International Symposium on Proton Conducting Membrane Fuel Cells (J.W. Van Zee, M. Murthy, T.F. Fuller and S. Gottesfeld)
T2 - Physics and Chemistry of Luminescent Materials (L.E. Shea-Rohwer and A.M. Srivastava)
U1 - Liquid-Liquid Interfaces (M.R. Philpott and P. Vanysek)
U2 - Physical Electrochemistry General Session (V. Birss)
U3 - Electrochemistry at Nanoscale Dimensions (R.U. Penner, J. Switer and P. Hesketh)
U4 - Magnetic Effects in Electrochemical Systems (J. Leddy and H.S. White)
V1 - Acoustic Wave Based Sensors (A.R. Hillman, R.W. Cernosek, S.J. Martin and E.T. Zellers)